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ReFaller wrote:

MadHypnofrog wrote:

random mod cause RANK THIS ALREADY

00:11:213 (2,3) - imperfect blanket it's perfect, checked 1000 times (even with approach circle)
00:11:919 (3,1) - and then stack those impossible, because of not enough time to disappear
00:52:772 (4,5) - the gap in time between those feels awkward listen kick drums :)
02:42:624 (2,3) - space those pls
02:39:095 (4,5) - stack those two like you did earlier i did something another, i just fixed the spacing
02:44:036 (2,3) - ^^ they are stacked, idk what is problem XD
02:44:742 (5,6) - ^^ The same situation on tect like here 02:39:095 (4,5)
03:44:036 (10,11) - these two can be jumps IMO i don't really agree with this, but i got an idea, i did a diamond pattern which will empasize this moment
03:57:095 (1) - uhhhh k but I'd not do this cause you're missing two parts of vocals cause of this one because of break after my spinner

gl in ranking this!
Oto supdatowane GD. Wybierz właściwą odpowiedź:
A: http://puu.sh/okUyr/bcb03784d7.osu
B: http://puu.sh/okUyr/bcb03784d7.osu
C: http://puu.sh/okUyr/bcb03784d7.osu
FRANKFURT: http://puu.sh/okUyr/bcb03784d7.osu
00:11:213 (2,3) - are you even trying? this is not perfect at all :<
02:44:036 (2,3) - I meant 'space this as well as 02:42:624 (2,3)' LOL but w/e
00:11:742 (2,3) - So, what you are explain that? This is without touching, just closer on timeline for show your wrong.

ReFaller wrote:

00:11:742 (2,3) - So, what you are explain that? This is without touching, just closer on timeline for show your wrong.
dude my pic shows that this blanket is not even close to being perfect
even on your pic I can see that the gap between the approach circle and the slider itself varies (e.g. the very top of the circle and the very bottom have two different gaps, y'know, this isn't good)
00:11:742 (2,3) - Pffff... you changed their order by ctrl+g. This blanket is wrong, because my pic shows when slider (3) is stacked with the next circle, so i set the circle (2) in such way to make blanket perfect. In other words, you didn't pay attention for fact the slider (3) is already stacked.



Okoratu wrote:

The Eight Sin difficulty is actually pretty nice, I might drop off some comments after you answered Meyrick
Reminder to not be a lazy fuck
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Okorin wrote:

Okoratu wrote:

The Eight Sin difficulty is actually pretty nice, I might drop off some comments after you answered Meyrick
Reminder to not be a lazy fuck
Welcome back!
Sry i will keep this shorter
hahaha the mp3 name and then the mp3 has fx sound in it

[general areas to work on]

first off:
soft-hitnormal and soft-hitnormal2 are completely muted samples, as you may know.
this is unacceptable because the meaning of hit-sounds is that you first hit something to hear a sound, muting a sample that you click on goes against all reason of hitsounding.
Basically places where you click, HAVE to privide AUDIBLE feedback because everything else would go against common sense. I recommend replacing these or just deleting them from your set of samples

ok other stuff:
the soft-hitclap that you use in the vocal only sections is really annoying to me mainly because it's so damn loud and sticks out a lot finding something less loud as a replacement would be cooler
The sliderticks in the vocal only sections are louder than literally any other hitsound and that's really distracting, you should use a sample which is less loud and thus sticks out less to normalize your gameplay experience
00:34:154 - the samples used on this stuff just don't fit any instrument in the song im wondering why you did that :S
00:59:213 - changing completely to a normal sampleset sounds really spammy, i would limit the normal sampleset usage to every 1/1 and use soft on the sliderends etc, if you like this you can do this by selecting sliderends and using crtl+shift+e to change that
02:42:271 - this clackclackclack part is pretty noisy considering the actual song :s

[eight sin]
first breaktime is snapped weirdly like http://puu.sh/oqJfQ/aaa088d248.jpg is this intentional ?
00:03:448 (1) - this slider is bezier and i don't know if you intended that, if you don't know what that is just ask
00:52:154 (1) - 02:24:448 (4,1) - and the others like that, i think it's easier to aim if you have to go equal speed through things like 02:24:272 (3,4) - into the stream. meaning that 02:24:272 (3,4) - require more movement than 02:24:448 (4,1) - so the beginning of the stream starts by stopping your cursor, i think it'd play more smoothly if movement between 02:23:919 (1,2,3,4,1) - was normalised to the same amount of space
02:35:566 (2,4) - should have special focus especially considering it's in the kiai, but sadly your symmetrical style can't do much with these so i recommend changing the sliders before to either circles or have them have different SV or something?
03:03:095 (1) - why combo
03:33:095 - this is a bit bland to just continue the stream uh can't you do something involvin jumps with 1/4 sliders or something
01:48:272 (1) - id like to click red tick how about 2 1/4 sliders
01:58:507 (1,2,3,4) - could use more space to have more energy

the black file that you put over the bg is not necessary, can save you 1.33x load or a whole fullscreen image.
you can just can do the following:
Sprite,Background,Centre,"maxresdefault (1).jpg",320,240
Sprite,Background,Centre,"maxresdefault (1).jpg",320,240
this will create an object that overwrites your bg and then the bg as a 2nd object that you can modify as you please. so instead of scaling a black file up in front of it you will just scale it down on the by default black editor bg
is letterboxing in breaks intentional as it cuts off part of your sb :/
02:35:213 - the leaves that come up here along with other shapes don't really seem to fit the atmosphere of your song, they seem to natural in something so artifical, how about searching for some other image for it ?
02:47:918 - the rotating star in the middle seems to be heavily upscaled, you should get a bigger star to rotate tehre to have an actually sharp image
03:20:742 - around here when the bgs transition into each other, the new one that is fully visible at 03:22:154 - is further up than the one that faded out, if you pay attention the characters are moving upwards wit hthis and im not sure if you wanted a smooth transition
04:14:036 - fading the lyrics and everything (if possible) down on every echo would be cooollll
like 04:15:448 - 04:16:860 - 04:18:271 - going darker step by step instead of just once in the end :D
why is the green stuff turning white in the very end o:

If i see your opinions on these i might mod the rest but my time is pretty limited, I did this because i think this map is cool
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That's a lot of things to do as I expected.

7 months ago I though that this slider - stream connection was a good idea. To be honest, I was a bit lazy to change it but at the end I will have to do this.
Unfortunately I've lost my code file since this storyboard was made in SGL Editor and I switched to java long time ago. So I will have to create it all over again and maybe I will make a full storyboard and it may take some time.

As for now, im moving this map to WIP since there are similar issues on other diffs (gosh, old mapsets are the pain!)

Thanks for the mod. I will take your suggestions into account while fixing the mapset
I wish you good luck, if you have any questions, feel free to hit me up ingame :D/
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