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Type : Signature
Size : 650x150
Image Link :
Text : Even if you're not with me, I will still rember you
Border : Yes you can pick it out

Type: userpage,
Text: Yes (welcome to nissanwarrior userpage
Size: Standard for userpage 623x192.)
Animation: Yes
Image link: ... 3004736811
I kept my word about coming back

Type: Signature
Text: (Yes) Happy holidays from XYousoro
Size: The best size for a signature will do
Animation: Yes
Primary Image Link:
Secondary Image Link: ... libird.png
Border and form: Cut line, rounded
Suggestions: Any cursive or well-rounded font will do for the text

✦ A V A T A R . C O L L A B ✦

Size: 128x128
Image link:
Text: SEPHII (girl) + SHY (guy)
Border: could u try with normal line and then with cut line.
idk which looks better
Form: Square
Font: ill leave that to ur decision c:
(preferably something that fits the dark theme)

thank you.
ur amazing at what u do~
keep it up ο ω ο
Good luck with your GFX, it looks great!
Wei Wuxian
Type: Beatmap Banner
Text: Yes, "GRANRODEO - Can Do (TV Size)"
Size: 380 x 120
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: Cutline
Form: Square

Please and thank you
Hola Luisina ><
Type: Avatar
Border: Circulo
Text: Riki
Edge: A lineas
Color: Que sea como el que estoy escribiendo (?
Personaje: El chico de buzo rojo :)
Gracias >w< <3 <3 <3
-S Inariii-
Type: Avatar
Text: Yes : GTG
Size: 128X128
Animation: No
Image link: ... 045080.jpg
Border: No border
Any suggestions: (Font, effect, etc) : Up to you ^^
nyu -
Type: signature
Text: No
Size: Standard Signature Size.
Animation: Yes ~ Raining light purple/white stars please. And place sparkles in her eyes if thats possible.
Image link:
Border: Yes please, Light purple.
Any suggestions: Just the Animation thing i already mentioned.

Type: Avatar (pair)
Girl on the left: "Seere"
Girl on the right: "Fluff"
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: 1st picture! ... d=58451692
Border: This(? (speech bubble)
Any suggestions: Cute filters and text.

Thank you very much for making this collab happen!
Hey Hey !

Type : Collab
Image :
Text : ( Héhé :3 )
Border : X
Size : 128x128 and 368x368
Extra : x
Thanks :)
Hello ^^, I'd like to have a Single avatar

Type : Avatar
Picture :

Text: Maisi
Avatar type: Can you make it like your collab template: Yeyi Or like the pentagon templates, i dont mind :D Its for a forum.
Size: Original cut size will do, otherwise just pick a size yourself which fits the best for your needs.

Thanks in advance ^^ I appreciate you doing this :* *chu*
Topic Starter
Camera resolution? ;w;
Links doesn't work
o/ Thank you!


Luisina wrote:

Camera resolution? ;w;
Links doesn't work
o/ Thank you!

Esta bien pero... podría darle una forma de circulo al avatar? D:
Love you! Thank you!!!
Type: userpage,.
Text: Welcome to [Icewafflez] Userpage
Size: Standard for userpage 623x192.)
Animation: No
Image link:
Any suggestions: whatever works
Type: userpage
Text: Yes
Size: Standard for userpage 623x192.
Animation: Yes
Image link: ... d=43768590
Border: Dotted Line
Form: Rounded
Any suggestions: Font: Algerian
Effect: Maybe some black feathers falling or something like that
Type: Avatar
Text: RedJellyFish
Size: Standard
Image link:
Border: Rounded
Any suggestions: Clean font pls
ty <3
hola luisina vengo a pedirte algo que nunca te pedi u//u

Type: twitter cover.
Text: お帰りなさい Hache
Size: : no se cual sera (?
Animation: no se si acepta gif esa cosa
Image link: click
Border: no se , si ves que alguna le va a quedar bien en el twitter ponelo sino nada , dejalo asi sin border
Form: rectangular , creo
Any suggestions: si acepta gif's con las letras gif sino asi sin gif ,
y ya que se acaba halloween..
Type: signature
Text: H
Size: el clasico
Animation: Yes
Image link: click
Border:sin border pero el este cuadrado me gusta el blanco este
Any suggestions: la letra gif y algunos efectos de brillos no vendria mal

gracias luisina por todo <3 tkm

Luisina wrote:

This is a lot better than I thought

Type: Avatar ( couple avatar, two people will use it )
Text: Yes
Size: both 128x128
Animation: No
Image link:
Form : same form with mara & yeyi 's avatar at the example!
Any suggestions: write GalNo at the picture of REM (left) and write KireiMirai at the picture of EMILIA (right) please :)
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