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[ Nexus ]

투명화했습니다! 새해 복 많이 받으세요:)

i'm sorry, but i can't make the same user page request for someone else. (I do not speak English well ,sorry)Link
- K e n -
Nexus you are the best <3
• Request to : Nexus
• Banner type : User Page
• Text : HardL1ne's UserPage
• Border : Yes
• Border Color : It's up to you
• Animated : Yes, if it possible
• Size : 623x193
• Image Link :
• Extra : Beautiful effects , please
[- LenoxHD -]
Request to : Nexus
Text : Y (Lenox)
Border : Y
Border Type : Round
Size : 250x250
Image Link: ... 3680832a9c
Extra: Something that would fit the picture

Req to: Nexus
Type: Beatmap banner
Img:G Senjou no Cinderella
Border: no
Img size: two sizes please, one is for the userpage banner size and one more is 421x125
Text: Matsuura Kanan (green colour, for the blue hair). Kurosawa Dia (Red colour, for the dark hair), Ohara Mari (Purple Colour, for the blonde), G Senjou no Cinderella
Gif: yeah (just don't make it too complicated, simple is better)
Extras: I trust in you :v
Hi :3

Request to : Nexus
Text : Y ( Sora for the boy And Virtue for the girl )
Border : N
Border Type :
Size : 128x128 both
Image Link : ... 516914.jpg
Extra : umm.. its a collab avatar... i will leave it up to you =w=)b

Thank you so much xD
Request to : Nari
Banner Type : Twitch Overlay
Text : Y - Vax
Size : Steam resolution is 1080
Main Color : Green or Light Blue (whatever works best)
Image Link : Anything Cute Lol
Extra : My osu resolution is 1920x1080 (borderless)
Thanks a ton c:
Request to : Nexus
Banner Type : Signature
Text : Y - "Remember, everything is accessible. You just have to wait for it." - TheMadCharles
Border : Y - Solid Line
Border Color : Red, transparent
Animated : N
Size : 705x146
Image Link : HERE, blurred please
Extra : Use This render at the left side
Request to : Nexus
Banner Type : User Page
Text : young forever
Border : idk
Animated : text not animated (put the text at bottom middle)
Size : keep same size thank you
Image Link:

(if you can)
Request to : Nexus
Banner Type : UserPage
Text : erik
Image Link:
[ Nexus ]
[- LenoxHD -]
Thanks alot Nexus, i'll be using that tomorrow morning
wow Thank you so much owo

Edit: i will start using it on friday <3
i will just wait for my friend...

[ Nexus ] wrote:

it looks better than what i think, thanks
Request to : Konoha Nexus
Banner Type :Signature
Text : Y (at Extra)
Border : N
Border Color :
Animated : N
Size : 650x150
Image Link : (not sure this is good)
Extra : can put link with "Youtube" and the bottom left or bottom right (depending which is nice). (youtube: and the others, is up to you

Thanks :)

[ Nexus ] wrote:

Thanks! Can I use this link directly on my sig?
Thanks a lot Nexus
  Avatar Form
Request to : Nexus
Text : Yes
Border : Yes
Border Type : Normal
Size : 128 x 128 (or if possible, 256 x 256)
Image Link :
Extra :
      Banner Form
Request to : Konoha Request changed to Nari
Banner Type : User Page / Signature / Other (the signature has to be Tarisiki cause that is my first name thank you)
Text : Yes
Border : Yes
Border Color : It's all up to you
Animated : Yes
Size : 616 x 260
Image Link :
Extra : Don't be scared!!
Topic Starter
by mistake, i deleted photoshop. so I can't work for a while. sorry.

*changed my status active > inactive
Type: Avatar :3
Request to : Nexus
Text : KawaiiCookieSs
Border : Yes
Border Type : Hmmm... Normal transparent, please~
Size : 256 x 256
Image Link : I can ask for two, right? Here and Here~
Extra : Cute~
I haven't done requests like this in so long.. I hope I did it right~

I create twitch overlays on 1920X1080 unless the resolution is stated.
Please PM me if the resolution doesn't fit you when you test the overlay on stream and we'll go through it together to fix it!
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