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Ciyus Miapah

sdafsf wrote:

01:26:195 (1,2) - make these two kicksliders circles seem odd here
looks overmap :/
Did some changes on all difficulties

04:48 Fort: hello
04:48 Fort: you here?
04:58 ByBy13: hi
04:58 ByBy13: yes
04:59 Fort: continue mod :D
04:59 ByBy13: okay :D
04:59 ByBy13: but uhm
04:59 ByBy13: I will do just a normal mod since I can't pass the other diffs :c
04:59 Fort: yeah i'll be with you
04:59 Fort: okie
04:59 ByBy13: and the previous BN can qualify it
05:00 Fort: wait what
05:00 Fort: rip bubble
05:00 ByBy13: xD
05:00 ByBy13: not the BN who bubbled
05:00 ByBy13: the BN who qualified before the DQ
05:00 Fort: he doesn't want
05:00 ByBy13: D:
05:00 Fort: just 1 qualify
05:00 Fort: and we're done D:
05:01 ByBy13: ;w;
05:01 Fort: please gimme 1 chance to rank this
05:01 ByBy13: okay
05:01 ByBy13: ..
05:02 Fort: ah im glad:3
05:05 ByBy13: so it was DQ'ed for an hitsound and the BG
05:05 ByBy13: ?
05:05 Fort: no
05:05 Fort: for the BG i think it can be alright but i change some minor things for BG
05:05 Fort: and for hitsound it's fine
05:05 ByBy13: oh ok
05:06 Fort: i just requesting DQ by myself
05:06 ByBy13: ah :o
05:06 Fort: yeah want to fix some patterns
05:06 Fort: just patterns
05:06 ByBy13: oh ok
05:08 *ByBy13 is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/787717 O2i3 - Ooi [Game Edit] [Hyper]]
05:08 Fort: stand by
05:08 ByBy13: 01:37:861 (1)- Why don't you end the slider on the 1/1 tick instead? I mean on 01:38:695 -
05:08 ByBy13: it will give more sense to the instruments imo
05:09 Fort: probably i follow piano melody there
05:09 ByBy13: oh
05:10 ByBy13: well the piano ends there
05:10 Fort: i just didn't realize i skipped snare on 01:38:695 -
05:10 ByBy13: xd
05:10 Fort: but im sure if i keep follow piano the players will follow piano too
05:10 ByBy13: ok
05:15 *ByBy13 is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/786979 O2i3 - Ooi [Game Edit] [Another]]
05:15 ByBy13: 01:09:111 (4)- NC?
05:16 Fort: oh that
05:17 Fort: hmmm
05:17 Fort: looks i move that circle to 81|170
05:17 ByBy13: oh
05:17 ByBy13: :o
05:18 Fort: how was it?
05:18 ByBy13: idk
05:20 Fort: hmm i move to 62|164 to make 01:09:111 (4) - looks like a triple for 01:09:806 (7,8) -
05:20 Fort: lol
05:20 ByBy13: oki
05:23 *ByBy13 is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/786980 O2i3 - Ooi [Game Edit] [Expert]]
05:23 ByBy13: 01:33:695 (2,3)- blanket
05:25 Fort: okie
05:25 ByBy13: 01:34:597 - ~ 01:35:014 - why isn't this section mapped like in other diffs?
05:27 Fort: oops
05:27 Fort: fixed
05:27 ByBy13: oki
05:33 ByBy13: 01:41:056 (1)- I don't think an 1/4 slider with two repeats really fit the piano here.sounds kinda overmapped imo so why don't you try an 1/2 slider? seems like the piano is extending here
05:34 ByBy13: http://osu.ppy.sh/ss/5688205
05:35 Fort: it is extreme diff?
05:35 *ByBy13 is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/786867 O2i3 - Ooi [Game Edit] [Extreme]]
05:35 ByBy13: yes
05:36 Fort: i thought it was expert lmao
05:36 ByBy13: i forgot to /np sorry
05:36 Fort: sure
05:36 Fort: since it's lower than game over diff i think it can be good
05:36 ByBy13: oki
05:37 Fort: so i can put triple on 01:41:333 (2,3) -
05:37 ByBy13: alrighty
05:39 Fort: so yeah fixed
05:45 ByBy13: ok
05:45 Fort: i still keep stand by
05:45 ByBy13: okay
05:46 *ByBy13 is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/786980 O2i3 - Ooi [Game Edit] [Expert]]
05:46 ByBy13: 00:19:528 (1)- I prefer to end it on 1/1 tick.Ending it on 1/2 tick sounds weird ;(
05:47 ByBy13: I mean you can end the slider on 00:19:806 -
05:47 Fort: but it's silenced?
05:47 ByBy13: the tail it's silenced
05:47 ByBy13: *is
05:48 Fort: yeah
05:48 Fort: almost silenced
05:48 ByBy13: yup
05:48 Fort: with 5%
05:48 ByBy13: so barely audible
05:49 Fort: but i think okay
05:49 Fort: i'll fix with 1/1
05:49 ByBy13: ok
05:49 ByBy13: it's like how you did in extreme
05:49 Fort: yeah exactly
06:00 Fort: hello you here?
06:00 ByBy13: i'm here
06:01 Fort: oh okay haha im waiting for your mod input
06:01 ByBy13: 00:19:528 (1)- as I said in Expert
06:01 *ByBy13 is editing [https://osu.ppy.sh/b/784791 O2i3 - Ooi [Game Edit] [Game Over]]
06:02 Fort: quick fix
06:03 Fort: fixed
06:06 ByBy13: 01:46:889 (2)- can you move this note on another part? at how looks like the players will confuse it like it is the next object after 01:46:472 (1)-
06:07 Fort: 01:46:750 (1,2,3,4) - this is square for sure
06:07 ByBy13: oh :o
06:08 Fort: lol
06:12 ByBy13: wtf modding assistant is drunk :<
06:13 ByBy13: avoid using storyboarded hitsounds?
06:13 Fort: huh?
06:13 ByBy13: ._.
06:14 Fort: Boogie was ranked
06:14 Fort: with Storyboard hitsounds
06:14 ByBy13: yeah
06:14 ByBy13: storyboard hitsounds are acceptable
06:14 Fort: and i create it
06:14 ByBy13: xd
06:14 Fort: yeah
06:14 ByBy13: i didn't said that they're not acceptable
06:16 Fort: umm okay
06:16 Fort: haha
06:16 Fort: you done with all?
06:16 ByBy13: yup
06:17 Fort: yay can i update? :D
06:17 ByBy13: yes :D
06:17 Fort: i think yes
06:17 Fort: haha correct
06:17 Fort: i think im ready for this
06:17 ByBy13: okay then
06:18 Fort: okie
06:18 Fort: im done with update
06:18 ByBy13: ok
06:21 Fort: so, what's next? :o

