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#53: Carpal tunnel.

Lrn 2 count //Loginer

MusicFan wrote:

#48. Surprise! Windows updater!

I hate that thing >:(
Then update to SP1. It DIEs. :3
#54 Mom pulled the plug

#55 It was all a lie

Lrn 2 count //Loginer
#56 Google Talk message tiles causing osu! to lock up for a second or so
#57 MSN message notifications too loud making it impossible to hear music
#58 potty break!!!!
lol :D

Loginer wrote:

MusicFan wrote:

#48. Surprise! Windows updater!

I hate that thing >:(
Then update to SP1. It DIEs. :3
I have SP2. What now? =X
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I usually fall victim to lag, and that's about it... and I'm not kidding! >_> I would not stoop that low.

so #59: lag... It freaking happens to me almost all the time! not kidding! :(

edit: excuse #60: my foot was asleep.
Even though these are legit reasons that actually happened...
#61 someone mentioned my name in chat
#62 screenshot lag
#63 fell asleep
#64 opened chat
#65 sneezed
#66 I'm not using headphones
#67 Sound from the person playing next to me causes me to hit all my notes early
#68 Universal offset's off
#69 Beatmapper's universal offset is off
#70 Poorly timed beatmap
#71 Damn moderators ranking horribly mapped songs
#72 Old beatmap with bad spacing
#73 Mouse went over mousepad/ran out of room to move mouse
#74 Peppy there's a bug with this beatmap
#75 pixelshader 1.1 makes slider trails hard to judge
#76 This skin sucks
#77 People keep announcing me in chat (the one that gives the purple highlight)

That actually did happen to me, Peppy typed something like DISTRACTIONDISTRACTIONDISTRACTIONDISTRACTIONDISTRACTION
Surprisingly effective.
Agent BA8 Rookbie
#78. I can't keep focused.
#79. That Network Connections thing keeps popping up.
#80. I'm making my own map.
#81. The dang difficulty for most songs is too hard.
#82. I don't wanna be #1, cause then you got people cruising to kill you.
#83. TWEWY is too fun.
#84. My favourite songs are unranked.
Card N'FoRcE
#85 those damned ForeCastFox slidealerts
#86 mousepad slipping away
#87 really really bad spacing
#88 mouse goes easy (if it goes insane it can do the map anyway)
#89 I was clicking X&C (or A&S, or <&Z)
#90 first time playing this map

#91 testing a new skin
#92 James
#93 Darn you James
#94 Damn you James
#95 fuck you James
#96 awesome map James!
#97 died because of high drain rate and no break
98. It's hard to explain...
99. You'll never believe me.
100. James' sig.
101. I 101'd at something.
102. You don't wanna know....
103. woah! the thing that's happening has changed it's behavior, rendering it even more interesting!
104. Slider velocity changed drastically in mid-slider.
105. James.

edit: 106. Distracting strobing effects.
107. Distracting Combo Fire.
108. I'm actually a woman in a man's body in a woman's body in a man's body... and now the women are arguing.

109.) WTF James?!
110.) And WHY did I want to be a mod?
111.) Breaking osu!
112.) getting yelled at by peppy for said breakage.
113. Honey, stop unzipping my pants, I'm playing osu! here. Oh great, now I failed a spi...
114. Used to snaking.
115. [14:15] <mrtn> torm please redo this 1 my webbrowser was lagging me (stupid flash ads)
116: Was reading the IRC in break and missed the next beat, and the next, and the next....
117: My arm died
118: My mouse pointer kept jumping around like crazy
119: Slipping Coke in break and then I missed a beat, the next one, the one afterward....
120: Mom came and have to minimize osu
121: Mouse too uncomfortable
122: Keyboard too uncomfortable

Card N'FoRcE
#123: the servers for downloading firefox3 are down
#124: I can't win against you, Saturos!
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