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Hey there!

Once upon a time I got an interesting idea of a system parallel/modification to Performance Points.
So I made a website for this too


Skill explanations for clarification:

Stamina - Tapping stamina
Tenacity - Streaming
Agility - Raw Aim
Precision - Ability to hit small circles
Reaction - Sight-reading
Reading - Aim related map reading
Memory - Flashlight performance
Accuracy - Rhythmic accuracy

The player also receives a"title" (or multiple titles) as a fun factor depending on the set of his best skills.

Future plans
  1. Reading skill
  2. Reaction skill - added!
  3. Memory skill - added!
  4. Player title badges - added!
  5. Overall skill-based rankings - added!
  6. Night mode - added!
  7. Mobile / tablet support - added!
  8. Personal userbars

Notice that only osu!standard is supported right now.

If you want to help us you can check and participate in some of the related discussion threads
What makes reading a map difficult?
Which map is harder? (Aim)
Best FL plays

Or you can improve code and calculations at:
https://github.com/Kert/osuSkills - calculator code
https://github.com/Kert/osuSkillsGUI - GUI for easier development

Developers: Kert, abraker, Full Tablet, Rust_omg
While this is a really cool idea in concept, the execution of this is really difficult and much like performance points, highly subjective.
Interesting concept. Is it usable or testable yet?
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