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294) I was z/xing with the wrong keys.

hey have we repeated anything yet? I noticed a lot of the excuses were terrible, but if we haven't repeated anything other than lag that's pretty good.
295) HI GUIOZ CN I PLY????

I think we have, awp. I've seen sneezed a lot.
Card N'FoRcE
#296: How do I play this game?
#297: A hitcircle? What's a hitcircle??
#298: I pressed Alt-TAB instead of Z/X
#299: Chatroom opened (it was lonely)
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Card N'FoRcE
#306: Arm killed by a sniper
#307: Payne came to me. Max.
309: I could have sworn there was a hitcircle there! Really!
310: I can't breathe during the spinners T_T
311: I was playing wrong-handed
312: I was playing from the floor
313: School really fucked up my movement algorithms
314: Constant loss of response from mouse screws up my spin
315: Cannot spin at all
316: Who the hell thought of putting five spinners less than a second long all together?!
317 - I saw something shiney
318 - I saw something in my mirror (it happen to me once)
319 - I went to go find myself
320 - I have AD..... Hey, whats that....
321 - The monkey with the clapping cymbals told me to do it
322 - annoying sister/brother kept bothering me
323 - I'm busy doing a barrel roll
Card N'FoRcE
#324: I wanted to view your profile in the break!
#325: Osu wanted me to fail, it was an order.
#326: I had to view this topic
327: One second, let me look up an excuse...
328: My download in firefox stopped
329: Peppy just hacked my computer
330: Saturos just cut the electricity for a moment
331: Osu turned into Godzilla. I swear.
332: Someone is pming me in AIM.
333: Someone invited me to a chat room in xfire.
334: Rhythm was not a click away.
335: My metronome is broken.
336: My tablet glitched.
337: The bunny was too distracting.
338: I had to mod a beatmap for Supergarlic.
339: Supergarlic made me mod his beatmap.
340:Supergarlic made me do it.
341: Supergarlic.
342: I don't like light. Someone just opened the curtains...
343: My alarm clock started beeping
344: Its a bird! It's a plane! Its... Its... the Osu! logo? Oh crap, missed a spinner.
345: Wait, what? It's done? I must have lagged.
346: I thought the relax mod was on.
346: Samus shot me
347: Haruhi Smiled
348: Someone said my name in IRC
349: You kicked my dog
350: I was Rick rolled
351: Chuck Norris delivered a Roundhouse kick in my face
352: Peppy snuck into my base and Hacked meh Osu! Files
353: I was hit by a deathstream
354: Someone threw a Osu! Cookie at me
#355 My head exploded.
#356 My chair broke
#357 Someone talking distracted me
#358 I was playing with my eyes closed
#359 My computer screen burned out
360: Jamespacing.
361: Caramelldansen.
362: Suppositories.
363: Air Man.
364: Wood Man.
365: I'm working on 25% physical capacity on both my computer and my real body.
366: Random lag that pops up just as the "Are You Ready?" prompt comes up.
Card N'FoRcE
#367: Shaders got crazy and the screen bacame red.
#368: I'm experimenting DS as a tablet and I'm not good.
#369: Just joking
#370: Agent J came to cheer me up, but he phailed D:
#371: The toilet i was sitting on flushed suddenly
#372: Da dogs' cold nose touched my bare bum
#373: Who stole my computer??!!!
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Card N'FoRcE
#379: Someone suggested rape
#380: Orihime didn't help me to spin D:
#381: I had to report a bug
#382: phill.
#383 I had to Shadowbolt a Kobold.
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