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I recall saying i wanted to exit the tourney BUTTTTT A friend wants me to enter again is that possible?

Maxwell Hartman wrote:

I recall saying i wanted to exit the tourney BUTTTTT A friend wants me to enter again is that possible?

tbag188 wrote:

Good luck to everyone today, have fun! \o/
One hour to go until start of Knockout stage
gg K1ll3rbyt3
Well done K1ll3rbyt3, and to everyone else involved!

I'll roll out your prize on Tuesday. :oops:
Thanks everyone who participated. Thank you Fleeting Jake, Thank you Veroxx and Thank you AGreenRupee for your reffing efforts!

Gratz also for YoshiLover456 for putting up a fight in final and taking the showmatch asymmetry.

sending out some questions for players later today.

Also next IGZWT will be held on 12th-13th of December! Hope to see as many of you there as possible!
Thanks everyone for the tournament and Thank you Yoshi for the challenge! :D
Some "funny" facts about mappool.

- 2Hard2Rock. 2 Most banned maps (Head Over Heals/Gigantic O.T.N) Received a combined number of 40 Bans

- NoMod NoPlay. Out of 6 lowest p/b maps(-TB) 5 were NoMod maps with combined 35 picks and 21 Bans spread over 5 maps

- DoubleTime? MEOW. Yes said the cat with a total of 18 Picks being the most played map in the pool

- Wait there was a Hidden pool? Hidden maps were picked a total of 13 Times

- TieBreaker Magnet. weeabo's most played map on Sunday was Asymmetry with a total of 3 times forced into a TieBreaker
So, after the tournament i sent a survey for all the players and most of you answered. I'd quickly like to answer few of the requests that came up in there.

- 4-5 stars maps and do ranking 150k-80k
A: There were maybe 3 players in the tournament that could barely pass a map of 4.7*, let alone do that constantly in tournament setting. No.

- Add maps that are longer
A: While going through the mappool for next tournament this has been taken into consideration. There is still a problem though, if we had all maps in the pool at 3-4mins (what i regard as good lenght to measure skill/consistency) the matches would become too long. Not for all pools but definately looking into it.

- Retries if there was a problem from a server/computer side
A: There is no saying if there ever was an internet/computer problem, players could start and abuse it (unpluging routers after dropping ie.), it's unfortunate but there is no 100% way of saying that it truly was an internet issue or other that player cant do anything about. Other tournaments (including OWC for example) don't allow resets in this situation either.

- More HoneyWorks. More Bakunananananan*Testroyer
A: Oh god no. We will see...

- Variety for tiebreaker (maybe make 3?)
A: Having multiple tiebreakers is not a good idea in a tournament setting. Maybe if it was a league, but in tournament setting a better player should win in tiebreaker, always. Guys you played tb only 8 times, not too much to get bored of 1 map.

Thank you all who answered the survey!
K1ll3rbyt3 has now received their prize of 1 month supporter. Another big well done to everyone involved. :oops:
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