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Okay :)
Extra where? =w=
Not mapped yet + I'm too lazy lol (unless you want to map an Extra GD huehue)
Also, waiting for pkhg to finish Insane difficulty o3o
this is what ive made so far hope you like it
i cant forum pm you ;w;
Thanks you for the preview. Looking forward to see the rest :3
Uploaded difficulty :)

BeatofIke wrote:

Not mapped yet + I'm too lazy lol (unless you want to map an Extra GD huehue)
Can i do it? i love rita too <3
Thanks CSLM, but there's no need. Planning to get this map ranked by 2016 o3o
pkk's Insane is a very nice diff I rate it
Combo color 1 and 2 could be more brighter along the dark bg. Reading ar wasn't 100% comfortable currently.
00:47:169 (2) - better symmetry plz
00:37:064 (3,4,1,2,3) - Any special reason of 1.40x spacing? Managing a consistent 1.3x will look more organized.

Perfect map as always! +1 more
Fixed all thanks for the mod Sonnyc :)
Completely random mod

Wow really well made
And pretty!

Surprising that it's such high (relatively) SR despite being significantly easier than Easy
01:06:748 (1,2,3,4) - imo this looks better https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4167350

Other than that... I can't find anything lol
The intro is really pretty but from the white combo after the first break onwards it starts to look less structured. Maybe that's just me expecting structure after getting used to Beginner and Easy, but here goes nothing.

00:13:695 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - feels rather different in style from 00:18:748 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - despite having the same lyrical structure. (oh and also, 00:14:169 - there's no circle here in the white combo but there is a circle in the equivalent position in the blue combo)

00:33:906 (1,2,3,4,5) - 00:38:958 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - exactly the same as above

purple/pink style difference is probably fine since we're leading into a new passage.

00:28:853 (1,2,3) - and 00:31:379 (1,2,3) - as well, similar lyrical structure but rather different beat pattern

kiai to finish is great :D

01:28:379 (4,1) - The 3/2 beat gap here is awkward, I'd probably do something like this https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/4167415 (the slider there is 0.75 SV, could be 0.5 if you want it really small)

Sorry except for the last one I have no clue how to make it better...

But hey it's your map not mine! /troll

nuff said
Updated pkhg's Insane. Adding it to logs.
Also fixed gracefu's mod.
Ok it's ready, time for magic to happen

pkhg's Insane

  1. 01:05:485 (1) - you can give a jump here to fit the song's heated beats.
  2. not really much words about this map orz... most of stuff are fine to me, thou i think it's a bit lack of some changes... stream like this 00:13:221 (4,5,6,7,8,9,1) - used in the whole map, and other slider or structure works as well... maybe give some changes in composing way? at least not the completely same ones orzzz...

Light Insane

  1. 00:19:064 (2,3,4,5,6) - i think it's better to change these objs' order like this: 3 2 6 3(5 move to 3's place) 4
  2. 00:52:853 (1,2,3) - i think you should put big jumps here... at least 2.0x ds imo.
  3. well, i end here as well :3


  1. 00:06:116 (7) - better to nc.
  2. 00:19:853 (4,5) - it's better to avoid this 1/1 jump like this here... you have 1/2 jumps in similar ds later, it may confused players a bit in direct reading as a hard level diff. my suggestion maybe like do ctrl+g to 00:20:169 (5) - .
  3. 00:55:695 i think you really need to add something here orz.
  4. 01:11:800 (1,3) - swap them to fit ds setting.


  1. 01:25:853 (4,5,6,7) - this rhythm is a bit too hard to noobs, i think change 67 into a 1/2 slider can be better.
  2. 01:28:379 (4) - lol, recommend you do 2 notes here to fit those two really heavy beats, arrange ds if you do change this ofc.
easy and beginner are fine to me.

symm style lolol~

good luck
thanks hto
Thanks for the mod Hollow Wings. Fixed some stuff in Hard and light insane. No changes on Normal though o3o
Also, finished my Light Insane difficulty and added hitsounds to it. I also added hitsounds to pkhg's Insane (with permission).

Mapset moved to Pending :)

  1. 00:09:748 - intentional this break time?
  2. 00:55:197 - ^


  1. 00:32:642 - i feel empty here.... ;w;


  1. 01:11:800 (1,2,3) - i little worried about misreadable by low AR,
    some people hit (3) first, than (2). because (1) is close with (3) than (2)
    since you use small DS in general, many people can meet these misreadable thing.

[light Insane]

  1. 00:52:064 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,1,2,3) - just my opinion,
    but you might be change diff name to 'Insane' by this partten and many long stream.
    it's very hard partten in light insane,
    but in insane diff, i can't mention it.
  2. 01:13:853 (4) - aimod say kidding me
  3. 01:15:985 (4,5) - do you sure this distance? imo, x0.1 isn't negligible.


