What other games do you guys play?

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PokeMMO and Legends of League.
I play some League of Legends, Dropped most my other games like Cs;go, guild wars 2 and Hearthstone.
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_sparky_ wrote:

What systems do you own?
I have a Xbox One and a PC
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31Gabe wrote:

DESTINY is an awesome MMORPG FPS hybrid. You can level your gunner/guardian up until you gain access to the weapons and armor you have awarded after beating Story levels ore from trading collectibles with other people at the tower.

If you have a Wii U or PC, then you're out of luck. DESTINY is available on everything but the Wii U and PC, but I think the PS3 version is the cheapest way to play DESTINY since online play is free, and this game requires an online connection.

I currently have the PS4 version of DESTINY at the moment. I might give my friend a PS3 with DESTINY if he ever feels interested for that.
I have a 295 hunter on Xbox One :)
S i R i R u
Have you played DLC- ehm, I mean PAYDAY 2?
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S i R i R u wrote:

Have you played DLC- ehm, I mean PAYDAY 2?
Nope, not yet

Nealth wrote:

I'm curious on what games you guys play.

I'm currently looking for new games to play, could anyone recommend some?:D
cs:go, my friend (:
Minecraft, GMod of TF2 (I am bad at TF2, despite >1000 hrs spent)
Mostly League of Legends.. 8-)
Roxy Lalonde
circles for life
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cs:go is a fun game, and I suck at tf2 :P
League, I guess.

I don't play very many games tbh; LoL's the only one that I do, actually. ;p
PokeMMO, ElsVoid and Steam games

nothing much eh
To be honest, this question doesn't requires a own thread because it's more or less obvious what other people plays especially when you check out the game-specific threads or general like favourite game, etc.

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