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Title: silky heart | silky heart
RTitle: silky heart
There isn't any TV Size from what I was able to find (OST didn't have it either). http://www.starchild.co.jp/artist/horie/disco/ & http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/tora ... lease.html
Also the 'title' can just be 'silky heart' because of http://puu.sh/l0Zgn.jpg and the video credits. http://puu.sh/l0Zko.jpg | So it's up to you.

Artist: 堀江由衣
RArtist: Yui Horie (All of her CDs and Official website have her Romanized name as Given Family)

Source: とらドラ! or Toradora!

とらドラ! or Toradora! (Whatever you didn't use in the source)
TV Size

Maybe try 60% volume at 00:29:220 - The whistles are somewhat quiet, especially at 00:31:664 - for example.
  1. 00:04:331 (1,2) - put a little more curve into these? http://puu.sh/l0Y07.jpg
  2. 00:40:998 (2) - whistle instead? The clap sounds happen on the downbeat so it sounds a bit off here.
  3. 01:15:442 (1,3) - could be mirrors of each other http://puu.sh/l0YFp.jpg Try stacking the (2) properly on the tail end of the previous (4) as well.

  1. 00:30:109 (2) - Missing normal sampleset? or instead, you should probably remove the Normal hits on the non-clap notes since the tone of the music changes here instead of at 00:36:331 (1) - Otherwise, from 00:36:331 (1) - onwards, you should be using normal hits on every downbeat still. Either way works. It's just inconsistent at the moment.
  2. 00:55:775 (1) - I'm not really a fan of how you have this spinner ending on the start of the Kiai at 00:57:664 - | I would personally suggest ending the spinner earlier or changing it to a slider so that you can start mapping at 00:57:664 - instead of 00:58:553 -
  3. 01:11:220 - add note / have a 1/2 slider here? | I feel like players would naturally try to hit this at 01:11:220 - due to how the drums work.

Maybe try 60% volume at 00:29:220 - like suggested for Easy.
  1. 00:26:775 (3) - Try x291 y77 for better spacing
  2. 00:38:553 (2,3) - Try moving (2) out slightly and adjust (3) as needed. It's a bit close to the (1) at the moment and the spacing looks a bit awkward this way.
  3. 00:42:109 (2,3,4) - You could tidy this up a little bit by doing this: http://puu.sh/l3sCt.jpg | Have the (3) properly balanced in between the (1)'s tail and the (5)'s head. This is using 1.1DS like you originally did.
  4. 00:44:109 (3) - This would honestly be better as a 1/2 slider because of the held vocals. The stacking makes it a bit confusing there's a 1/1 gap here as well. If you want to keep the spacing, then I'd suggest moving the (4) in distance spacing range instead.
  5. 00:53:442 (3) - More noticable sound at 00:53:220 - I'd personally remove the reverse from 00:52:553 (2) - and have a 1/2 slider start at 00:52:998 -
  6. 00:54:775 (3) - You could put more spacing here if you wanted. Especially because you make 00:54:109 (1,2) - jump yourself. Try anywhere from 1.0 to 1.3.
  7. 00:57:442 (1,2) - Optional, but consider deleting these. Your light insane uses a 1/4 slider so this technically makes the Hard a little more difficult than the Light Insane. It also allows for a bit more recovery time and the player won't feel as pressured to hit the 1/4s frantically after the spin.

[Light Insane]
Same volume thing.
  1. 00:28:331 (1,2,3) - I would suggest changing this to a repeat 1/4 slider so the player won't be completely overwhelmed by the amount of 1/4 notes they have to play here.
  2. 01:00:998 (6,1) - These types of 1/4 jumps aren't the greatest to use in a light insane. I suggest using 1/4 notes and stack them on top of the (1). The jumps in this difficulty already make it a nice Light Insane to play, so you honestly don't need to use this technique for the map's intended difficulty. This applies to 01:04:553 (6) - 01:11:664 (6) - and 01:18:775 (6) - and 00:57:442 (1) -

