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Luisina wrote:

In progress:
  • Request to: XxCrystal<33
    Type: Banner
    Text: Yes: ''Nate's userpage''
    Size: 623x190
    Animation: Yes
    Image link Gif image
    Border: Normal
    Any suggestions: si pudieras hacer algo parecido a esto pls
[ Junko ]
Request: Luisina
Type: Collab Userpage
Text: Yes / Onyxah (right) and Junko (left)
Size: Standard for userpage 623x192
Animation: Yes
Image link:
Border: Cut Line
Form: Square
Any suggestions: Your Choice <3

Sorry for sending you another request. Te quiero Luisina! Muchas Gracias
Shino Inuzuka

Luisina wrote:

Thank you! ^O^
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar
Text: Yes "Silver"
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: Stain, or whatever you think best
Form: up to you
Any suggestions: -

thankyou so much! ♡
Request to: Luisina
Screen resolution: 1920x1080
osu! resolution: 1366x768 Borderless / Black Bars
Camera resolution: None
Player name: Yes
Chat box: No
Now playing box: No
Recent follower box: No
Recent donation box: No
Character / None
Background: ... 23b840.jpg

thank you so much!
[ - Hinami - ]
Request to: XxCrystal ♥
Type: Banner
Text: 「 Vernon 」
Size: 600 x 145
Animation: No

Image link: Imagen y Gif
Border: No border
Form: Square
Any suggestions: Como gustes ♥

Muchisimas gracias <3<3 uwu
Request to: Luisina
Text: DarkSharky Userpage
Size: Recommande size
Animation: Yes / No
Image link: Image Original image link
Border: Normal
Form: Rectangular
Any suggestions: Example of what I would like to have :3

Contact me if there is a problem!

Thx you in advance !

Luisina wrote:

- Noods -

worst fl player
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar collab
Text: No
Size: 128x128
Animation: N
Image link: here
Border: N
Extra: I don't want any effects just crop.

Type: Banner
Text: No
Size: standard size
Animation: N
Image link: same as avatars
Border: N
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar
Text: Prolias
Size: 200x200 and 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: This one
Border: Normal or Cut line
Form: Rounded
Any suggestions: In term of color I would suggest red for the text and the border. If it doesn't fit well with red just do what you think is best !

Luisina wrote:

In progress:
Nice! Thanks!
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar
Text: Reiko
Size: 180x180
Animation: No
Image link: Image --- Original Image/Source
Border: No
Form: Rounded
Any suggestions: The text color should be orange or if it doesn't fit well just choose a color you think is the best!

Thank you so much! >.<
[- Kuro -]
Request to Luisana

Type: Avatar.
Text: Yes. ''Kuro''.
Size: 128x128.
Image link:
Border: Cut Line.
Form: Square.

Type: Userpage.
Text: Yes.
''Welcome t'o Kuro Userpage
player of the Night''.
Size: 623x192.
Image link:
Border: Cut Line.
Form: Square.

Hello Request to Luisana

Type : Avatar

Link : ... eitrag.jpg

Size 128x128

Text : Yes

Broder : Pick if you want

Request to Luisana
type banner
text Bienvenido(a) Nakama ^^

Gif with hits "x300" If possible, obviously PLEASE!!: ... bfb_hq.gif
el resto lo dejo en tus manos :oops::oops:
Request to: Luisina
Type: Modding Queue banner
Text: Yes ( Welcome to riunosk's Modding Queue )
Size: im not too sure about the size for this type
Animation: Yes
Image link: ... _hair-niya
Border: Internal
Form: Square
Any suggestions: try mixing in a glow effect for the text and a cool font :d
thanks !
Nyaho(ni hao)

Request to: Luisina (but if busy with too many request crystal is also fine, ^^'a)
Type: Avatar
Text: I guess not, wouldn't work with the form below ? (maybe) , well if it works with the type of border then add 'Nae' to it thanks.
if it doesn't then don't mind it it's fine .
Size: what works with osu plz
Animation: Up to you there , feel free
Image link:
Border: what works with the form I guess
Form: Floweerrsss muhhhh cute

alternatively if too much trouble just go with a rounded border that would do too~

Sorry for undecision lol , thanks and good luck for the requests !~
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar
Text: Naru
Size: 200x200
Image link: ... sukiko.jpg
Border: Normal line
Form: Circle
Any suggestions: I wanted both the text and textless version as I might use the textless version on my Twitter.

If it's done, let me know how they would look like. Thanks ^^
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