Unfortunately, I can't find the first one.We fixed some sliders to fit the song, a NC in Another, a little unmapped section (only 2 sliders added) in Expert and some blankets.Looks fine to my eyes.Requalified!
Topic Starter
Ciyus Miapah
thanks byby i love you <3

DeRandom Otaku

You can't penetrate this fort!
u did it XD
Congrats Fort />w</
incoming dq
Kuo Kyoka

ajeemaniz wrote:

incoming dq
ajee u so salt (hhhh)

anyway, congrats
00:47:861 (1,2) - plz fix this distance it's horrible

DQ is real?

[C u r i] wrote:

00:47:861 (1,2) - plz fix this distance it's horrible

DQ is real?
Fuck how did I miss that
it can't be real
worst fl player

[C u r i] wrote:

00:47:861 (1,2) - plz fix this distance it's horrible

DQ is real?

Fort wrote:

thanks byby i love you <3

holy sh

It's your last life to continue your journey. Only us or them...
Ok that was a joke. Congrats Fort, hope it will be ranked officially.
Fort you!
Sorry, the qualify won't last long.

Game Over
JK, enjoy your heart attack, GL ranking!

[C u r i] wrote:

00:47:861 (1,2) - plz fix this distance it's horrible

DQ is real?
You're right. I missed it
It plays like a 1/2, yup.

[C u r i] wrote:

00:47:861 (1,2) - plz fix this distance it's horrible
Looks like you just accidently CTRL+G'd this slider.
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