[Taeyang's Insane]
hitsounds ;_;
volume 60% at 00:29:220 - like the other diffs
  1. 00:00:109 (1,2,3) - I suggest just using 3 circles here. The beginning section is mostly 1/2 so you don't need to use any 1/4 notes. (to be blunt, it's way to spammy) I suggest using light circle (anti-)jumps instead.
  2. 00:32:220 (7) - I'm not a fan of this pattern/rhythm. I would personally just simplify it more, and maybe not map the 1/8th. The same goes 00:39:220 (7,8,9,10) - and 01:25:775 (10) - | I also think they're stacked a bit too much, so there's no movement, and then it jets over to 00:32:553 (9) - which to me feels awkward to play. I'd highly suggest reconsidering this rhythm/pattern.
  3. 00:57:664 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) - Maybe flow somewhat like this? http://puu.sh/l4AmW.jpg | I feel like the (3) should be moved to the right instead of down.
  4. Kiai: no sliders? That concerns me a little. There are plenty of opportunities for them so it'd be great if the whole kiai wasn't just circles. Try adding some sliders where held vocals are like 01:08:331 (1) - or 01:04:775 (1) - which comes off a triple. You can take examples from earlier parts in the map where you use a good blend of circles and sliders.

Well.. Hopefully this is enough to get you going. Obviously Taeyang needs hitsounds before I can consider qualifying this, and maybe a few mods in Hard wouldn't hurt. Other then that, this isn't too far off from being ready. Good luck o/
Sorry for the delay!

00:10:553 (4,5) - Use better blanket in between?
00:47:664 (3) - Use just a single-tap instead? To create a stop similar likr 00:46:109
00:54:109 (1,2) - I'd recommend keep regulaar spacing here. Also at 01:25:220 (2,3) - . Since you didnt use jumps here and there in Hard diff, please keep DS all the time.

[Light Insane]
00:00:331 (2,3) - It sounds like a triplet works better here.
00:03:886 (2,3) - Same as above.
00:05:220 (3,4) - Keep same spacing with 00:01:664 (4,5) -
Actually one more thing is about spacing control in Kiai Time. The 1st part of your Kiai time uses a smaller spacing than the last part. It's better if you re-organize the placements of the notes and keep the spacing more stable.

00:00:109 (1) - Better to use single-tap here instead of 1/4 slider. http://puu.sh/l2Fkg/763c1f3fa2.jpg
00:02:553 (1) - http://puu.sh/l2Fn7/19999db7dc.jpg Take the slider into a note and a slider.
00:28:331 (4,5) - The rhythm here is even simple than Hard!

Good Luck!

[-AKiTOSHi-] wrote:

[Taeyang's Insane]
  1. uhm, no hitsounds? ;n;) fixed
  2. 00:01:664 (3,1) - Their tail stack was Nazi. Move 00:02:553 (1) - to x:227|y:126 fixed
  3. 00:28:775 (6,7,1) - Why not make them stream? I can hear the beat 00:28:998 - clearly NO 00:28:887 - here drum beat strong
  4. 01:28:553 (2) - blanket was off by a slight value
    Nice jumps tho

Rizen wrote:

[Taeyang's insane]
  1. Taeyang's insane -> Taeyang's Insane (Capitalise the "i" please) fixed
  2. 00:16:331 (6,7,8,9,1) - looks kinda messy, consider straightening this out for flow
  3. 00:32:109 (6,7,8,9) - I would advise against doing something like this as it is difficult to read. It is difficult to read because the circle and slider heads are the same distance apart, but are rhythmically different.
    i want this rhythm
  4. Imo, this diff has a lot of overmapped triples. Like, I can hear in the song that you can place a triple there, but you're not consistent with this. eg. there's a triple at 00:29:664 (3,4,5) - but there's no triple at 00:36:775 (3,4) - despite the song/tune basically being the same
    same rhythm not fun

Good luck--

Doyak wrote:

M4M...인가? 확답은 못 들은 거 같은데 일단 그런 걸로 하고
[불타는 인센]
* 하드하고 격차 좀 크지 않음? 물론 하드도 3연타 정도는 좀 쓰긴 했는데 인센은 거의 처음부터 끝까지 연타 도배에 심지어 1/8까지...
* 제가 말씀드렸지만 전 너무 치기 편해서 pp맵 되는 맵은 잼없음... 어째 꼬아놓은 패턴이 하나도 없노
* 00:28:442 - 이거 소리 안 살림? 00:27:998 - 여기처럼 너무 어려워 져서 뺏음
* 00:56:664 (1) - 00:56:609 - 여기도 소리 있는데 빼놓고 저기서부터 쓰는 건 음... ^

pp맵 패턴은 인간에게 있어 가장 깔끔한 패턴이라 잡을 거 없네요 ㅅㄱ

GimBab wrote:

modreq from PM

00:14:775 (5) - 이부분 안들리는데 빼시는게 좋을듯. 드럼 스냅이 안들리는거지
음은 있어서 ㄱㅊ다고 생각합니다.

