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hy guys today i gonna update my personal skins i made it by myself in 1 month this skins is inspired on hyperdimension Neptunia re;birth 1 Gameplay UI after i'm completing the game i realize something with the UI and i think maybe i could made a skins with it then i decide to port the UI into osu! skins with a little help from my online friends and my lovely pentium PC's now this skins was complete
Skins Information

Name :Hyperdimendsion Neptunia re;birth 1
Author :-Raspberry
Date created :08-Oct-2015
Date Posted :11-Nov-2015
First Update :26/11/2015
Size : 30.7 mb
Gameplay supported : Osu! Standard ,Taiko ,CTB ,Osu! Mania
- Request scorebar still not available sorry
- Now all widescreen resolution are supported
add :
-mode osu!mania,taiko,& Catch the beat gameplay
-multi skipped icon
-mode icon large
-menu background
change :
-approach circle
-slider follow circle
-masking border
Fix :
-menu back
-mode icon small ctb & mania
-pause overlay & fail background
-spinner background
-section pass & section fail
-ranking winner
-all countdown element
-ranking perfect
-icon mode medium
-default circle number(power icon)
-arrow pause & play warning arrow
Song selection

mods selection

Pause & Fail screen

section fail & pass

Ranking panel

Gameplay (Osu!)


Gameplay (Taiko)

Gameplay (CTB)

Gameplay (Osu! Mania)

Multiplayer (skipped & ranking)

Scorebar name photoshop PSD document+ toturial

Before we start to make your own scorebar first you need to download this font SF square 721 BT & click the PSD icon bellow.

Follow the step open "tutorial" spoilerbox bellow

Open osu! select the skins where you place the scorebar before and enjoy it but If you still run osu! in background when editing your scorebar, you don't need to restart the program. first make sure your scorebar already saved in right place where you save your scorebar then open osu! and refresh the skins by pressing ctrl+alt+shift+S at once then you got it

Link Download

Click me to download (Mediafire)
Looks clean based on the screenshots, nice work OP
This is just really aesthetically orgasmic as a lover of Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Amazing job!

*Might I add, that this the best Hyperdimension Neptunia Skin I've seen so far.
this is a pretty neat skin :D
that being said, i find the cursor a little distracting... maybe make an alternative one?

other than that i love the buttons and mod icons and the spinner is cool *^* and the perfect is pretty creative
Fuck beta testing. You don't need it anyway. = w=b
I like the skin :D
mind uploading somewhere else as well, i'm having issues with the current link ;~;
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deadbeat wrote:

mind uploading somewhere else as well, i'm having issues with the current link ;~;
maybe no but if you want maybe i could make some direct link on next update

Naisu skin, desu!

Some to take notes of:
-Nice HUD and menu right off the bat
-Cursor and the tail(thingy) is pretty nice and simple (it's not too big)
-Pretty nice Sound Effects (ingame and menu)
-Combo burst images is really simple&good, and not the over-sexualized images type(so it's all good, in case your mom walks in) IYKWIM :^3
-The icon on "Mode", "Mods, "Random", and "Option" is pretty good! ;^v^;
-Right click menu is spot on!
-Thou the Profile menu is kinda... you know, not custom-ed nor edited at all

Overall: Nep/Nep! Probably would Nep again! Cause i don't want to be late for the Nep party like Nep-pa. (Ok, i'll stop it)

Though, to be honest, it's kinda hard for me to use it at first. Well, maybe since i got used to the default skin and never use other skins. (It made me feel sooo outdated by saying that (=^-ω-^=)7 )

Well, keep up the good work! I'll be waiting for the next update~! (^・ω・^)ノ
Woah, nice one :)
Maddy Hatty
Veeeeeeery nice ^_^
good stuff
Love this skin
This is the only Hyperdimension Neptunia based skin that i found is great (More than Raishu's imo). Good job!

I'll be posting my own skin soon ;)
Topic Starter
thanks for the feedback everyone I appreciated it
here i'll give you the new update for this skin
Mio Yamanobe
Great skin :)
omggg, i loooOOoove this skin. he is very incredible. :3
Amazing. Best Neptunia skin i've seen here :)
How can I say that... Hmm..

Take your skin. Take me. These two.. That's a love story greater than anything else, seriously. I love every part of it. Well, I had to put an other skin for the mania mode - I was too accustomed to it, it's not a problem about your skin -, but the sounds, the icons, the Standard mode, the CtB mode, I love all of your skin.

You've done a great job, and I don't think I'll change my skin ever. Thank you for your work.

Peace !


It became so much better now!
But maybe i should talk about a thing or two:
-Sometimes there's a blank cut/line(?) on the upperscreen of Taiko's skin (Don't know if that's a bug or not). And yeah, the upper screen is too big i think :\
-The HP/name/PP bar on osumania! is still kinda weird to see (it's just me, so don't take it too seriously)

Oh and yeah, thanks for the in-depth tutorial for putting/editing the HP bar. even though i already did it myself easily, it's nice to have something to confirm at.

Okay, gotta make a joke in the end word!
The update was worth the long nep(nap)! Oh wait, the hibernation season(holiday) is coming! It's time to take a long nep again! (^>w<^)
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