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[ Nexus ]

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[ Nexus ] wrote:[/img:1337]
Size,Text Write
Do not redundancy request.

코노하님이 아바타 만들어 드린지 1주일 밖에 안됐어요

신청하시기 전에 규칙 보고 신청해주셨으면 해요:)
Hi! I need a avatar profile (sry for my bad english im french) For Nexus.

Type: Avatar
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: (I don't want all the picture on my logo just the head of the girl please)
Border: Normal Border
Form: Rounded

Goodluck ! and ty ! :D
  1. Request to : Konoha
  2. Banner Type : banner
  3. Text : '''Life is sweet''
  4. Border : your choose
  5. Border Color : your choose x2 <3
  6. Animated : Nope
  7. Size : 622 x 192
  8. Image Link : click here
  9. Extra : Hm... Make cute:c
  1. Request to : Konoha
  2. Banner Type : Signature
  3. Text : '''Enjoy the little things''
  4. Border : up to you
  5. Border Color : up to you x2 :c
  6. Animated : Nope
  7. Size : 640x150
  8. Image Link : click here
  9. Extra : Hm... Nup<3
  • Thanks so much<33
Hey guys :D After a long long hiatus due to uni, I've decided to return to the GFX to help out Nexus and Konoha :)
I'm the not best creator out there but I will try my best with all the requests I get!
I usually create avatars and banners like Konoha and Nexus, and I also create twitch banners (although It's a longer process cause I always mess up with the resolutions >< but we can talk together to fix that)
My examples are on the main post below Nexus and Konoha :D Please feel free to request anytime <3

안녕하세요! 드디어 잠수를 풀고 코노하님과 넥서스님을 도와 GFX에 돌아오기로 했어요 :D 아직 부족한 실력이지만 잘 부탁드릴게요!
아바타랑 배너도 만들고 트위치 오버레이 (해상도를 망쳐서 몇 번 수정을 거쳐야하지만 ㅠㅠ)도 만드니 언제든지 찔러주시면 열심히 만들도록 하겠습니다 :D
- K e n -
Avatar Collab
Request to : Nexu
Text : Y
Border : Y
Border Type : Normal
Size : 128x128
Image Link :]
Extra : guy - Barakiel ; girl - Haise
also could you maybe make a little banner of it size: 400x120
Request to : Nexus
Banner Type : User Page
Text : Welcome to my userpage or just my name (Haise)
Border : Y
Border Color : white or what suits best
Animated : N
Size : 616x260
Image Link : and a nice suitable background for it
Extra : would be cool if you could make it like the one in your samples

thanks <3
I'm sorry, but I cancel my request.
[ Nexus ]
L -

[ Nexus ] wrote:

Nice ! Thanks ! ;)
Request to : Nexus
Text : Akihiko-Desu
Border : Y
Border Type :Round
Size :128x128
Image Link : ... sample.jpg
Request to : Nexus COLLAB <3
Text : Nothing just the picture
Border : -
Border Type : Normal
Size : 200 x 200
Image Link :
Extra : (Numbers for the people, make pictures only those with numbers)
Make em kawaii and you know cute as f***!! <3 you're da best <3
- K e n -
- Nymph -
sorry :c
[ Nexus ]
Thank You
Request to : Nexus
Text : Y 왼쪽:Tengu 오른쪽:YouTube
Border : N
Border Type : No
Size :128x128
Image Link :
Extra :매번 해주셔서 감사합니다. 새해 복 많이 받으세요~
Hello ^^

Type: Banner and Avatar if possible
Request to: Nexus
Image Link: ... 99qjl0.png
Size: 622x192
Text: Kami's Userpage! and Kami for the Avatar
Animated: Yes
Border: Yes
Border Type: Normal
Extra Information: Could you do the avatar like this ... 3769475449

Thank you ! <3
Request to : Nexus
Text : Shibi
Border : Round Border
Border Type : Normal
Size : 128x128
Image Link : ... 4cb205.jpg
Extra : You chose if you wanna add anything else. I don't mind.

Thank you for you time! :)
- K e n -
Request changed to nexus :P
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