Tramorio Open - RELOADED #10.000-#50.000 ___ 32/32 players

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Grapic by ZerocordX

Hello folks,
it's me again Tramorio and I want to make another Tournament!
Last time I held an tournament ranging from #10.000 - #50.000 and I want to remake it completely this time. This time the first 4 qualify for a bigger tourney in the future. I will announce it shortly!

Before I start with details, I look for people helping me with my tournaments. I need someone for helping me organize them. This tourney is small so I can do it myself but the next one will be bigger, that's why you qualify for it.
I look for a organizer (co-host), graphical designer (banners), mappool picker, referee's and 1-2 streamers + commentators.
If your interested write me!

When your group plays, just play against each other exactly one (1) time! If you did not used the Score V2 format your match is disbanded and both of you receive a loss! The Multiplayer Link from BanchoBot, always before the Match starts, write it to me!

Tournament will be held in new Score V2 format!

Winner get's supporter (1 month)

Prize for bigger upcoming tourney:
Place 1 - Banner, 6 month's supporter
Place 2 - Banner, 3 month's supporter
Place 3 - Banner, 1 month's supporter
Tournament is going to be played in Groupstage and after that seeded into Single Elimination Brackets. Google Docs coming soon.
Tournament is held on the 14th and 15th of November (13:00 UTC), Up to 32 and 64 people, depending on how many of you want to play.
14th of November Groupphase, 15th of November Elimination Phase.
Room gets created by players, lock it with a password and send Multiplayer Link from Banchobot to me. If anything is wrong, invite me to the lobby.
10 Minutes limit for not showing up. Automatic forfeit then.
Disrespecting results in Disqualification as well as being under Rank #10.000 and over Rank #50.000.
After applying to the tournament you can have #1000 Ranks tolerance before disqualification (#9.000-#51.000).
BanchoBot Roll (/roll) decides who goes first with bans and picks. Bans must be told to me. 2 bans each at all times.
You need to atleast play 1 ModMap per Round. Meaning, in a Best of 3, 1 Map is NoMod, 1 is Mod, 1 is Tiebreaker for example. You can pick 2 of each Pool when your in Semifinals!
FreeMod needs to be with Mods. You decide on what mods you use. If both players agree it can be played Doubletime/Nightcore.
No Flashlight allowed and every playes needs to have atleast 1 Mod.
1 WarmUp Map per Player. It can be skipped if both players agree.
Groupphase everyone plays against everyone in a group. 4 Players in a group. Best of 3.
Quarterfinals (and Round of 16) are Best of 5.
Semifinalse are Best of 7 and Finals are Best of 9.
Google Docs
Challonge (These are not the final groups!!)
ZerocordX - Graphics
Host - CrsTramorio
Referee's - CrsTramorio, AGreenRupee
Rank: 10,200


I would like to join the tournament! I like to play 4.0*-5.5*. I want to join because I like to challenge myself and I like competing against other people.

ALSO, If there is any way I can help with the tournament even though I want to play in it, please let me know! :D (Message me)
Rank: 12000
Time: UTC+1
Difficulty 4*+
Reason: Like to play? :s
Something: Hi Ora. :x
Rank : ~14k
Time : UTC +1
Difficulty :4 / 5 *
Reason : This tournament looks a lot of challenge and fun !
Rank: 36K
Time: UTC 0
Difficulty: 4.2* - 5.3*
Reason: A challenge is always fun, losing to skilled players just as much :P
Chibi Maruko
Rank: 16k
Time: UTC+9
Difficulty: 4.5* - 5.2*
Reason: I want get in tourney
Rank ~ 13.5k
Difficulty 4.5+
Never done a tournament before and It might be fun!
Rank: ~#19,000
Time: UTC 0
Difficulty: 4* - 5*
Reason: Sounds like fun :D
Rank: 20k
Time: Utc +2
Difficulty 4.6/5+
Reason: I want to play vs other players and i want to have fun ^_^
Rank : 29k
Time: Utc +2
Difficulty 4.3/5.5
Reason: I enjoy playing multiplayer and I would like to try play in tournament.
Rank: 20k
Time: UTC+1
Difficulty: 4.5 - 6.5
Reason: Played in the first tournament and it was really good :)
Rank : 10,700
Time: GMT-4:30
Difficulty: 4.5 5.5
Reason: i wanna play this tournament :D
Rank: 22k
Time: UTC +8
Diff: 4-5
Reason to join: Because tourney. :)
Rank: 12k
Time: UTC +5:30
Diff: 4.7-5.7*
Reason: >_<
Rank: 45k
Time: UTC -2
Diff: 4*+
Reason: I love tournies

P.S. Hai Fleeting jake :3
Rank: 10,474
Time: UTC+1
Difficulty : Any
Reason: Want to try something different :)
Something: Hello! I'm a polish noob player just pp farming dont worry :D No reason to be scared of me xD Want to have some fun maybe I will stream the tournament ;)
Rank : 27k but it can grow up a bit
Time : UTC +1
Difficulty :4,5 / 6 *
Reason : I just like a new tournaments ;3
Rank : #11,199
Time : UTC -3
Difficulty :4.5 / 5 *
Reason : playing tournaments is a lot of fun ^.^
Rank: 13k
Time: UTC+8
Difficulty: 4*-5*
Reason: tourney is funny
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