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Request to: Luisina
Screen resolution:1920x1080
osu! resolution: 1600x900
Camera resolution: 260x200
Player name: Yes
Chat box: No
Now playing box: No
Recent follower box: Yes
Recent donation box: No
Character / Anime: ... _Copia.png (Alice/ Kamisama No Memo-chou)
Background: ... aper-1.jpg

Muchas gracias :)

Me tendrás que esperar hasta mañana si quieres que el banner tenga las hojas cayendo. ;;;
In progress:
-[A L P H A]

Flowering Night

XxCrystal wrote:


Request to: Luisina
Type: Userpage
Text: Yes / Jiryro's Userpage
Size: 622 x 192
Animation: Yes here
Border: Internal
Form: Square
Any suggestions: Nope not really, just go with whatever you're comfortable with :D

XxCrystal wrote:

Me tendrás que esperar hasta mañana si quieres que el banner tenga las hojas cayendo. ;;;

OH DIOS MIO XDDDD te quedó hermoso ♥ y por supuesto que puedo esperar, no hay problema. Muchas gracias <3 c:
Akabane Eiri
Request To: Luisina
Type: Userpage
Text: Yes (- Sakura's Userpage)
Size: 623x192
Animation: Yes (Make the image and text blur in and out like my Sig)
Image link: Here!
Border (What type border?): Internal
Form (What type of form?): Up to you
Suggestions (Font, effect, texture...): Dont put the text in the middle

Request to: XxCrystal
Type: Userpage Banner
Text: Welcome to my userpage
Size: 620 x 180
Animation: Yes, the gif x:
Image Links: Pic and Gif, using this example, with the same fonts and background ( different gif and image of cos ><)
Borderline: Normal Line
Forms: Square

Thanks (´。• ᵕ •。`)

XxCrystal wrote:

Request to: Luisina
Type: Twitter cover
Text: NastyPissPriest's Twitter
Size: You pick!
Image link: [x]
Any suggestions: Anything pink and cute (cherry blossoms for example?)
Request to: XxCrystal
Type: Beatmap Banner
Text: Yes / KANA-BOON - Silhouette
Size: default or any u want
Animation: No
Image link: here
Border: dotted lines
Any suggestions: Add cool effects c:

XxCrystal wrote:

Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar Collab(I think)
Text: Yes: Left:EiW, Middle:xFluffyo, Right:DanielUGP (The colors just show which I mean, the text is not supposed to be in these colors)
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: Normal Line
Form: Square
Oh and size should be regular Avatar sizes plz<3
Any suggestions: If you can I would like to have a Userpage Banner aswell which contains all the characters and names (size for this would be the standard userpage size)
Topic Starter

Thanks you very mucho <3

Luisina wrote:

Thanks it really means alot to me, but was it possible to get a userpage with all 3 avatars and name?

Thank you anyway ~~

Luisina wrote:

Thanks Luisina! It's so good ^^
Thank you so much!
Request to: Luisina
Type: Avatar Collab
Text: Left:GhostZ Right:Snowy
Size: Recommended size
Animation: No
Image link: Here~
Border: Internal

Thank you very much!
Eris Greyrat
Request to: XxCrystal
Type: Avatar Collab and profile banner
Text: Yes
Size: 128x128 and for the profile banner the recommended please thanks!
Animation: Yes
Image link: these are the peoples name and which character they are. heres the clean picture
Border: any is fine
Form: what you think is fine
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