00:32:109 (6, 7, 8, 9) - 그냥 서클2개 + 1/2 슬라이더로 3연타 만드시는게 좋아보여요.
readable 이랄까... 비트가 빠른노래도 아니고. 130대 브픔을 지닌 인세인에선 보기 드문 채보네요
00:39:220 (7, 8, 9, 10) - ^
01:25:220 (9, 10, 11) - ^
리듬 다잡아내고 싶어서 저렇게 했습니다.

00:35:220 (4) - 이런거어떰

00:42:109 (1) - delete nc 저게더 리딩하기 편해요 노래 전환점이기도하니 스팸 ㄱㅊ
01:03:664 (4, 5, 1, 2, 3) - 그냥 디스턴스 일정하게 맞춘 연타가 더 보기 깔끔할것 같습니다. 뉴콤도 빼야겠네요
01:17:887 (4, 5, 1, 2, 3) - ^
처음에 DS 맞춰서 했었는데 뉴콤도 지워봤고 근데 너무 어색하고 박자 맞추기 더 힘들어서 그냥 제가 가장 편한대로 박았습니다.

01:26:109 (1) - 전의 노트와 거리가 약간 먼듯합니다. 라스트 부분이니 살짝더 어려워져도 괜찮다고 생각합니다.

개인적으로 이 노래는 드럼보단 보컬에 흐름을 맡겨야 할것같다고 생각하는데 이 난이도는 노트의 6-70%가 드럼에 초점을 두고있군요.
드럼에만 집중하신 나머지 채보가 단조로워진것 같습니다.

E/N 못보는 바보라서 죄송함다..

iedesu wrote:

00:13:220 (1) - 슬라이더 이런 모양은? https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/3811843
확실히 두번 꺽는게 흐름이나 보기도 더 좋네요 굳~
00:17:664 (6) - 블랭킷...?
흐름 떄문에 그대로 놔둡니다.
00:28:775 (6,7) - 음이랑 안맞음. 3타 아닌가요?
00:28:887 - 여기 드럼이 강함
00:53:664 (7,8,9,10,1) - 00:52:998 (3,4,5) - 이랑 블랭킷좀
이미 잘맞는건 같은데? 약간 틀어졌을지도 모르겠는데 괜찮다고 생각
00:56:664 (1,2) - 간격이 너무 넓은듯?
키아이 직전이라 긴장감 주기위해서
00:57:553 (3,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3,4,5,6,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - 슬라이더가 하나도 없네요? 슬라이더 몇개만 넣어주시는건...?
일부러 저렇게 함
01:26:109 (1) - 01:25:887여기서 시작해야 됐어야 돼는듯? sv낮춰서 길이조정좀
드럼으론 저게 맞아요

Sangzin wrote:

M4M req

[Taeyang's Insane]

  • 00:00:109 (1,2,3) - 이슬라 듣기에 박자감이 좀 이상한 것 같으니 삭제하거나 단타로 해주세요.
    라이트 인센이랑 차이두기위해
    00:32:220 (7,8) - 여긴 그냥 리버스슬라 처리해도 괜찮을 거 같은데...
    제가 저걸더 선호합니다.
    00:39:331 (8,9) - ^
    01:03:886 (1) - 뉴콤 필요해보이진 않은 거 같은데..
    DS 변하니 리딩 편하라고
    01:03:664 (4,5,1) - 01:03:886 (1,2,3) - 이 연타 간격아랑 똑같이 해서 만들거나 스택?
    01:17:887 (4,5,1,2,3) - ^

스택을 좋아하는편이 아니라서 ㅁㄴㅇㄹ 백그라운드 적으로 저게 맞다고생각하기때문에 일단 저렇게 두겠습니다.

