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Type: Userpage
Text: Yes "Welcome to Concrete's userpage"
Size: 623x194
Animation: Yes
Image link:
Border: None
Any suggestions: can you make like this >> ? uwu
and add text/icon "Full userpage" , "Facebook" , and "twitter"
-full userpage =
-facebook =
-twitter =
can? if you cant add .... you can not make "full userpage, facebook, and twitter" !!!
Oii !

Type: Avatar collab
Text: Yes, Shini - Nawolf
Size: --
Animation: No
Image link: Here!
Border: square or rounded, your liking
Any suggestions: Cute~

I really love your work, thanks!
Hola!, quisiera pedir algo owo
Tipo: Banner
Texto: Welcome to Riki's Userpage!
Animacion: Si
Borde: Rectangular a lineas
Color: El que usted piense que quede mejor
Tamaño: El tipico para un banner
Type: Collab
Text: Mohand / Nawolf / Shiranui
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: ... d=58507999
Border: rounded cut line

Hi !

Type: Signature.
Text: Yes
Size: Let's have fun !
Animation: Yes
Image link:
Border: square
Any suggestions: Do what you want =)

Type: userpage
Text: Sousaki's Userpage
Size: 623x194
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: none
Any suggestions: Up to you , just dont add any effects pls

Thanks in advance :)
-[C R A Z Y]-
Type: Banner
Text: "Welcome to my userpage" y "Player osu!mania" (sin comillas xD)
Size: 617 x 205
Animation: Yes
Image link:
Border: nope
Any suggestions: Quiero que el texto haga un efecto de "aparecer y desaparecer" y a la imagen puedes agregarle cualquier efecto :3
Type: Avatar
Text: Eri
Size: 150x150
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: Rounded normal line

Holi :) ~
  1. Type: Userpage
  2. Text: "Welcome to Niyani's userpage"
  3. Animation: Si, el texto que sea animado (Que aparezcan lentamente)
  4. Image link:
  5. Border: Sí
  6. Any suggestions: Lo dejo a tu propio criterio :3. Confío en que lo dejaras bien bonito♥.

Gracias por adelantado :3.

Topic Starter
Are you able to just make a regular 1080p picture? And how long does your service usually take?
Tysm c:

Luisina wrote:

Muchas gracias. <3
Hola! \:D/
Type: Userpage
Text: Welcome to Mohand's Userpage
Size: 623x192
Animation: Yes
Image link: ... -orange_ey
Border: square
type: Collab
text: Shini - Izayoi
Size: 128x128
Animation: no
image: ... 0tagme.jpg
border: square
Type: Userpage banner
Text: Yes: 'Welcome' 'I don't bite... I promise'
Size: 623x192
Animation: Yes (in text, if possible)
Image link: render, image and gif
Border: square (dotted, if possible)
Any suggestions: No need to use all the pictures that I sent, just do something beautiful with it, thank you!<3

Edit: You could also make an avatar? If not, it's okay.

Type: Avatar
Text: Asura
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link:the same image
Border: square (dotted, if possible)
-[C R A Z Y]-

Luisina wrote:

Quedo demasiado bueno!!
pero no seria mucho pedir que le removieras los "corazones" es que eso no es lo mio xD
Gracias u.u
Thank yoooou ! =)

Luisina wrote:

How about this?
Can you add a awesome background for this pict?
Or another pict and i'll find again
Thx Luisina ! love u <3 :3
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