Suzumu - isolation(Instrumental Opening)

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Mapset looks really really fine overall!

Good luck! ~
21:23 Kyubey: oko oko oko oko
21:24 Okoratu: o
21:24 Kyubey: mind checking my bubbled map now?
21:24 Okoratu: i was supposed to bubble it
21:24 Okoratu: wait
21:24 Kyubey: 1:10 draintime only
21:24 Kyubey: yep
21:24 Okoratu: no that's not what i thought i'd be doing
21:24 Kyubey: qualifying is easy now
21:25 Kyubey: soooo do you mind?
21:26 Kyubey: yay you don't <3
21:27 Okoratu: so
21:27 Okoratu: why exactly
21:27 Okoratu: is the highest diffname
21:27 Okoratu: another song
21:27 Okoratu: and not the same song
21:27 Okoratu: or something
21:27 Okoratu: related
21:27 Okoratu: to it
21:28 Okoratu: other than 'its on the same album'
21:28 Kyubey: because i can :V
21:29 Kyubey: and i was lazy to thing about other versions
21:29 Kyubey: and i like how does youthful look
21:29 Okoratu: can't you
21:29 Okoratu: be
21:29 Okoratu: less lazy
21:29 Kyubey: but mostly because i can
21:30 Kyubey: :((((
21:30 Kyubey: i don't waaaaaannt to change it
21:30 Kyubey: it's still "related"
21:30 Kyubey: and i really like how does it look
21:31 Okoratu: it's only semi related but whatsoever
21:32 Kyubey: sometimes people use non-related diffnames
21:32 Kyubey: thats ok
21:41 Okoratu: why is spread like
21:42 Okoratu: Easy-----Normal--Hard--Insane
21:43 Kyubey: is it? for me it looks balanced and i made normal a little harder to make same gaps between e-n and n-h
21:43 Okoratu: i thought normal is like super dense in comparison to easy
21:45 Kyubey: most notes are with sliders
21:45 Kyubey: that should be easier to click
21:45 Kyubey: and few moments with two notes after/before sliderr
21:46 Kyubey: i can delete few if you want
21:50 Okoratu: i think 00:30:553 (5) - 00:41:847 (5) - etc are better off deleted
21:51 Kyubey: i was about to link them with "i can delete them" words...
21:51 Okoratu: that are about the only ones that are easy to delete without completly fucking everything
21:51 Okoratu: :'D
21:51 Kyubey: 00:53:142 (5) - this one too
21:52 Okoratu: i said etc so yes i meant that one but was too lazy to link
21:52 Kyubey: deleted
21:53 Kyubey: lost 0.07 diff
21:53 Okoratu: 00:38:494 (1,2,3,4) - this arrangement looks hella lazy imo
21:53 Okoratu: like visually
21:53 Kyubey:
21:54 Kyubey: i suck at mapping easies though
21:55 Kyubey: normals*
21:55 Okoratu: sth like could probably look better idk lol
21:56 Kyubey: it looks kinda same imo
21:56 Kyubey: i'll change as i showed
21:56 Kyubey: so stylish
21:56 Okoratu: except 00:39:906 (4,5,1) - doesn't go back and forth that way on an more or less odd angle
21:56 Okoratu: lol
21:56 Kyubey: russian mappinng spirit
21:57 Okoratu: kyubey mapping spirit
21:57 Okoratu: 01:00:377 (4,1,2) - could u make the gap between those objects more obv like
21:58 Kyubey: i like that flow
21:58 Kyubey: sure
21:58 Okoratu: nice arrow
21:58 Okoratu: starting in air
21:58 Okoratu: XD
21:59 Kyubey:
21:59 Okoratu: 00:33:024 (1,2) - y are you only doing this kind of thing once
21:59 Okoratu: 00:55:612 (3,1,2,3,1,2) - why not again here or something
22:00 Kyubey: hm
22:00 Okoratu: or on any other pattern
22:00 Kyubey: you're right
22:00 Okoratu: so that you alternate spaced and non spaced double thing
22:00 Kyubey: that was a mistake
22:00 Okoratu: that would be cool
22:01 Kyubey: nice catch!
22:03 Okoratu: idk if it's because i moved stuff around but the way stuff stacks seems a bit inconsistent throughout
22:03 Okoratu: in general
22:04 Okoratu: other than that it's probably k
22:04 Kyubey: variety!
22:04 Okoratu: nah i meant that your variety seems inconsistent l o l
22:05 Kyubey: i tried hard!
22:05 Okoratu: i'm not lazy! xd
22:05 Kyubey: tss
