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"I have been watching anime for nearly a decade now (None of that just Naruto/Ghibli stuff) and have been following the anime season in japan since early 2010. I've made an effort to watch every show, every series in a season with varying degrees of success since there are inevitable times where I have been busy. This attitude has largely developed my appreciation for unique anime."

I've seen enough shows featuring a useless male protagonist getting some ability or power that makes him unique and he is then surrounded by a band of cute girls as a result. The characters are mediocre and Haru is particularly unlikable as a protagonist. The fights aren't anything great to see with all it's deus ex machina abilities and the "game world" is just shounen plot rubbish. There's so much better
Yeah that's what I though, I had the same though, the main reason why I am this attached to this, it's because it kinda was my first anime of this genre and developed a liking into it, I kind of have to agree with your opinion on the main character, even further in the novel, the attitude he has pisses me off and still doesn't take action when he should and stuffs, but I get that it has to do with his character, but still is really off, like I said in a post earlier, I hate usually this kind of anime but am biased toward this one in particular I would say, but thanks for your opinion men ^.^ !
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Try out Guilty Crown I hate it but you will probably like it. (If you do hate it you'll probably get a better perspective on why I dislike Accel World).

I don't have an issue necessarily with a protagonist not taking action. I just think it is pretty poorly done in Accel World.
Yeah I hate it.

I would say it's biased on Accel World, like this has so much content I hate about it, but seems acceptable for a reason I can't explain.
source said that the anime will be an original story wrote by Reki with added new characters
my sauce

inb4 MC is the best character :>
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I only got to novel 13 back in 2013, might finish the novel after 2nd season is done.
I just wanted season 2 xD... This is just a new story by reki in aw universe.
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Misawa Sachika as Kuroyukihime
Kaji Yuuki as Haruyuki
Toyosaki Aki as Chiyuri
Asanuma Shintarou as Takumu"

"and it will add new characters"

The main cast is still the same. Not to mention it'd be stupid to do an ad with old cast if that was the case.
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NicoSenpai12 wrote:

You've only seen 6 episodes. lol

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NicoSenpai12 wrote:

You've only seen 6 episodes. lol
He could be enjoying it? So what lol
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