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Hi everyone, i play osu! since 2-3month, i'm sorry if it's the wrong place to post it, but i just found a bug, when i Watch replay, if i click on the commentary post the song stop, if you submit your commentary or click away the replay will restart, i accidentaly spammed click on it and outside of it and then on the replay i see the player doing a mistake whereas he didn't miss anything, for example take the replay of doomsday of the song "yotogibanashi no kamikakushi" and click on the button "discution" then click on "click to add...." it will stop the song, re-click on away to restart the replay, repeat it many time and you will see on the replay that he miss a note.

I don't know if it was useful to notice it, but whatever i wanted to share it to you, i hope you understood, if no tell me !

Thanks :) !
you should post bug in Help Center
and don't forget add some screenshot/video problem too
The replay file is usually a "summed up" file of what the player did on the map (it is probably like a file text of only the coordinates of the cursor at a certain time), therefore some "parts" of it may be skipped if they aren't played consequently (like there is a hole that it is usually not visible if you do not stop the replay).

This is just my theory tho, so don't take this for sure, but I guess it may be able to explain what happened to you.


JMC wrote:

you should post bug in Help Center
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