22:05 Okoratu: don't kill mapper spirit
22:05 Kyubey: i just suck at normals
22:05 Kyubey: I agree!
22:06 Kyubey: tell me other diffs are ok and we'll qualify this shit
22:06 Okoratu: 00:23:866 (1,1) - is probably not ok in hard
22:06 Okoratu: and youknowwhy
22:06 Kyubey: why
22:06 Kyubey: i don't?
22:06 Okoratu: the only thing that could be wrong between spinner and that circle is
22:06 Okoratu: recovery time
22:07 Kyubey: it's enough????
22:07 Okoratu: 1/2 is enough for insanes imo
22:07 Kyubey: man look at bpm
22:07 Okoratu: 170
22:07 Okoratu: 1/2
22:07 Okoratu: no.
22:08 Kyubey: 85.5 1/2
22:08 Okoratu: that's
22:08 Okoratu:
22:08 Okoratu: 170
22:08 Okoratu: 1/2
22:08 Okoratu: it's 85.5 1/4
22:08 Okoratu: it's no.
22:09 Kyubey: why does it look like you look at insane
22:09 Okoratu: cuz i have
22:09 *Okoratu is editing [ Suzumu - isolation(inst) [Seikatu's Hard]]
22:09 Okoratu: fuk
22:09 Okoratu: LOL
22:09 Kyubey: oh lol
22:09 Kyubey: not updated
22:10 Okoratu: gg
22:10 Kyubey: well don't worry your normal modding was still useful
22:10 Kyubey: :D
22:10 Okoratu: xDDD
22:12 Kyubey: (btw that recovery time was still enough for hard if that note is near to centre)
22:12 Okoratu: it would still have been stupid
22:12 Kyubey: yep
22:12 Okoratu: like not everyone who plays hard spins small circles yet
22:12 Okoratu: so even the centre argument is wobbly
22:13 Kyubey: but with slider after spinner it could be totally ok
22:13 Okoratu: ya
22:13 Kyubey: because it's much easier to catch a slider
22:13 Okoratu: am i stupid or is the normal-hitwhistle usage kinda randomly inconsistent throughout
22:14 Okoratu: ... elvis pls or oko pls
22:14 Kyubey: russian hitsounding
22:14 Okoratu: aAaAaaaaAa
22:14 Okoratu: russian s e t
22:14 Kyubey: yes!
22:17 Kyubey: azer wanted to make a gd
22:17 Kyubey: but he gave up "i suck at mapping this"
22:17 Okoratu: and i thought you told him off with
22:17 Okoratu: no ur not russian
22:17 Okoratu: enough
22:17 Okoratu: for this set
22:17 Okoratu: or something
22:17 Okoratu: LOL
22:18 Kyubey: :D
22:18 Kyubey: not really
22:18 Kyubey: but that sounds legit
22:18 Kyubey: most of my sets are russiann
22:18 Kyubey: because it's easier to contact them
22:19 Kyubey: how2fc
22:19 Okoratu: not that it matters but in comparison to 00:11:830 (2,3) - 00:19:428 (1,2) - could use more spacing XD
22:20 Kyubey: wow you're right!!!!
22:20 Kyubey: how could i miss that!!
22:20 Okoratu: !!!
22:20 Okoratu: my ocd is srssss
22:21 Kyubey: lol you should map with ds then
22:21 Kyubey: and disabled grid snap
22:21 Okoratu: nah
22:21 Okoratu: i can't do patterns that way (^:
22:21 Kyubey: patterns vs ocd
22:23 Okoratu: wouldn't it look better if 00:31:965 (3,1) - these ncs were swapped
22:23 Okoratu: for this and similar patterns ???
22:23 Kyubey: i wonder how could i miss that too
22:24 Okoratu: 01:00:377 (1,2,3,4) - sounds more intense, spacing is smaller
22:24 Okoratu: y
22:24 Kyubey: similar patterns are NCed not on music but on patterning
22:24 Kyubey: thats russian mappinn
22:24 Okoratu: you explain way too much with mapping spirit XD
22:25 Kyubey: but thats true!
22:26 Okoratu: so yes the same applies to the other patterns like that as well ofc
22:26 Okoratu: uhh
22:27 Okoratu: just
22:27 Okoratu: a general question
22:27 Kyubey: oke i will change things in next pattern too
22:27 Kyubey: RUSSIAN
22:27 Kyubey: MAPPING
22:27 Okoratu: why is the last spinner not ending on 01:18:553 -
22:27 Okoratu: that would make... more sense?
22:27 Kyubey: thats russian spinning.
22:28 Okoratu: dude ple a s e
22:28 Kyubey: well it doesn't really change much so i can cut it
22:28 Okoratu: xDDD
22:28 Kyubey: but imo sound stops on white tick
22:28 Okoratu: but the stronger thing is on red tick before isn't it lol
22:29 Kyubey: but white one is totally end
