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Could find nothing of the sort on feature requests. If you find a duplicate, please lock it.

I'm suggesting "Live Beatmapping". This is a thing where you make the notes as you go along. It disables the editor things, and gives you your gameplay settings.

Standard: Move around with a mouse/tablet, press Z and X to place circles, hold for sliders. Press C (and hold) for a spinner.

Taiko: Gameplay settings (Z, X, C, and V, but I use D, F, J, and K. Whatever your buttons are mapped to). Hold for a slider, press both for the big notes. Press C for a spinner, I guess?

Mania: Gameplay settings. Hold for sliders.

CtB: I was thinking of the left/right shift dash, and pressing Z and X whenever you want a fruit to hit the plate. (Right, Z, Left Shift, Z, Rapid fruit would be ZXZXZXZX). Hold for the slider ticks.

Probably most likely invalid. Hard to implement.. -DW10
Pretty good idea, but sadly there are flaws in it.
Maybe it could be togglable between the regular editor and the live editor?

There might be a workaround for the regular note placement, as well.
You could try finding a program which can let you bind a key to M1, that would allow you to bind Z/X/Whatever to M1 so you tap it to place a note.
Just a theory on the workaround, but if this idea is intergrated as a toggle into the game that would be pretty cool and useful in some spots where timing is hard to get right. :)
Live Mapping already exist, try to click ctrl + Tab in the Editor to enable it.
Although i don't know how well it works for each mode, especially for ctb.

Also, this is really bad for Standard/CtB
It works properly in Taiko/Mania
Not recommended thougg
As Baraatje123 said, It's a useful tool for taiko and mania but it's a bad idea for standard and CTB
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