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This is a work of art, gj Alu :-)

bbj0920 wrote:

Holy shit, this is great...

Ora wrote:

This is a work of art, gj Alu :-)
thanks guys!
with love <3 wubwub

FrostxE wrote:

with love <3 wubwub
This is the map that I love so much, but I can't pass it ;-;. No hate doe.
Another Alu masterpiece, such an amazing map
Rank it please >.>
thanks a lot for the positive comments! <3

Ameth Rianno wrote:

Rank it please >.>
yes, i plan to do so!
don't forget to add tags

kd pleaaaaase
01:47 LordRaika: jinnnnnn :D/
01:48 iJinjin: eyy =w=/
01:48 LordRaika: do u mind testing my new 6star map?
01:48 *LordRaika is listening to [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/891797 Camellia - farewell to today]
01:48 iJinjin: not wamed up ;w; but sure o/
01:48 LordRaika: okkkk >w< it has some easy difficulty curve
01:49 iJinjin: okie :3
01:49 LordRaika: from easy, to middle and get to real high density
01:49 iJinjin: also i resurrected tldne ~
01:49 LordRaika: some said, it will still hard... but easy because the acc is high because of lots of easy part :D hahahaa
01:49 LordRaika: great,... i probably will jst final check and jst bubble >w<
01:49 iJinjin: okie >w<
01:49 *iJinjin is playing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/891797 Camellia - farewell to today [LordRaika's Judgement]] <osu!mania> |7K|
01:49 iJinjin: ooh nice hitsounds :D
01:50 LordRaika: wait until u hear the growling vocal
01:54 LordRaika: ^^b
01:55 LordRaika: what do u think of this 6star
01:55 iJinjin: very nice map :3/
01:56 LordRaika: still.. some easy part, i think is too easy :D but i really like it , having a curve likee increasing difficulty overall
01:56 iJinjin: yee
01:56 iJinjin: 01:27:611 i think this might be too difficult tho ;w;
01:56 iJinjin: 01:27:611 -
01:56 iJinjin: triple brackets are rip
01:56 iJinjin: :v
01:56 LordRaika: ah the trill
01:57 iJinjin: you can maybe mix up the brackets and hands
01:57 iJinjin: :D
01:57 LordRaika: the trill.... i think is mostly hardddddd on right hand
01:57 LordRaika: jin
01:57 LordRaika: how bout here
01:57 LordRaika: 03:43:229 - i think this is fine
01:57 LordRaika: u dont miss it, jst a bit 200
01:57 iJinjin: yee that one's good
01:57 iJinjin: i thought the same thing
01:57 iJinjin: make it similar to that pattern
01:57 iJinjin: :3/
01:57 LordRaika: and
01:57 LordRaika: what IF i make it a bit random and some of it,.. have jack?
01:58 iJinjin: jacks are fine
01:58 LordRaika: will it.. like hard only on the jack>
01:58 iJinjin: in this bpm
01:58 LordRaika: and
01:58 LordRaika: just one more thing....
01:59 iJinjin: http://puu.sh/mPtBD/89ceb31caa.jpg you can prob even do these kinds of patterns
02:00 LordRaika: [http://puu.sh/mPtD4.jpg will this be ok?] it has the constant 1/2 but the 1/4 is different with little jack
02:00 LordRaika: oohh so this mini jack double 1/4 is fine as well? :D
02:00 iJinjin: yeah that looks good too
02:00 iJinjin: yup minijack is fine :)
02:00 iJinjin: but that pattern also looks good
02:00 iJinjin: haha
02:00 LordRaika: that looks really vibro-ing fun :D
02:01 iJinjin: :D
02:01 LordRaika: yay
02:01 LordRaika: i will go with vibro >w< its easier
02:01 iJinjin: >w<
02:01 LordRaika: u jst need speed... the above of my example MIGHT mind blocking because of 1/2 anchor >_<
02:01 LordRaika: just in case XD
02:01 iJinjin: hahaha
02:01 iJinjin: sounds good :D
02:02 LordRaika: tq jin ^^b

Very nice mania map by raika. Hope it goes to rank soon ^^
sexi map i love it keep it up raikoman proud of you fam
Nice to see this map back and running for ranking. :D
oh my goodness.
omg both diffs are fkn awesome! take my stars

edit: you might add "shudden shower" to the tags
why arent we approving this

edit: for lordraika's diff

02:53:729 (173729|6) - move to the left hand please. not comfortable

01:06:081 (66081|1,66170|3,66258|5,66346|2,66434|4,66523|1,66611|5,66699|2,66787|4,66876|1,66964|5,67052|2,67140|4,67229|1,67317|3,67405|5,67493|2,67581|4,67670|1,67758|3) - consider ctrl+h for the note to match with the ln

AncuL wrote:

why arent we approving this

edit: for lordraika's diff

02:53:729 (173729|6) - move to the left hand please. not comfortable
i will rearrange this , but i will keep the fact that the single note is always on right hand.

