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So I recently got a keyboard with brown switches. Obviously, they're a bit heavy to play osu! with. My question is, can I change just Z and X to red ones? If so, how?
I thought you can just as easily buy and replace switches for mechanical keyboards.
Well it depends, can you say what keyboard you own first so I can try and help you. 8-)
Different keyboards are made differently to others and sometimes it's either too hard to do or as simple as pull and click, but this video might help :
red and brown require the same force stop being a fucking weak ass
A Medic
depends on what type of keyboard you have.

kiramaza wrote:

has anyone even noticed a difference in red and browns besides browns having better consistency? planning on buying one
uhh yeah they are a different switch so ofc you're going to feel a difference.

kiramaza wrote:

... i was obviously saying is there even a plus side to getting reds which perform worse than browns in other fields
Define worse. You do realise that switch use is completely subjective, right?

If you haven't actually tried using any of the switches before, I really suggest you do so.

Reds are obviously the best switch for gaming but are objectively worse for typing in comparison to browns since they are linear. Conversely, Browns are better for typing and still work relatively well for gaming due to the tactile bump not being too heavy, but they are not as good as Reds in this regard.
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