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mostly post mmv now. might try to make amv as well, but idk. mmv seems simpler than amv to me.
Br0KenB0neZ ... EKPHOLKZxQ

It's not the best channel but it's something
My channel is actually in mah profile, but here's the link anyway :) : ... 3JXHMfHBTw
Underforest ... cS7CZ3azpA

My channel is about spanish animated fandubs
-NikoNiko- ... QY9ppV0haQ Since why not. Made a pause but now I'm starting again

I'm not very good at osu but i put some videos up to share with friends.
If it doesn't have to be osu channel then this is mine :)
Not much of a channel just a bunch of osu! dev testing videos that I made public ... OXuEyq02eA
Just started uploading Osu! videos, dont expect anything 'good', only played 5 months
mokyu ... nXqfl1IQMQ

I'm that kid with 200K+ views on one of my videos. xd
I've been looking for this XD ... rSSKMIQiHg
Been looking at you guys as well to be fair. You're pretty cool
I make a beatmapping series, were i suck at beatmapping and show it to the world (named i'm bad at beatmapping lol great title)
I'm also thinking about making a series were i try to find out how op dt really is.
And i also post whatever the fuck i come up with
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