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Seems to be a thing with newer maps. I suggest sending Kert a pm.
I did (in the new site's chat), waiting.
Rn my Osu!Skill has been stuck trying to update for about half an hour, but I'll give it some more time and check again tomorrow.
no, don't do new site chat he won't see it
pm him on old site, that way he gets an email notification
Not quite sure what’s happened but the site has been saying it’s updating for 24 hours now ;w;
Osu itself was having server problems yesterday. Their site went offline, too.
please pm kert on old forums
he was wondering why people have not been contacting him
he just doesn't use new web stuff and doesn't check this thread it seems
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Issue concerning player scores updating is hopefully resolved
Хотелось бы получать данные с помощью osu!skills API :/
чем помочь?
It only seems that it checks the top score on the map, I have a nomod play that has higher score as my fl play, too bad it doesn't affect my fl ranking.
I had my name changed by staff because the person with the name brett was inactive and when I try to check my scores for each individual skill it shows the scores from the inactive player that was name changed. Any way I could get this fixed?
The osu profile button is covering the skills themselves:
Idk if this thread is still active but I'm having trouble updating my scores. It's been stuck in "Updating now!" for three days now and I don't know how to get it done. I'd appreciate any help because I like using osuskills for practice and it'd be nice to have my scores displayed accurately for that purpose.
^ mine is stuck updating as well. latest scores 7 days ago
^Same, i have been "updating" for the last 4 days
At least it's not on my end then. It's 9 days now. Maybe it's the same issue like the one in may, but it's the time where people usually go on vacation right now so that's bad timing.
@Everyone I know osu!skills is having issues. I am trying to reach Kert.
[ r o l e n Z ]
I think it showed me my real rank , the average rank is less than the actual rank by 40k WoW!!
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Removed loved maps from lists because they break the calculations too often
Profiles should stop hanging while updating
Report issues here if your profile still doesn't update (wait a bit first though)
I'm not sure what may be the issue with the site exactly, but while it was working fine a few days ago, scores now will add to the bottom but not reward points or add to the list of plays in that
category (in my case flashlight).
I know a few of my plays should have been awarded a decent amount but I'm not sure if anyone else is having the same issue.
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