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TheOnlyLeon wrote:

Hey, M4M from your queue.


02:26:635 - (1,2,3,4) 4 being off to the side just makes this pattern appear warped, It'd look better if it was brought together as a square-ish pattern.
reduced angle of them, should look slightly better now

04:35:803 - (13,14,1) What's with the gap here? Sure it's a stronger hit but this pattern's come up tons before and it's always just been a shift in follow. At the DS the map has it doesn't affect play-ability much, but visually it really sticks out like a sore thumb.
fml that's auto-stacking, gonna fix

04:58:903 - (14,1,2) ^^^^^^

07:00:316 - (4,1,2) This note sticks out like the last couple, different pattern but looks just as off putting, Should probably be flush with the pattern leading up to it.
fuck autostacking

08:25:205 - (1) I feel like the aesthetics of the way this slider is positioned feels cramped and crooked compared to the way the rest of the map is structured. It just seems weirdly tilted and stuck into the bottom of the map, I'd suggest opening it by moving the slider head to X:21 Y:300.

08:49:427 - (1) It's odd that at this point you switch to mapping the drums again, mid-shred. Is there a particular reason for not finishing the guitar section?
actually the guitar also does 1/4 there, so I had to put a slider, which also covered the red 1/2 tick, so I also hitsounded that

Well, I spent a solid hour looking at it, I feel kinda bad for leaving such a short mod, but the amount of polish is pretty astounding considering how difficult the map is, although I guess you've had a lot of practice. GL with this one. :)

♦ pishi's Extra

08:09:029 - Unsnapped slider (Slider repeat)
02:05:328 - Unsnapped timing line
05:19:036 - ^
05:24:318 - ^
05:30:147 - ^
05:33:039 - ^

♦ Skull Fracturing Nightmare

05:19:036 - Unsnapped timing line
05:24:318 - ^
05:30:147 - ^
05:33:039 - ^

♦ Razor's Stalking Preys With Frantic Sadism

This diff is OVERMAPPED and it should be fixed AT LEAST around 9 stars NOT 9.5 stars

Maybe CS 3.7 would be at least possible to pass it
Holy god, some hyperdashes have been made too far beyond believe. It should be somehow fixed by using a lot of sliders
01:27:228 (1) - I think one slider on this deathstream map is preety simple, how about to add this yet another slider and make it even brutal.
01:43:068 (1) - ^
04:40:123 (1) - ^
04:56:023 (1) - ^
05:19:036 - Unsnapped timing line
05:24:318 - ^
05:30:147 - ^
05:33:039 - ^

♦ Xeo's Unmerciful Fate

06:02:784 - Unsnapped timing line

Nelly wrote:


♦ Razor's Stalking Preys With Frantic Sadism

This diff is OVERMAPPED and it should be fixed AT LEAST around 9 stars NOT 9.5 stars - THis diff is NOT overmapped at all. Every note placed is to a beat.

Maybe CS 3.7 would be at least possible to pass it - 3.7 too low tbh. Will see what others say.
Holy god, some hyperdashes have been made too far beyond believe. It should be somehow fixed by using a lot of sliders - Eh what?
01:27:228 (1) - I think one slider on this deathstream map is preety simple, how about to add this yet another slider and make it even brutal. - THis is brutal enoug as it is. Makeing a 1/4 antiflow jump here will be too much.
01:43:068 (1) - ^ - Reffering to above.
04:40:123 (1) - ^ - Reffering to above.
04:56:023 (1) - ^ - Reffering to above.
Fixed the timeline issues.

Text File
06:02:984 - Mazzerin, can you check "Omit first bar line" on this timing point of my diff?

00:54:468 (1,1) - there are some drum beats clearly audible here, i suggest mapping them
03:05:983 (2,3,4,5,6,7) - with all the movement from the previous part it's hard to keep control here due to low spacing, consider increasing it
03:13:783 (1,1) - the guitar here doesn't match with the sliders
04:08:743 (2,2) - i think making these a bit more horizontal would emphasize the part better
04:40:123 (6,1) - increase spacing, it feels unusually low compared to the others
06:22:984 (1) - move to x:476 for some difficulty/symmetry
06:37:206 (1) - feels unnatural that the distance of 06:37:058 (7,8) - is larger than 06:37:132 (8,1) - , move (1) a bit to the right
06:41:095 (3) - improper emphasis here, make this a non-repeat slider and add a note at 06:41:317 which is slightly farther away from the endpoint (up to you where to put it)

(i had to go to school so i didn't check 06:51:428 to 09:29:204)

the whole part from 09:29:204 - 09:59:204 feels... rather odd. most parts have improper emphasis (ill elaborate later)

09:35:649 - 09:35:760 - add two notes here

i tried disregarding difficulty while modding . w.
Hi there, you missed Marathon in tags, Wich is on every other maps you ranked.

