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Type: Avatar
Text: Niruko
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: ... 1.jpg?8964
Border: Normal
Any suggestions: No

Good luck and thanks! :)
- Kotori -
Type : Avatar

Text : Yes / Kot

Animation No

Border : Dotted Line

Img link : ... 92c_hq.jpg

Size 128x128
Type: signature.
Text: ✿ 愛は私は良いん ✿
Animation: no
Image link: :3
Any suggestions: uhuhu
Map banner para un amigo
Type: Map Banner
Text: Yes (Nombre de la cancion y "Collab by Lince Cosmico & RevengeZ)
Size: 425x125
Animation: Como vos quieras, yo diria que si
Image link:
Border: Como quieras
Any suggestions: Fuente (Old English Text MT)

Mapa: DystopiaGround - AugoEidEs
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Luisina wrote:

Woooooooooow que lindo, Muchisimas graciass<3

Luisina wrote:

Ty <3

;_; como lo haces tan rapido, te quedo super lindo

Luisina wrote:

Thank you <33333
For stream overlay:
Screen resolution: 1600 x 900
osu! resolution: 1366 x 770
Camera resolution: no cry cry
Player name: yes! ♡ abychu
Chat box: No, but could you leave space at the side? because my chat is boxed already
Cam box: no
Now playing box: no
Recent follower box: no
Recent donation box: no
Background: this
Any suggestions: anything is fine with me because i already know that you make amazing visuals from requesting before! ♡(●ᴗ●✿)
Type: Avatar collab

Este es para Len (El chico)
Text: Yes / Vlad
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: Imagen
Border: square (Dotted line)
Any suggestions: Como veas que queda bien.

Este para Rin (La chica)
Text: Yes / Kot
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: Imagen
Border: square (Dotted line)
Any suggestions: Como veas que queda bien.

Si puede ser podes poner en la imagen completa los text.

Gracias :)
Hola luisi ya se viene halloween *-*
Text: H
Size: 128x128
Animation: No

Image link: esta sharo , la rubia
Border: rounded
Don AlfaJorgito
Type: Avatar
Text: Yes( Alfajorgito)
Size: 128 x 128
Animation: No
Image link: Aqui
Border: Normal
Any suggestions: Fuente: Blackadder ITC

PD: El anterior no había entendió y solo puse si jeje( en text)
I need a scorebar for my skin so I thought you can do one for me cause I like your graphics :3

⚓ For scorebar:
Color: blue
Player name: Yes (Sorax)

Luisina wrote:

I love it, thanks! :)
Type : userpage
Text : Yes => Wolffoxe The Osu Wolf Fox
Animation : Yes
Size : 620x190
Image link : ... 151664.jpg
Border : None
Any suggestions : I would like to have a little dark image as a lying of sun :).

Thank you VERY much ! >w< <3
Hi, sorry, I request again ;-; >o<

Type: Signature~
Text: " Oh! Uh..
私はあなたを失望させません "
Size: Basic size of signature
Animation: As you want! :3
Image link:
Border: Square
Any suggestions: thank you so much as always ❤
Text: Yes / Welcome to Plate's userpage
Size: Normal user page size
Animation: Yes
Image link: ... 7-2000.jpg
Border: Square
Any suggestions: en el fondo o en una esquina podrias poner (Your Name)?

Gracias de antemano
Topic Starter

And you know what is the font of your actual avatar? owo
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