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Luisina wrote:



XYousoro, the .gif resolution is too small for a banner. (623x192)


Secret-Kun, qué texto el banner que me pediste anteriormente, así te lo hago junto al avatar sin animación
Holy that was fast, Thank you~~!
Secret-Kun, qué texto el banner que me pediste anteriormente, así te lo hago junto al avatar sin animación
Welcome to Secret's userpage. o no se algo que se te venga a la mente a ti jeje yo solo quiero que quede bonito
Same request as before, but under a resized GIF

Type: Userpage
Text: (Yes) Welcome to XY's userpage
Size: 623x192
Animation: Yes
Image Link:
Border: Square cut line
- Effect
- Apply a font and font color that goes well with the GIF
- In the text itself, X is colored in any darker shade of blue while Y is in any shade of red (Something like this: Welcome to XY's userpage)
- Border is in red
Thanks lmao
Type: Signature.
Text: Mark was here
Size: Whatever works best
Animation: No text animation. I would just like the gif along with a picture to the left.
Image link: Either this gif ... o1_500.gif or this ... o2_540.gif ... 2_1280.jpg
Border: Rectangle, cut line
Any suggestions: I would like it to kinda look like this ... 362e676966 something you made that I liked. I would like to plug in my twitch, myanimelist, tumblr and skin. If you could make two copies and replace skin with osu I would appreciate that. If it doesn't look so bad, could you put links to the right like this? I apologize, I could not find a better image of hishiro chizuru to match the colors of the gifs.

Type: Userpage
Text: Yukie
Size: 623x155 please ^^
Animation: No
Image link: here!
Border: Square cut line
Any suggestions: A bit the same thing please → (~‾▿‾)~

Thank you!
Keru Kawashiro
Type: Scorebar
Color: Blue (Read my suggestion)
Player name: Yes
Image: ... o1_500.jpg or maybe this ... o1_540.png
Any suggestion: Try to make the scorebar's color tone matches that blue inside the pic that I linked above (Sorry for my bad english).
Type: Avatar
Text: No
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: ... 5fa6db.jpg
Border: None
Any suggestions: (Font, effect, etc) Just enjoy yourself with it :D I'm all that picky so i want to let you work on it until you're happy with it, effects and all, or none. Whatever you think fits the picture :D I guess my only thing would be try to fit the cat in, if you can't then thats fine :D have fun!

Type: Avatar
Text: あゆみ
Animation: No
Image Link:
Border: Rounded
Any suggestions: -
- Nymph -
Type: Signature
Text: Sol
Image: ... a69k9m.png
Border: Normal
Suggestions: ... o2_540.gif
Type: Banner
Text: Welcome to Sol´s userpage
Border: Dotted line

perdon por pedir tanto </3 es que me gusta tu trabajo ♥
Type: Signature.
Text: Yes, Vee
Animation: Yes / No
Image link: ... 617974.jpg
Border: None / square / rounded / circle
Any suggestions: ... 582e676966 I love this one, but honestly I'd like to just give you any artistic freedom as long as the image I provided is somehow used! Your work is amazing and I'm sure I'd love it regardless, and yeah yeah yeah uvu.
Topic Starter

Luisina wrote:

That was pretty basic, but I still like it.
Avatars @-@ Go Team Luisina!

Type: Avatar
Text: H7-FanGirl
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: ... -614931802
Border: No lo sé como tú quieras <3
Any suggestions: Como tú creas que quede mejor

Este pedido de mi amigo que es nuevo en osu :c
espero que la aceptes ❤

Type: Avatar
Text: Hyung
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: ... -583864795
Border: rounded
Any suggestions: Algo bonito para él, yo te recomendé porque creo que eres la mejor
❤ Similar a este; ... 302e706e67

Luisina wrote:

Yooooooo this looks so nice! Two things if you don't mind me requesting. On the second one the osu text is moving, mind fixing that? Also could you try changing the font from "mark was here"? possibly change the location of the text to make it stand out, I know you don't have a lot of room to work with cause of the pictures. Other than that I love it, thank you so much!
- Kotori -
❤ For avatar
Type: Avatar
Text: Yes - Kotori -
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image Link
Border: square dotted line
Any suggestions: Purple color or pink :)

Type: userpage
Text: Yes Welcome to Kotori's userpage
Size: 622x194
Animation: Yes... Que el texto cargue cada 3s
Image Link
Any suggestions : Snowball effect if you can

Type : Signature
Text : Do you want to play?
Size : Choose you, i don't know a size xD
Image Link

I love u <3
❤ For avatar:
Text: Yes Vladi
Size: 128x128
Animation: No
Image link: Imagen
Border: circle, con puntos
Any suggestions: Lo que veas que le quede bien
Type: Group
Text: From left to right:(Wechell,SiN,Squott,lisdims,XaXa)
Image link: ~~~
Border: Square(Cut line)
Any suggestions: Make it kawaii :3

Hello i am stream overlay again

Screen resolution: 1920x1080
osu! resoulution:1280x720
Cam resolution:640x480
Player: Yukisa
Recent donation: Y
Now playing:Y
Extra:Font Codystar

Thanks advances
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