P A N wrote:

  1. 00:00:109 (1,2,3) - why use kick slider here, circles are really more fit with vocal, at least mute the body of slider and tail if you really want to use.
  2. 00:03:887 (3) - can spread to two circles, it will emphasis the strong beat at 00:04:109 better than tail of slider.
    i want slide
  3. your rhythm still inconsistent, you emphasis it with 00:16:331 (6,7,8,9,1) , 00:18:109 (7,8,9,10,1) but you miss many of it such as 00:34:109
  4. 01:15:220 (9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5,1,2,3) - these part suddenly have a big spacing which is very weird to play imo, like it's over spacing. I should move my mouse so hard while the music is so soft.
    there is KIAI time i think that's fine
  5. 01:22:331 (9,10,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4,5) - same case as this, I understand you increase the spacing because vocal is kinda stronger but, it's really not that strong. it's still too soft for that big spacing, weird to play. would be great if you reduce the spacing.
    here is last part so i used more DS

Kuki wrote:

[Taeyang's Insane]
00:00:331 (2) - I think this is super nice CTRL+G, and flows nicer too.
i removed lol
00:07:887 (1,2) - Keeping these as the same slider would look nicer aesthetics wise.
no i want that's
00:56:998 (2) - IMO this is nicer as a hitcircle, current slider doesn't look nice to me and I think it works nicer anyway.
that's fine to me

-Harpuia- wrote:

Hi! M4M

[Taeyang's Insane]
Sorry, I can only give a suggestion here. :? But I'm sure the diff. is fine.

01:04:775 - The objects here (until 01:22:331 - ) seem to be compressed to the left. Utilizing at least some parts east of the play area is better imo (Like at least near the middle of the right x-axis)
that's fine [/notice]
Good luck! :D

Kalindraz wrote:

Hii :D

Taeyang's Insane

  1. 00:46:331 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1) - listen carefully, has 3 consecutive hits, it would be better to put 3 1/4 sliders for emphasis
    Good diff. I think not need more mods because hinder the style mapper

i want this style

good luck can leave rank soon

HydroCannon13 wrote:

Hey, M4M mod :P

  • - 00:31:220 (2) - Change to circles, because the slider starts on a tick that is less prominent than the one it ends on.
    - 01:28:553 (2) - Turn the volume down on the end of this, like I said in the other diffs' spinners
    ok i will use 30% but didn't add spiner

Very nice map, good luck ranking! :D

Fast wrote:

1:1 req

  1. 힛사, 어디..?


good Luck
ㅇㅇ 다고침
힛사랑같이 푸시로 올릴게요
랜턴이 잡은 메타데이터,줴네랄 등등 고치시고 저 부르세요

Edited the last of my mod in. Just posting here so you get an e-mail/don't miss it.

Lanturn wrote:

RArtist: Yui Horie (All of her CDs and Official website have her Romanized name as Given Family)
What about https://osu.ppy.sh/s/342603 this?
Idk. The QATs were DQing stuff awhile ago because of name order, but it's possible they might not be doing it anymore. which in that case is good. :3
Actually I feel really weird to see their name in order of Given Family since we Koreans don't read them like that as well. Also what I really don't like is that this 'official' rule thing makes big inconsistency on the artist's name and is pretty vague since those 'official' site can consist of various pages(official website / album site etc.), where they still could use different order than others. AND it really bothers mappers who are aiming for rank.

EDIT: and if I should have applied that rule on my Orange map, there may even be inconsistency between the 3 artists lol

EDIT2: lol I just saw you changed your profile picture xD
Topic Starter

Doyak wrote:

Actually I feel really weird to see their name in order of Given Family since we Koreans don't read them like that as well. Also what I really don't like is that this 'official' rule thing makes big inconsistency on the artist's name and is pretty vague since those 'official' site can consist of various pages(official website / album site etc.), where they still could use different order than others. AND it really bothers mappers who are aiming for rank.

