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Welcome back o/
reposting my request from before then :D
Type: Collab Avatar
Text: Yes
Character on the left: Stalactic
Character on the right: rainaid
Size: Both 128x128
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: Normal Line
Shape: Rounded
Any suggestions: (Font, effect, etc): Make it look cute :D
Thank you in advance ;D
Type: Userpage banner
Text: angelsoft's userpage
Size: 623x192
Animation: noo
Image link: ... er1200.jpg
Border: aaaa you choose whatever looks best, if there isnt one than none :P
D a n i e l a
thank you so much <3

Luisina wrote:

thank you! owo
Type: Avatar
Text: Fire
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: this
Border: Cut line
Shape: Rounded
Any suggestions: I just want something cute, please <3
Type: Signature
Text: "The bigger the darkness, the brighter the light shines"
Animation: No
Border: Cut Line
Shape: Whatever you think fits the best ^w^
Any suggestion(s): do anything in your power to make it look cuute <3

Looks awesome, thank you :D
Request canceled sorry >.<
- Mikazuki -
(lo siento no lo habia visto antes y estaba ocupada) lo adoro te quedo muy lindo!! Muchas gracias! :):)

Type: YouTube Banner
Text: Yes: "Chaengie"
Size: Hmm I guess it's 2120x1192
Animation: Nop!
Image link: ... c5owkz.png
Border: /
Shape: /
Any suggestions: (Font, effect, etc) Make it cute! :3

Can I ask for an avatar too ? For my YT channel ofc.

Type: Avatar
Text: Nop!
Size: 800x800
Animation: /
Image link: Maybe the same render as for the banner ? Or maybe this one ... 771835.jpg (Sorry it's not rendered ;;)
Border: Cross
Shape: Square

Thank you!
Type: Solo Avatar
Text: Yes
Size: 128x128 (I think that's the size for profile pictures)
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: Cut Line
Shape: Tear or Lemon
Any suggestions: You could try 'Kelam Kabut' as a cuter looking font, but I trust your judgement to make a choice otherwise if it doesn't fit as well as a different one. Have fun as always with this one too!

I'm glad you are back.
3 requests here!
Type: Beatmap Banner
Text: If it fits: Hyadain - Hyadain's Jojo Yujo
Size: for beatmap banner
Animation: If you wish :pp
Image link:
Any suggestions: nah, do your best xd
Type: Avatar Collab
Text: Yes. For the picture with BOTH characters (first one), write Irregularity under(or above) left girl, while Myle under(or above) right girl. But don't do any text on the avatars itself
Size: Actually, you can cut this square in half and leave just the top part for the first picture I'll give you. Other two are just 128x128 I think
Animation: Only if you wish
Image link: 1. The big picture with both characters for our profile pages:
2. The picture with the character for Irregularity's avatar:
3. The picture with the character for Myle's avatar:
Border: Only if you think that would be cool!
Shape: ^
Any suggestions: do your best <33
Type: Beatmap Banner
Text: If it fits: xi - Happy End of the World
Size: for the beatmap banner
Animation: If you wish<3
Image link:
Any suggestions: baaa no

Thanks in advance, you're my hero<33

Type: Avatar
Text: Athenai
Size: 128x128
Animation: -
Image link:
Border: Cut Line
Shape: Square
Any suggestions: -

Gracias como siempre
Helloo ^_^

Type: Avatar
Text: Lexii
Size: 128x128
Animation: -
Image Link:
Border: Normal line
Shape: Square
Any suggestions: Can you use both avatars? Make it cute :3

Topic Starter
Freyja Luna

Luisina wrote:

Sorry but YouTube banner and Twitter header are not available.

Link doesn't work

In progress:
tysm! <3
Type: Userpager banner
Text: Yes : "Welcome to Weav's page"
Size: 623x192
Animation: Yes
Image link:
• Background : ... 985741.jpg
• Render : ... 6dinhk.png
Border: Cross
Shape: Rounded
Any suggestions: .. a little chill effect I would like.

Thank you !
Type: Avatar
Text: Jash
Size: 128x128
Animation: no Animation
Image link:
Border: cut line
Shape: square

Thanks <3
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