  1. 00:11:327 (2) - o....overmapped?
  2. 01:33:590 (2,3) - i want to say 'reduce this jump' is more comfortable on playing,
    like this ( 01:34:064 (4,5) - )
  3. 01:34:537 (6) - add NC for 4/1 NC cycle and emphasis?

solid map :3
m4m from your queue

nice bookmarks :v http://i.imgur.com/I4xnxSB.jpg
00:05:327 (6,1,2) - maybe that's just me, but the angle of this jump makes the transition into the stream play a bit awkward
00:06:906 (4,5,7) - this is only barely noticeable during gameplay, but you could still center 7 between them so the head has equal distance to both http://i.imgur.com/f6wr8b5.jpg

00:07:537 (7) - really dislike how this feels, you basically star the slider on a way weaker beat than it ends on as the drums are really emphasized on the tail, compare it to sth like 00:06:590 (3) - which also starts on a red tick, but for that one the srums on the white are much weaker so it feels better
same goes for 00:10:064 (7) -
I know those are supposed to follow the piano, which they do well, but making them 2x circle instead could be really nice

00:12:432 (2,3) - ctrlg g for this rhythm might feel better since 1 has piano on sliderhead and all, having 1/2 slider - 1/2 slider - tap would fit better and make this "deep" piano sound 00:12:748 - 00:13:064 (3) - etc consistently clickable
=> http://i.imgur.com/He6jhkD.jpg (yes I moved the nc to that tick because it fits with that change)

00:15:906 (5,1) - I really think the movement to 1 completely breaks any momentum etc. you built up before, rotating 00:15:432 (3,4,5) - by +some degrees could be worth a try
here for example 00:20:958 (5,1) - you execute the pattern so much better

00:51:274 (4,1,2) - why do you "break" the movement on 00:52:064 (2) - and not on 00:51:590 (1) - which would go way better with the music/vocals sth simple like ctrl-h on 00:51:590 (1) - would work, now you "rotation" actually changes on the strong vocal
00:51:590 (1,5) - same distance as 00:52:379 (5,6) - would look neat

00:52:852 (1,2,3) - this is so strong, you could space it more. Only 3 notes so it won't really influence the star rating/difficulty or anything. even sth "crazy" like http://i.imgur.com/LO2NNQ8.jpg only makes it go from 4.79 to 4.81
00:54:116 (4) - I normally never mention nc, but this should probably have nc

00:55:537 (2,4) - both much stronger than 3, but this puts most emphasis on 4. Consider using kickslider + tap with a little jump instead as that makes the player click the two strongest sounds but still covers 2 (or even just map 1/2 with a jump)
00:55:853 (5,6,7) - - feels more fitting since 7 is so strong and it nicely emphasizes it
also taps - triple - stream play really nice

01:11:800 (1,2,3) - bit wider angle should make for a much better movement

01:15:748 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - not a fan of using triplets here, sure it is 1/4 and all but it really shifts the emphasis from 01:15:748 (2,5) - to 01:15:905 (4,7) - but 2/5 = really strong piano, so maybe try 1/4 reverse sliders?

01:34:221 (5,6) - moving 6 to sth like this http://i.imgur.com/KHNGBtQ.jpg would make for an agle that much better emphasizes it, which would be great since it is bery strong, current movement really seems to feel to "weak"
light insane
00:12:432 (6,7) - same as pkhg
00:19:221 (3,4) - I get the pattern you are making here, but having such small spacing on 4, doesnt really fit the piano + strong vocal

00:26:327 - having such a strong beat clickable would feel much better to play, it has basically everything, strong vocals, strong drums, piano, ... having this on a slidertails doesnt do the music any justice imo
00:47:485 (6) - ^
00:55:379 - but on spinnerend even

00:54:116 - could move the spinenr to 1/4, or 1/8 tick and add a note, not clicking this feels so unfitting ;_;
or at least add a repeat to 00:53:485 (4) - ?

01:18:116 (1) - really think you could start this and the next spinner way earlier to fit better with the strong held vocals

01:34:537 (1) - having sth to click here would be so much nicer

never modded a style like this before, but most stuff looks fine. so forgive me if this isnt very helpful ;_;
00:02:958 (5) - using two 1/2 sliders here instead would go so nice with the pian, but it breaks the star :/ But maybe give sth like this a try? http://i.imgur.com/6OQPakR.jpg

00:22:537 (5,6) - using the same angle as 00:22:221 (4,5) - would make a way nice movement, having a straight line moving into a strongly curved slider feels weird to playw. Would also go nice with how the next combo is aligned

00:39:590 (3,4) - really want to keep a straight linear movement for such a long time? doesnt feel very engaging to play for a hard, maybe swap postions of 4/5 or sth
00:54:116 (1) - same as light insane /clickability
01:34:537 (1) - ^

01:06:274 (9,10,1,1,2,3) - might be a bit hard to read for a hard diff having 1/2 and 1/4 gaps that looks the same right after each other
diff looks neat already
01:11:169 (7,8) - making an angle like http://i.imgur.com/KlD84kU.jpg would be more interesting to play
01:18:116 (6,7) - moving 7 a bit down so the tail of 6 doesnt overlap fully with the body of 7 might aid readability for newer players
01:20:642 (4,5) - ^
00:55:695 - etc might aswell remove those unused green lines
01:28:379 (2) - is using a "kickslider" here really necessary? considering this is the only time you seem to use it on this diff anyways
01:14:327 (3,1) - could move them a little bit to get rid of ther overlap since it is a bit noticeable with this low ar, also a differrent angle would play nicer here too

lower diffs look fine pretty much already to me

good luck with the set, hope I could help even if I'm not that experienced with modding such a mapping style yet!
ayy m4m

pkhg's Insane

  • 00:25:064 (1) - whistle on head
    00:54:116 (4) - NC?
    01:31:221 (2,3) - Maybe make this a triple
    00:45:274 I don't think this beat should be on a sliderend so maybe try something like this http://puu.sh/m6ebG/d32d14bd4e.jpg

  • Could stack 00:38:642 (5) - on top of 00:39:274 (2) -
    It would be nice to add something here 00:55:695

  • 00:25:695 (5) - is it just me or is the direction of this slider just a little bit off from centering with 00:24:906 (4) -

Really solid map, not much to say here lol (This song is catchy af btw). GL!
Thanks for mod everyone. I fixed a some of your suggestions. Updated! :)
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