Chara wrote:


00:54:468 (1,1) - there are some drum beats clearly audible here, i suggest mapping them - Were following the long sounds here.

(i had to go to school so i didn't check 06:51:428 to 09:29:204)

i tried disregarding difficulty while modding . w.
Thanks for the mod!

.osu: Text File
I thought Mazzerin map all mode.
now that we're back

02:38:525 - add a red line with 249,800 BPM 3/4 signature (i fixed the bar line myself in my diff)

good stuff
The diff mania is very hard D: but GREAT map
Rank Rank!
Fleshgod Apocalypse - The Deceit / The Violation Mod

Mania only (Can't mod Ctb, Taiko, or Std, sorry :c)

owo stamina

Columns: 1|2|3|4

00:11:148 (11148|2) - Here, you might want some sense of pitch progression... the music goes down while the notes are in the same column. Maybe have it so you have 34,23,12,14 or something similar.

00:28:188 (28188|3) - Maybe have this as a 1/1 LN for the guitar? But, you seem to be staying away from LNs until the second part/intermission part so maybe not.

00:26:208 (26208|0,26268|1) - Move these notes right one column? Happens elsewhere too, but you can decide

00:26:388 (26388|3) - This section here, where you have a kick and then a single note, repeated, should be spiced up a bit. There's a few of these sections in the map, and maybe you want to promote pattern diversity by changing the kick pattern - i.e. here, you could have the kicks be 2,4 and the SN be on 1 and 3. Just a thought.

00:44:988 (44988|1) - Same thing as the first point, some pitch progression in the chart could help

01:20:028 (80028|1) - Here, you might want to have a trill pattern similar to 01:24:348 (84348|3) - I feel like this pattern fits the music better, and really challenges the player to be able to land these. The streamy pattern you have now feels a little too irregular for something this straightforward in the music.

01:28:668 (88668|3) - Same as above

01:52:148 (112148|2) - This hand 1/8th before the beat threw me off, but it's good according to the music... so strange.

01:54:569 (114569|2) - Why is this note a jump where as the guitar notes before were only one note? As far as I can tell, there's no drum or anything, so maybe reduce this to one note. However, it does fit in terms of playing, so it's not a huge issue.

02:06:828 (126828|2) - There's a heavier drum beat here, you could make it into a hand instead of a jump, but like the last point that's subjective and just a thought

03:57:943 (237943|1) - See first point

04:32:983 (272983|2) - Just like above, might want to introduce trills here instead of later on

05:12:943 - Almost sounds like you could throw in a LN starting here, for the orchestra in the bg... since you don't have an LN starting from 05:05:383 (305383|3) - here, though, maybe not. If you wanted, you could add an LN here and at the end of the chorus, for the guitar, but that's up to you and might take away from the breaktime.

05:24:182 (324182|0) - This LN should technically carry on, since the LNs you map afterwards are a different instrument and occur simultaneously. Your call.

05:32:895 (332895|1) - You might want to have two LNs here, one for the higher pitched sound that carries through the next section and one that acts as this one does.

06:02:762 (362762|2) - Yeah, these notes should be heavier. The music gets much louder/stronger, so maybe have these be hands or something? Try to separate this from the previous noting.

06:09:873 (369873|3) - In this section, you have some jumps on the offbeats, but coming back to be on beat when the orchestra hits on a certain beat. I think you might not want to be offbeat here, as in sections a few minutes before this you didn't have jumps on the offbeat sounds that are present here as well. Maybe have the jumps in this jumpstream happen on 1/2 beats, instead of having one or two offbeat before you readjust for the orchestral sounds.