22:29 Okoratu: whatever do what you want to
22:29 Okoratu: LOL
22:29 Kyubey: ok moved back on white one
22:30 Okoratu: this irc mod is so funny
22:30 Kyubey: needs some meme pics
22:30 Kyubey: should i update?
22:31 Okoratu: give metadata xd
22:31 Okoratu: and yes
22:31 Kyubey: p/4547715
22:31 Kyubey:
22:31 Kyubey:
22:32 Kyubey: suzumu suzumu suzumu
22:33 Kyubey: updated
22:37 Okoratu: do you think 00:43:083 (7) - has enough time to be read correctly on ryuu's diff
22:38 Kyubey: i can increase ar
22:38 Okoratu: is she fine with changing stats
22:38 Kyubey: she is
22:38 Okoratu: ar 2.5 wouldn't hurt
22:38 Okoratu: i guess
22:38 Kyubey: i can 3
22:38 Kyubey: or 2.5
22:39 Okoratu: 3 is also ok i guess
22:39 Okoratu: you could also go 5 or something like that on normal
22:39 Kyubey: already did
22:39 Okoratu: or 5.3 if you want to be as hipster as seikatu
22:40 Okoratu: who's at 7.7 xd
22:40 Kyubey: i can go 5.24 but i don't think someone will accept that
22:40 Kyubey: so 5.2 is ok
22:41 Kyubey: update?
22:42 Kyubey: probably i could add elvis to the tags
22:42 Kyubey: but not sure
22:43 Kyubey: ok i'll add
22:43 Okoratu: im in tags on
22:43 Okoratu: for hitsounding it
22:44 Kyubey: oke
22:44 Kyubey: added
22:44 Kyubey: update???????
22:44 Okoratu: update
22:44 Okoratu: ill have dinner now tho
22:44 Kyubey: don't dare you
22:44 Kyubey: qualify first
22:44 Kyubey: updatd
22:45 Okoratu: hmm
22:45 Okoratu: do you think od 6.4 is high for a hard
22:45 Okoratu: idk
22:46 Okoratu: i don't have problems with od being high and stuff
22:46 Okoratu: i kinda want higher od on ~youthful~ as well but uhh
22:46 Kyubey: with current meta it shouldn't be a problem
22:46 Okoratu: idk ;;
22:46 Okoratu: ;;;
22:46 Kyubey: i wanted to go 7 there
22:47 Kyubey: but meta
22:47 Okoratu: i go 7.5 on my slow sets as you know xd
22:47 Okoratu: but uuhh i can accept that i guess
22:47 Kyubey: meta :(
22:47 Okoratu: and i will eat while looking though everything again
22:47 Kyubey: oh that
22:49 Kyubey: will go make some tea then
22:53 Okoratu: could
22:54 Okoratu: soft-hitwhistle [ be less focused on] [ one ear only]
23:00 Kyubey: i'm here
23:01 Kyubey: lol
23:01 Kyubey: yeah wait
23:01 Okoratu: fix
23:01 Okoratu: ur
23:01 Okoratu: soft-sliderslides
23:02 Okoratu: they have a muted audio layer
23:02 Okoratu: instead of the blank file.
23:02 Kyubey: whats wrong with them
23:02 Kyubey: huh
23:02 Kyubey: wow
23:02 Okoratu: take the blank.wav from the rc and slap it there \:D/
23:03 Kyubey: yeah i knonw
23:03 Kyubey: just want to look at album's PV first
23:03 Okoratu: and preferably make soft-hitwhistle mono with the stronger thing to make the same sound go out on both ears
23:03 Kyubey: probably my meta is wrong
23:05 Kyubey: ok no, PV shows Instrumental Opening too
23:06 Kyubey: but probably i should add a space?
23:07 Okoratu: idk
23:07 Okoratu: it's in to lines
23:08 Okoratu: so that doesn't make me any smarter in that regard
23:08 Okoratu: i'd go with the thing that you can copy paste from an official site
23:08 Kyubey: ok then
23:11 Kyubey: fixed hs
23:11 Kyubey: update?
23:12 Kyubey: ok update
23:14 Kyubey: updated
23:16 Kyubey: new update — found more problems???
23:23 Okoratu: nah
23:23 Okoratu: i think i can post log now
What we changed
  1. Diffstats (AR) on Normal and Easy
  2. Removed a few circles from normal in order to give a few more rest moments (~spread~) as well as uhh several other small things like stacking
  3. We had an in depth discussion on mapper spirit
  4. We changed a few combos on youthful
  5. made soft-hitwhistle not focused on just one ear
  6. replaced the sliderslides and spinnerbonus with rankable files (the ones in the folder were 62 bytes and had an audio layer instead of being blank)
  7. We also tagged elvis

