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Endaris wrote:

He has 347pp he's gud now. :o
Yeah, it seems like I spoke too soon. :oops: I'm calling him the next osu prodigy. Watch out world, here comes heavensdown! :D

Mahogany wrote:

I don't like to use the word "Bad", I'd rather say "Inexperienced"
Both words have different meanings though. For example, I can say that I am experienced, but I am still bad. ;)
Next loppy? 8-)
You're already questioning yourself after only clicking on 250k circles? Why does it even matter if you're good or bad this isn't league you won't make money and get girls for being top tier this game is as for fun as it can be because literally no one in real life will care for more than 20 seconds after they see you play something crazy. I don't mean to sound negative, but really, you have an incredibly long way to go and this is not even close to the time of wondering if you are improving effeciently enough when you haven't even learned the fundamental skills for the game.

If you want to get better stop trying to get better and just do it >_> ...even if you're good, then what? and further more what if you're bad?

Also I wanna say total hits>playcount

playcount can be skewed with resets, and total hits can't, it can still be skewed because afaik ranked plays don't count, but w/e it's one less variable than PC
you see

im good

if you're chill with me, i'm chill with ya

if you're good with me, i'm good with ya

i can't speak for anyone else though

have fun pal

but so am I :^)
Everyone is, just play more and eventually you'll be less bad.
You naughty naughty boy

GoldenWolf wrote:

play more and eventually you'll be less bad.
I still await the day
Please enjoy game.
Only if it
Only enjoy game.

PP and Rank is nothing
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