...If I didn't word that right, here's an example. 06:18:984 (378984|2,378984|3,378984|0) - Here's a hand that's mapped for the orchestra. Then, you have two SNs and then you begin a jumpstream with offbeat jumps, until 06:19:873 (379873|3) - where you have your next orchestral sound thing. Instead of having this awkward part where you don't map the offbeat jump right before the orchestral beat in order to avoid jacks, what you could do is have a sort of mini jumptrill so that you still emphasize the orchestra as well as the offbeat jump.

However, after thinking about it, how you have it now is alright too. Essentially, just give it some thought, I guess? It was just something I thought I'd point out.

08:04:427 (484427|2) - Perfect example of how you could implement the pitch progression with the jumps earlier.

08:47:205 (527205|3) - During this section, you have the guitar solo in the bg that you could map; at some points it feels like it's on 1/4, and it would add some variety to this 1/2 jumpstream you've got going here.

Overall, I feel like you could add in some weak SVs where there's a 1/1 break in the music, just to add some character, but since this is a stamina map there might not be alot of room for that.

Hope this helps, and good luck to all on getting this ranked! :)
Hi, from your queue.
  • [Skull Fracturing Nightmare]

  1. 00:33:948 (1,2) - You might consider making this a 1/2 slider just to differentiate the background drum + guitar with the vocals more distinctly.
  2. 01:08:148 (1) - this could have a bit more spacing because the vocal deserves some distinction with the rest.
  3. 01:14:628 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - I assume you're following the violin here. It's a lot more intense than this 01:13:548 (1,2,3,1,2,3) - so I think it deserves more spacing, or a more brutal looking pattern. If you accept this then you might want to consider balancing other patterns of the same violin line.
  4. 01:27:588 (1) - you can put this on at the top-left corner, because I think it deserves more than this, considering the transitions between your long streams are actually really brutal.
  5. 01:43:428 (1) - ^ or any corner tbh.
  6. 02:15:948 (2,3,4,5,1) - kicks to snare is quite a strong transition so maybe you want to give 1 a bit more spacing, or you can make 4 a 1/4 slider that jumps to 1.
  7. 02:38:987 (2,3,4,5,1) - ^
  8. 02:51:223 (1) - I know there are beats that you can map this note, but is it necessary? It kind of breaks the structure.
  9. 03:33:223 (2) - the loud drum that i don't know what it's called actually has a structure so you can make this a 1/2 slider instead of a reverse slider, this applies to the same sound after this as well, whenever you hear the bam.
  10. 04:21:103 (1) - can this get a bit more spacing because vocals?
  11. 04:44:743 (1,2) - is this too evil?
  12. 06:18:762 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - I think i'm being too nitpicking, but this is the third time I look at this pattern and 3 times it urges me to say that you might want to map this according to the pitch. So after this you could decrease the spacing to match with the pitch better.
  13. 08:06:760 (1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3,1,2,3) - ^ , if you think it kills your pattern then feel free to disregard.
  14. 07:26:094 (1) - shouldn't the stream end here instead?
  15. 07:42:094 (1) - you might consider making this a 1/2 slider instead because the music is kinda progressive here, not ending abruptly.
  16. 10:20:760 (1) - maybe the left corner? This spacing is kinda like 1/2 for me.

    [pishi's Extra]
  17. 00:17:748 - the hitsound doesn't quite to enough to emphasise this tick I think, mayyybe like a stream from the sliderhead to here.
  18. 03:58:423 (1) - ^, i don't know how feasible it is after these jumps in this case though.
  19. 00:26:748 (3) - maybe a bit more spacing because vocal goes kinda nuts here and it's a downbeat as well.
  20. 01:30:828 (1) - any specific reason why this isn't another reverse slider? The doublekicks are still going I think.
  21. 05:00:583 (2) - maybe i'm tripping but the sliderball vibrates so quickly on the reverse slider that this note might be hidden. Maybe a bit more spacing to be on the safe side.
  22. 06:20:984 (1) - I think the violin is just so strong that you can break the structure here a bit to map circles here?
  23. 08:08:983 (1) - ^
  24. 08:40:205 (2,3,4) - I think the drums could be on the red ticks instead, snares on slidertails feels underwhelming to me.

I'll throw a star on this.
Good luck!
hi fixed some SVs and some other small things


while ur at it, are you sure the deceit is not 6/4? There are just too many barlines on taiko :cry:
Mod: Osu!mania
thank you Mazzerin, you made me discover this masterpiece of a song

close enough
rank when ?
do u need an easy marathon GD xDDDDD
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