cool set. doing this as 2 posts so this one can get kd lol
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Gave some Russian kudosu.
at first i thought my internet died and I would meet the same fate as Sieg but then it came back so i can post a thing
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Thank you guys!

and Okoratu.
Timing stuff. Working with QB now.
Thanks Aka for asking me if I'm deaf~
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We changed some timing with Garven's help.
Seikatu, I snapped things in your Hard, so don't worry, you don't have to do anything.
ryuu, we have to not change things with new timing, and that's why:

For everyone, who can wonder about offbeat things in Easy and unsnap in Insane: read our with Garven logs first, and you'll find why I have to keep things like that (though slider in Insane isn't unsnapped technically, it's end just snapped to another redline).
01:50 Kyubey: trying to start a 1/16 slider earlier than last line before spinner, but it doesn't want to snap correctly :(
01:51 Garven: Set a red line where you want it to snap
01:51 Garven: That should help
01:58 Kyubey: additional redline won't cause anything in that way, right?
01:59 Garven: It shouldn't cause errors, no
01:59 Garven: You're just trying to snap it anyway - you can remove the red line and the note should remain snapped
02:04 Kyubey: hm, when i delete the line it says it's unsnapped so i'll keep it then
02:04 Garven: Weird
02:04 Garven: Can you send me the .osu and I'll mess with it
02:04 Kyubey:
02:06 Garven: I'm not getting an unsnapped error
02:06 Garven: At least not in AIMod
02:07 Kyubey: strange
02:07 Garven: Oh, I'm in cutting edge though
02:07 Garven: Let me try in stable
02:08 Kyubey: try to make that slider with a line and send me .osu
02:08 Kyubey: probably i did something wrong
02:08 Garven: uh
02:08 Garven: can you /np again?
02:09 *Kyubey is editing [ Suzumu - isolation(Instrumental Opening) [youthful]]
02:09 Garven: Yeah, still no AIMod error
02:09 Garven: And this is from the .osu you sent to me
02:09 Kyubey: did you delete the redline?
02:11 Garven: Oh, it's because however you ended up snapping that, it wasn't snapped correctly
02:11 Garven: When I delete the timing lines, it's obviously off.
02:12 Kyubey: i don't know how to add a line that won't make it off and will let me end slider on next redline
02:12 Garven: Oh, is that all you're doing?
02:12 Garven: Give me a sec
02:15 Garven:
02:15 Garven: Damnit
02:15 Kyubey: rip unicode
02:15 Garven: Skip the metadata stuff
02:16 Kyubey: object end is not snapped
02:16 Kyubey: D:
02:17 Garven: Because I edited osu code
02:17 Garven: On the timing line the slider originates, it's not snapped
02:17 Garven: but on the line that it's crossing into, it is snapped
02:17 Garven: Automated tools are looking at the timing line the object originated in, so they throw the error
02:18 Kyubey: so thats same thing to grumd's map that was ranked with aimod unsnap too?
02:18 Garven: Um, sure?
02:18 Garven: I don't know what happened there.
02:18 Garven: This is just me fucking around with code q:
02:18 Kyubey:
02:19 Garven: Well
02:19 Garven: his is slightly different, but it's the same concept
02:19 Kyubey: great
02:19 Garven: The code that checks for errors is throwing a false positive
02:19 Kyubey: i'll have to mention that in the thread anyway i guess
02:19 Garven: And even if it is unsnapped, it's by such a degree that a human ear won't be able to tell
02:20 Kyubey: otherwise some QAT can miss its
02:20 Kyubey: -s
02:20 Garven: Most likely. It's a fairly technical thing that I'm sure not many know about
02:25 Kyubey: how to snap things in easy? sliders from one line to another
02:25 Garven: Okay, let me dive in again
02:25 Garven: Ugh
02:26 Kyubey:
02:27 Garven: Eh
02:27 Garven: Honestly it sounds fine where it's ending now
02:27 Garven: Considering there's no clickable object afterward, it's not going to throw anyone off
02:27 Kyubey: 00:21:548 (3) - but whats about this one?
02:29 Kyubey: 00:22:932 (4) - i'll make it longer, it will be "unsnapped" but will be really close to original sound, is that ok?
02:29 Kyubey: like this
02:30 Garven: Eh, you get the tick sound too and it sounds really awkward
02:30 Garven: Ugh, the problems with doing timing this late in the mapping process
02:30 Garven: are problems like this hehe
02:31 Garven: So we're in a bit of a pickle here
02:31 Garven: Where the slider starts is the source of the problem, since that's what is calculating the slider length
02:31 Garven: It's unsnapped from the next line, but we can't change the first one to make it average out since you used circles in other maps in the set
02:31 Garven: and they've be way off and kill accuracy
02:32 Garven: We can just throw this under the same thing with the previous slider
02:32 Garven: Or rather, the slider after this one
02:32 Garven: And just say it sounds good enough, and it's not affectinge gameplay
02:33 Kyubey: can you do that and send to me? i'm afraid to make something wrong
02:34 Garven: I don't want to extend this one due to the tick
02:34 Garven: It will make it obviously off
02:34 Garven: I think if we just leave it be, it should be fine.
02:35 Kyubey: okee, i'll mention that in the thread too then
02:36 Kyubey: (or better will post logs)