EDIT: and if I should have applied that rule on my Orange map, there may even be inconsistency between the 3 artists lol

EDIT2: lol I just saw you changed your profile picture xD
여기서 욕하시면 안됩니다(??????)
욕은 안 했습니다. 불만사항을 이야기했을 뿐(?)
Topic Starter

Doyak wrote:

욕은 안 했습니다. 불만사항을 이야기했을 뿐(?)
Topic Starter

Doyak wrote:


Topic Starter

Doyak wrote:


네 놀아주떼염><
답장 왔소

Topic Starter

Doyak wrote:

답장 왔소

그럼 저랑 놀아주떼여
Topic Starter

Doyak wrote:

아침바람 찬바람에
울고가는 저 기러기
영어 몰라서 모딩못고침 ㅅㄱ

Line- wrote:

korean air project ~

Neoskylove님 맵셋만 일단 해드릴게요..(사실 다른건 잡을게 없음..)

  • Light Insane

  1. 00:03:664 (1,2,3) - 하드에 비해서 디스턴스가 좁은것도 있는데 차라리 다른패턴으로 채워보시는건?(앞뒤부분도 마찬가지로)
  2. 00:05:220 (3,4) - 00:01:664 (4,5) - 뒷부분 노트들도 얘네들처럼 디스턴스 넓혀주세요. 아니면 맨앞부분을 줄이셔도되고..
  3. 00:42:553 (5,6,7) - 보컬을 따라간거면 상관없지만 드럼을 따라가신거라면 박자8개로 바꿔주시는것도 좋을듯. 배경에 타악기소리가 명확하게 들려서 버리긴 아까운거같아요..
  4. 00:48:775 (1,2) - 의도하신게 아니더라도 이런부분은 블랭킷으로 모양잡아주시는게 더 보기좋아요.
  5. 00:50:998 (2,3) - 요런부분도 어프로치서클이 슬라이더 양면에 다 닿도록 배치해주시면 좋을거같아요.
  6. 00:51:220 (3,4) -
  7. 00:52:331 (1) - 곡선 조금만 풀어주세요..
  8. 00:53:220 (4,5) -
  9. 00:58:775 (4,5,6) - 정삼각형으로 맞춰주세요.
  10. 01:11:887 (1,3) - 1번 머리가 3번 중심쪽에 오도록(블랭킷을)맞춰주세요. 가급적이면 3번도 대칭되게 만드셔서 하시면 더 이쁠거같네요.
  11. 01:13:664 (1,2,3) -


  12. 00:02:109 (4) - 보컬음이 아래에서 위로 올라가는 형식이라 슬라이더 상하반전해서 모양잡아주시면 좋을거같아요.
  13. 00:02:553 (1,2) - 블랭킷 살짝 틀어졌는데 2번슬라이더 점을 좀 더 찍어서 어프로치서클이 슬라외부선에 맞게끔 조절해주시면 될거같아요.
  14. 00:16:109 (3,2) - 2번슬라이더 각도를 살짝 밑쪽으로 틀어주시는걸로 오버랩을 피해주세요.
  15. 00:16:998 (2,4) - 이런건 모양 통일해주시는것도 좋을듯
  16. 00:18:553 (1,2) - 1자로 맞춰주시는것도..?
  17. 00:20:553 (2) - 첫번째 사항과 같은 이유로 상하반전으로 모양잡아주시면 슬라끝부분이 4번 아슬아슬한 오버랩도 피하면서 모양도 잘나오는거같아요.
  18. 00:24:775 (3,4) - 살짝 블랭킷 틀어졌어요.
  19. 00:30:331 (4,5) - 마찬가지.
  20. 00:49:442 (3,4) - 이런것들도 4번을 3번끝슬라 중심으로 다듬어주시면 이쁠거같아요.
  21. 00:52:553 (2,3) - 갑자기 박자가 비어서 어색한면이 없지않아 느껴지는듯.
  22. 개인적인 의견으론 01:13:664 (1) - 이런 슬라보단 01:15:442 (1) - 이런 슬라가 모양이 더 이쁜거같아요. 좀 꾸부정한 슬라들이 많이 보여서 드리는 개인적인 의견입니다 ~

군데군데 힛사가 비어있는거같은데 다시한번 사아악 둘러봐주시는것도 좋을거같아요.

그리고 맵셋 전체적으로 01:11:887 (1) - 이부분에 키아이 새롭게 추가하면 더 좋을거같아요. 플레이하면서 좀 허전한 느낌도 약간 느꼈네요.

도움이 되시길.
이거 답변은 어디감 바로밑에 패스트님껀 리플 달아놓고
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