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Green Platinum wrote:

Eraqus wrote:

That I played recently: osu!, no other game has ever made me feel so frustrated in my entire life. When I was a kid I played a lot of shit games, but Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link on the NES is up there, totally hated it. I'm sure there's a lot of worst games though.
Zelda 2 is only hated because it isn't in the "Zelda style" which didn't exist at the time because it is the second game in the franchise. Although Thunderbird is stupid and makes you need a guide to beat the game but I doubt many people even make it that far.
I just remember hating the game, playing 2 after beating A link to the Past, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask was such a let down for me. I guess it's understandable...
Kasane Teto
Desert Bus. The end.

Shota wrote:

Mount Your Friends :o:o

eat a shit.
The worst game that i played will be PokeMMO

I get banned for walking

jyling wrote:

The worst game that i played will be PokeMMO

I get banned for walking
Stellar 2D (on Steam)

I really didn't know why I bought this '-'
A Tame Wolf
ApocZ for the xbox 360
[ Mephisto ]
Moon Dancer
Fantastic Four on GBA.
Oh god why.
I hated diablo III, i think i was waiting too much, by the time i start playing D3 i was in break of Path of exile. I gotta admit, the game was fun for the first 2 days maybe, until i realize what D3 realy was, A game with no build, no theorycrafting, no nothing. The abilities on Diablo III don't even tell you the damage they do, anyways I know many of you probably play the game and im sorry if I offended you, that is only my opinion. I loved diablo II with my soul
Zheng Jiang
Heroes of the Storm lmao
Thief :o
i decided to give card games a shot and tried hearthstone. why is it so popular? i can't find enjoyment in a game where winning is heavily dependent on RNG. after trying out a couple of physical card games and disliking them, too, i've concluded the fact that the genre isn't for me.
Do not play this game it will give you a virus and harm your computer

Zain Sugieres wrote:

Heroes of the Storm lmao
I second this.
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