Also, Garven was wondering about why ryuu decided to finish some sliders on the red ticks, and we will wait for ryuu's messages (or changes) with her point about these sliders first.
I'd recommend offset 2480 for the first line.

EDIT: Also for 00:23:691 - try with 23721 instead.
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I probably forgot to update timing yesterday, but thank you! First one sounds better, but I don't understand second one, what do you mean.
And now I will have to wait for Seikatu, because something got unsnapped and better to remap it.
this sliders with end on red ticks sounds just perfect to me. and before sieg's mod i had a few sliders on next red ticks (00:29:495 - , 00:40:789 -, etc.). because i followed this background rhythm of piano or whatsthatsound. but it was hard for begginers ._. so i removed them.
and i can't followed all what i want, because it's an easy diff. (as you said)
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Seikatu allowed me to remap that little thing for him, seems like we are ready now!
Kyubey, the second thing I said is an offset as well. As you can see, there is a red line in that spot, but it sounds completely off. Try moving it to the offset I said above.
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Hmm, probably you're talking about 00:23:709 - this line, not sure, why is your timestamp different. To be honest, I don't agree with that one, current one sounds totally fine for me and doesn't require any changes.
though even with your change it sounds almost same and I don't see any point to change it because literally nothing gets affected with that change, piano sound is kinda indistinct and changes are not noticeable during gameplay

ryuu wrote:

this sliders with end on red ticks sounds just perfect to me. and before sieg's mod i had a few sliders on next red ticks (00:29:495 - , 00:40:789 -, etc.). because i followed this background rhythm of piano or whatsthatsound. but it was hard for begginers ._. so i removed them.
and i can't followed all what i want, because it's an easy diff. (as you said)
You see, the thing is that your original rhythm would work great in terms of representing what you wanted to follow, but if you delete that element after the red tick it comes up empty and makes it much harder to discern what you're following. I highly suggest that you rethink this part. Easy difficulties are riddled with compromises due to the restrictions to rhythm for ease of readability unfortunately, and this is just one of many.

I'll check the rest later as I can.


00:34:965 (1,2,3) - This part feels so empty due to the whistle instead of the clap. It's a heavy sustain - having weaker hitsounds diminishes this effect and takes away from the experience.
00:46:259 (1,2,3) - ^

Kind of the same sentiment as the Hard. It was also strange that you mapped the spacing differently between both of those sections. I'd prefer it to be consistent since it's the same music.
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Changed hitsounds. About spacing: yes, it's kinda inconsistent in some parts, but honestly I don't want to change it, I'm satisfied with how does it look now, and it brings some variety to the map.

Now waiting for ryuu.

EDIT: She changed sliders.
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Thank you!
[ryuu's diff]
00:21:548 (3) - if you want this to snap to the red line in the back properly then use
00:22:932 (4) - same

00:23:709 (3) -
seems to make this 1ms longer, but maybe that isnt intended thought i don't see how else this is going to work
or we just live with aimod bitching about 1ms not snapped sliderend

tell me what you decide to do about these
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Not going to change sliders in Easy because snapping them adds useless tick (that's mentioned in logs with Garven), but changed slider in youthful with your code to avoid that AiMod stuff.
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