01:06:081 (66081|1,66170|3,66258|5,66346|2,66434|4,66523|1,66611|5,66699|2,66787|4,66876|1,66964|5,67052|2,67140|4,67229|1,67317|3,67405|5,67493|2,67581|4,67670|1,67758|3) - consider ctrl+h for the note to match with the ln
errr... actually its perfectly intentional to have 1 hand shield LN and the other hand hit note....
because holding note and hitting extra note on the same hand is harder....
Thanks for the check :D

self mod and major change :
update the SFX hitsound into SB sample instead, to prevent echoing sound if hitting the SFX note unperfectly
LN hype owo owo owo owo
Star shaped shuriken thrown
spaghetti body WHOAAAAAA tudududu


wow camellia

nothing against the "futuristic city wallpaper" google searches but this one seems a bit too bright for a cool bg

swap c2 and c3 for better contrast

vandalisation ft Prit

00:01:140 (5) - could be 3/4 to signify the 00:01:405 - sample, or just use a note here

00:06:081 (2,3,4,5) - seem kinda too big for this intro

00:06:787 (5) - as 1:140

00:07:670 (3) - same, this time could be 1/4 slider?

00:09:964 (1) - curved for no reason only drums here

00:12:434 (5) - 3/4 or note for that sample again for variety

00:19:846 (1) - rotate 30CW, ctrl+G, move lower (so the start is with the flow implied by previous 1/4 slider) I remembered about this on my second play but somehow still sliderbroke here. Alternatively use shape like http://puu.sh/qUWYs.jpg with sharp turn I think this allows for better reaction to slowdown

00:32:199 (1) - seems like free 100 fiesta maybe http://puu.sh/qUXit.jpg (with good blanket obv)

00:32:729 (2) - is fine but kinda sounds like two samples and different from other 3 sliders

00:46:317 (1,2,3,4,5) - could swap NCs in all of those for visuals and no follow points between patterns (aesthetics who cares)

01:30:081 (1,2,1,2) - rotate 15 CW? kinda smoother attack from previous doughnut slider

01:34:670 (1) - don't like ignoring the synth could go http://puu.sh/qUXB1.jpg technical on this bitch (done better obv)

01:40:317 (1,2,3,4) - sliders are fine but maybe https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/5982114 kinda fits here for pressure and stuff

01:45:964 (1) - like before, no mercy, do a stream

01:57:258 (1) - harder to introduce one here, still think about this

02:02:905 (1,2,3,4) - again kinda cool jumpstram material

02:08:552 (1) - even harder to make one without destroying everything but I think it's worth for that sexy synth passage :o

02:11:199 (4,5) - this felt weird, NC and ctrl+G maybe?

02:19:846 (1) - well rip I guess you won't bother with THIS many :c

02:25:493 (1,2,3,4) - again, could place the streams somehow vertically between 02:26:199 (1,2) - for a cool pattern

02:31:140 (1) - :?

02:39:258 (2,3,4,5,1) - same esthetic combo thing in this section.


not doing the coolest part of the song yourself in 2016

I feel this section should use more syncopated slider starts but w/e, is consistent

03:51:434 (5) - 2 notes here

03:53:023 (1,2) - space out

03:58:670 (1,2) - space out

04:01:493 (1,2) -

04:04:317 (1,2) - natural angle with bigger spacing feels better than overlap like this


04:36:434 (1,2) - stream candidate imo

04:49:140 (7) - this thing again

05:04:493 (4,5,6,7) - map please

good shit go౦ԁ sHit:ok_hand: thats :heavy_check_mark: some good:ok_hand::ok_hand:shit right:ok_hand::ok_hand:there:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand: right:heavy_check_mark:there :heavy_check_mark::heavy_check_mark:if i do ƽaү so my self :100: i say so :100: thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ:100: :ok_hand::ok_hand: :ok_hand:НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ:ok_hand: :ok_hand::ok_hand: :ok_hand: :100: :ok_hand: :eyes: :eyes: :eyes: :ok_hand::ok_hand:Good shit
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