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Once I have made a request for a banner, avatar, etc, where do I obtain a code for it?

I'm looking forward to making a request soon.
Hey u :3

Type: Avatar
Text: Yukie
Size: 173x173
Image link: woop
Border: Square cut line
Any suggestions: can you put the same font please? ^^ → here

Thanks in advance! ❀
• Type: userpage
• Text: Yes - Welcome!
• Size: 622x150
• Animation: Yes
• Image link: image
• Border: None
• Any suggestions: -

oh thanks

-Chelsea wrote:

-Chelsea wrote:


Type: avatar
Image: here
Text: Chelsea
Border: rounded cut line

Type: Avatar Couple
Text: Chico: Leave
Chica: Amy
Image Link: http://i.imgur.com/E0P2kZw.jpg
Border: Rounded
Any Suggestions: - ♥

PD: me encanta tú trabajo :c
Hi 7w7r

Type: Avatar
Text: Kuro
Image Link: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/WwVqRnPX42U/maxresdefault.jpg
Border: Rounded

Luisina wrote:

bro i love u
Type: Banner
Text: nymph´s userpage
Image:AQUI http://www.disney.es/channel/series/soy ... g/hero.jpg
Border: eue

gracias <3
Type: Avatar,
Text: with and without
Size: Seichi and without :3
Animation: no
Image link: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php? ... d=57010911
Border: you decide what looks best
Any suggestions: (no, thanks and regards from Cheki :3)
Thanks !! ( Sorry for not giving a High res picture ) It's really nice anyway ! !

Luisina wrote:

Wooo K.A.W.A.I.I thanks :3
❤ For scorebar:
Color: Whatever's good with it ;)
Player name: Yes
Image: http://j-mag.org/wp-content/uploads/201 ... 24x590.png
Type: Scorebar
Color: Exactamente azul/celeste/blanco que tenes en el ejemplo que dejaste
Player name: Niikko
Image: http://data.whicdn.com/images/12456935/ ... _large.jpg
Thanks again! :3
Oh and don't be surprised that I don't use it on osu, I would use it on twitter or on something else c;
Type: Avatar
Text: Yes -> iFix3d
Animation: No
Image link: Here
Border: Square Normal or Square No Border
Any suggestions: I would like the "iFix3d" be at the bottom-left with this font, or any that you think could be better with the same style.

Desde ya, muchas gracias :D
Type: Userpage
Text: Yes (welcome to lince cosmico's userpage)
Size: no se que poner aca ;w;
Animation: Yes (solo la tipica animacon de texto en la que va desapareciendo de a poco xD)
Image link: http://puu.sh/qyT2e/dcf5676c07.jpeg
Border: None
Any suggestions: (Font, effect, etc) Te lo dejo a tu gusto ;)

Te quiero avisar que como no tengo internet y me pide verificacion para editar mi userpage voy a ponerlo en mi userpage recien cuando tenga internet xD
PD: Usaste una signature q me hiciste a mi para ejemplos <3
Tambn quiero cambiar el "supporting luisina's gfx" gif a uno de esos nuevos que pusiste y no puedo ;w; se ven geniales

PD2: con respecto a lo que dijo Seichi, yo soy Cheki xD
Type: Avatar
Texet: Feel
image link: http://imgur.com/a/tSO48
Border: Circle or Rounded (si puedes pasarme los dos asi veo cual queda mejo estaria bien sino no problem haha)
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