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Type: userpage banner
Text: Breezy's userpage
Size: the userpage size :D? (Dont know the exact one)
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: internal
Shape: square
Any suggestions: Make it look good I guess :D

Thx in advance! c:
Type: Avatar, Collab
Text: Yes, green hair = Loli, blue hair = Rumpe
Size: 200x200
Animation: No
Image link:
Border: dotted line
Shape: Pentagon
Type: Userpage banner
Text: Welcome!
Size: 624 x 192 (whatever the userpage size is)
Animation: no
Image link:
Border: uhm, whichever
Any suggestions: i don't mind, please just do whatevers best

Type: Userpage
Text: Yes: Sponge_
Size: Whatever is the userpage size (dunno of the top of my head)
Animation: Yes
Image link:
Shape: Square
Any suggestions: Accept my apology of requesting the wrong way the first time i tried to make a request :-;(Sorry)
Type: Beatmap Banner
Text: C-Show - On the FM
Size: 420 x 120 ? (whatever the size of a normal beatmap banner is)
Animation: Yes, if you can find a way to, if not it's okay
Image link: If you can find a way to make this image/style work that'd be great!
Border: Cross
Shape: ---
Any suggestions: If there's a way to replicate the style of the jacket I linked, it'd be great :D

Thanks for your work!
Type: userpage banner
Text: Erick's Userpage
Size: 616x400
Animation: no
Image link: ... d=56536502
Border: normal line/dotted line (im not sure)
Shape: square
Any suggestions: nope
Kiranto -

Screen resolution: 1366x768
osu! resolution: 1366x768
Camera resolution: 1280 x 720
Player name: Yes, "Kiranto"
Chat box: Yes
Now playing box: Yes
Recent follower box: Yes
Recent donation box: Yes
Social media: No
Anime: ... -421787899
Background: ... round.html
Topic Starter

And sfw content please
Too much frames for the banner.

Ya te mandé PM(?
Los links directos de Pixiv no funcionan.
Resolution 2 poor

Había leído por ahí que me odiabas. :thinking:

No problem!~
In progress:

Please send me a message if you want changes in your request. See ya~
Type: Signature
Size: 650x150
Primary text: Mimikyu
Secondary text: A lonely Pokémon, it conceals its terrifying appearance beneath an old rag so it can get closer to people and other Pokémon.
Animation: Yes
Image link: ... imikyu.png
Background image link:
Border: Internal
Shape: Rounded
Suggestion: Font must be well-rounded

Thank you so much!!:3

Thank you so much! :)
- Mia

Luisina wrote:

Ya te mandé PM(?
Yep, ya te respondí.
volví después de no pedirte nada por 1 año más o menos, creo owo.

Type: avatar
Text: Lean
Size: 128x128
Image link:
Border: cut line
Shape: square

tkm luisa

Luisina wrote:

Please send me a message if you want changes in your request. See ya~
Thank you!

hola luisi!!!!

For: Avatar
Type: Collab
Text: ningunap
Size: 128x128
Animation: nop
Image link: !!!!!!
Border: normal line
Shape: cuadrada
Any suggestions: nop

Type: banner
Text: いつも
Size: el normal
Animation: sí alg lindo PERDÓN NO SÉ
Image link: ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Border: internal
Shape: cuadrada
Any suggestions: nop
Muchas gracias Luisina~ <3
Gracias amorsitu, me encanto :3
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