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Konichiwa :3

Type : Avatar
Text : Light
Image : Right Here ~
Example : Ahmm Avatar
Extra Details : Well ahmmm, if possible i would like the avatar to be transparent and i want it to be kawaiiii~

And If Possible i would like to request for a Scorebar at the same time?
Type : Scorebar
Colour : Its seriously up to how u see it, but my fav colours would be blue and white and basically those kind of colours like blue :P
Text : Light
Image : Right Here~
Try to make it cool and cute :P if possible
Hey i havent changed my avatar for like 2 years and i finally need a new one

Type: Avatar
Text: jackisgone
Animation: no
Image link:
Avatar or Userpage model: like circle 1 would be cool
Border: circle
Any suggestions: blue text to match the eyes would be cool, if you feel like this image wont work then i can find a different one

:) thank you
Type: Avatar single
Border: rounded

(Without the red stripes on the sides)

Luisina wrote:

Thank you very much !! <3
Type: Userpage.
Text: Y "Welcome in Miuu's World" + "Love is same as pain"
Animation: Y
Image link:
Border: Up to you <3
Any suggestions: Up to you as well, have fun <3

And I don't know if it's ok but if it's not you can forget it but I'd like to have an avatar too pls ;;

Type: Avatar-Single
Text: Y "Miuu"
Animation: N
Image link: ... c731cc.jpg
Avatar or Userpage model:Rounded is ok :)
Border: rounded
Any suggestions: Up to you <3
Topic Starter
3:::::::::::::: KAWAII
Avatar Single
Text: Y (-HedrICksoN-)
Image link: ... 4_1280.png
Avatar or Userpage model: Avatar
Border: Rounded
Thanks :D
Type: Signature
Text: Yes " ExOR"
Animation: No
Image link: ... 448821.jpg
Avatar or Userpage model: Signature model
Border: square
Any suggestions: Devil signature ^^ .

Thank you very much !
Type: Avatar Single
Text: Encore
Image link: Imagen
Avatar or Userpage model: Modelo
Border: Square
Any suggestions: El texto que sea horizontal
Size: 184x184
Thank you <3
Type: Avatar Single
Text: Yes " Lyxio"
Animation: No
Image link: ... 80e_hq.jpg
Avatar or Userpage model: Avatar Model
Border: square
Any suggestions: No

Thank you very much !!
Hello again~~

Type: Avatar Single
Text: Y (Nickname)
Animation: N
Image link:
Avatar model: (Circle 5 or Rounded 1 the one that looks better in your opinion)
Border: Rounded or Circle
Any suggestions: (Font of your choice if stock Font feels off in the avatar model)
For stream overlay:
Player name: Y, Areha
Chat box: Y (left)
Cam box: Y (bottom right)
Now playing box: Y (bottom)
Recent follow box: N
Recent donation: N
Character / anime: ... DfcWpd.png
Background: pls suggest me for the background xD
Any suggestions:
- overlay resolution : 1366x768
- inner box(osu) resolution : 1280x720
- cam box resolution : 320x240
- can i request this overlay into 2 overlay with chat box and without chat box? pls xD

thanks before <33333 :)
Type: Avatar Single
Text: Stella
Animation: No
Image Link: ... 108684.htm
Avatar or Userpage model: Avatar
Border: You choice if you want to put one. If you do decide to, I rather not have the circle border.
Any suggestion: Your choice again.

Type: Userpage
Text: "Welcome to Stella's World"
Animation: Yes if you can
Image Link: ... 62702b15e1
Border: Your Choice
Any suggestion: Make the size 630 x 197. Tell me if the image is too big. Ill find a different one
Hi hi~

Type: Userpage
Text: Yukie's Userpage I'm yours
Animation: Yes "Yukie's"
Image link: ... 66-768.jpg
Border: Yes :3
Any suggestion: Nothing

I will support your shop! Thanks again <3
Type: Avatar & Banner
Text: Whatever You Think Looks Nice And Fits The Banner & Avatar
Banner Link:
Avatar Link: Rounded Square Avatar
For The Animation I want It To Be Like A...H...R...I Like How It Pops Up Ya Know
And For The Border Just Do What You Think Looks Nice Thaaanks~
Type: Avatar Single
Text: EXO-X
Image link: ... 441004.png
Border: circle
Any suggestions: font: Ur preference and effect make it look cool

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