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I didn't even realize that the username can't be edited... Sorry. T-this isn't what my name is supposed to be.

I'm here for the fun of jamming these buttons to the rhythm as my keyboard awaits its impending doom.

(Just casual gaming all around.)

I'm D. Nice to meet you all.

D mostly stands for Deal... I guess it's kind of a nod to Death Note when I self-entitled myself with this.

I'm also not exactly a jolly person... I guess I'm just kinda shy.
Okay, maybe too shy.

I'm currently enjoying the 5k group of beatmaps... Especially unravel and Lost.

I'm also now a fan of Ling Tosite Sigure. (Their vocalist gave me second thoughs before.)
Hi, initial D! Welcome and have fun. Also if you want to change username, you have to buy the osu!supporter. https://osu.ppy.sh/p/support
Yup become a supporter to change your name, and it's free the first time :3
That username will become a legend
Nice Username !
Welcome to Osu
always playing 1-2* :o
:D I'm confused if I should be happy about this username...
If you look at it closely though, it's not as random as it seems.

(Though... I think only 2 out of all the people on the Earth have thought of this username; I, included.)

Thanks BTW, everyone :D

I feel like self-loathing today so...

An update on latest, noobish, isolated career--
I've gone offline. I'm using my laptop at home to play and it has no Internet.

I've also degraded to 4k maps, but, hey. There are 3x more 4k maps that 5k maps, and they have their equal share of difficulty.
Even better, actually...

There's more beat-dropping happening in 4k than 5k...

I've... Edited the TOXIC VIBRATION 4k Normal I have, increasing the difficulty a bit. I wonder if it could be shared to others though... I can't think of any good name for the new difficulty so I just wrote Normal v1.1.

Basically, I just made a few cymbal parts into double-hits and buffed up the post-intro and pre-outro parts. Oh, and yes, every cymbal = hitobject.

I've... Also made a beatmap of my own, and it has a 4.1-Star Difficulty.

(In other words... I've never played past half of the whole thing without dying yet.)

B-Complex - Beautiful Lies.
Insane (4k)

It has 1045 objects, and surprisingly I hit it at 87 BPM correctly but...

I've only done 2:12/6:45 of the whole song. Also, it doesn't have a background. (I'm lazy lazy lazy lazy lazy)

(And yes, auto-pilot can hit 1,000,000 100% everyday. Which is why I envy it.)
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