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Relative to what other maps?

just replaced my dt record with HD and this shows LOL
plz fix xd

abraker wrote:

Relative to what other maps?
basicallly any low difficulty cs7 map will show this, but i think Aishiteru is a good example. it's worth more precision on HR despite being far less in star rating and having roughly the same object count.
I suspect a mix of the following issues:
- Only slider presses and releases are being counted in precision, but not the tick points in between
- Map is short
- Map is slightly less CS than the other
is there any possible reason this map is worth so much on HRDT? is high AR buffed in precision points at all?
Prob the fast jumps given high CS
I changed my nickname in the game for quite some time and during all this time I can’t use coaching, I just write “No player found”, I don’t know what to do with it for a very long time, maybe my problem was here, but I'm not good at English therefore, I would be grateful either for explaining how to fix it or for recording where they had already solved such a problem. Thanks in advance!
Kert needs to change it manually. Send him a message
Wow that's pretty good. I like it!
Hey, so I got a new score on this beatmap on Easy difficulty. As you can see I'm #15 on global in that leaderboard with mods DT, HR and FL. But when I go to here , it doesn't show my score(it should cuz Flashlight) I did also HD DT HR this map which got me a higher PP but a lower score. osu!Skills is seeing that HDDTHR score but not the DTHRFL score. (as you can see here - my HDDTHR score is there). Is this fixable?
@kurtisdede it is submitted now. in the future you can submit manually with the button on your osuskills profile or just be patient

goink wrote:

@kurtisdede it is submitted now. in the future you can submit manually with the button on your osuskills profile or just be patient
Yeah, I did submit manually but it still didnt see it. It got submitted randomly after 3 days which is weird.
yeah so for some reason it does not show any of my scores when you click on any of the skills, can someone fix this please?

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@jwfiredragon fixed
@Accelerator there were 2 users with the same nickname causing this weird behaviour. fixed
I think something is broken.(I'm sorry but it just looked funy)
When will the reading skill be added? I haven't seen any update on the program for 17 months in github
I think that some STREAMS players are "swift", agility is not a little overrated?
Sources, just look 50%+ of this tops:
Also 50% of acc players:
Does playing a map with hd reduces the point on tenacity ? I was playing tower of heaven with 91% acc on nomod and it gave me 419 tenacity points, then I played it again with hd, got 344 points.

Sync wrote:

Interesting concept. Is it usable or testable yet?
What's the difference between Ambitious and Versatile badge? i was Ambitious but now i get versatile
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