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[Osu!Mania Complex Skinning] Left/Right Shift of Combo

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:idea: I should start this off saying that if there is any duplicate posts, please tell me. Also if there is any solution to this PLEASE tell me, I'd appreciate it GREATLY. :D:idea:

:idea:This is an Osu!Mania idea. :idea:
:idea: If something is unclear or I'm missing something, I'd appreciate a reminder, thanks! :idea:

While skinning I wanted to move the Combo position/Score position to the left of the screen to get it out of the way of the playfield. But only did I realize that it doesn't work sadly.

I was hoping that this would be an addition to Osu!.

Basically, what this would do is allow the shifting of the combo/score image left or right.

This is what my current code for it is.
ScorePosition: 225
ComboPosition: 90

This is what I'd imagine the code would be if this was allowed:
ScorePosition: 225,###
ComboPosition: 90,###

# = Any number

The ### value would work exactly like the Column Start value, 0 being the left of the screen, and the higher the value the farther right it goes.

I know this could be criticized very easily as "useless", and I understand how, but I think that some people could find it useful to allow sight of the entire playfield or just make their skin more interesting.

Feedback and thoughts would be greatly appreciated! :)
I throw my stars .. but for some reason I have no one available : c

A workaround to this problem is to add a large transparent empty space on one side of the image. Due to the empty space, the visible image will be pushed to the other side. You can add this transparent space using any online image editor.

Apply this to all Mania hit / combo images located in your skin folder as desired.

[I know I'm necroing an old post, but this is the top result Google gave me when I was searching the same issue -- if you know of a better solution, please feel free to share]
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