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Yahallo! o/
a1l2d3r4e5d6 (or Arunumerique), amateur graphic artist extraordinaire, once again at your service!

Part of 「Artem Familia」


Your request will be denied if you don't follow them. Read them carefully!

  1. Don't multi-request or request the same things over a short period.
    1. For example: Requesting a new avatar/signature/banner less than a week after you just got a new one from either here or another thread.
    2. Me and the other thread owners would really appreciate it. We voluntarily put our own time and effort into these and hate it so much when they're not being used that much.
    3. If you must insist, then give it a week between them.
    4. I check. Just bear that in mind before requesting.
I'll follow only the forms that I provide below.
  1. Be sure to read it carefully!
Patience is key.
  1. I might have other things to prioritize first.
  2. I'll try to do it within 24 hours, but it may take longer depending on time and request.
High resolution images are recommended.
  1. It's very hard to work with low resolution and blurry images.
Save your requests locally!
  1. If you somehow lost your requested graphic and you want it back, then pm me for it.
No animation.
  1. As much as I'd like to do them, I don't have the appropriate tools to do them efficiently.
Try to use what you requested from me at least once.
  1. Take responsibility! I did spend my precious time on them.
  2. Use them for at least a week. It puts me at ease.


Placeholder notice box for random things I'm experimenting with/limited edition stuff.

Note: This is just some experimenting to see if they will become popular or if it's viable for me to do them continuously. If they are, I might make them long term and separate from the mandatory requests.

「Request Form」

Use the provided form for your requests. It makes it easier for me. c:

Type: Avatar / Signature / Userpage
Img: Link to image
  1. Avatar default (128x128)
  2. Signature default (Max: 659x154 | Large: 600x154 | Medium: 500x140 | Small: 450x125)
  3. Userpage default (623x192)
  4. Other (specify size)

Text: yes/no (Specify text if 'yes')
Shape (For avatars): Square | Rounded | Circle
  1. No border
  2. Basic
  3. Bold
  4. Glass
  5. Dashed
  6. Dotted (Short dashes)

Extra: Any specific details that you want?

─ Basic ─

─ Bold ─

─ Glass ─

─ Dashed ─

─ Dotted/Short Dashed ─

Other Requests

I'm able to do renders if you need one for another GFX thread.
Currently limited to 10 a week. Resets on Sunday 23:59 UTC+0

Img: Link to image
Details: What to render and other things I need to know.


Feel free to take a look around, to familiarise yourself with how I do things.
I try to update this when I have the chance to do so.
They're available for you to use, if you so wish!
If your username happens to be 'Sample,' then I'm sorry for using your name for some of my examples.

Examples with text

*Note: Some features may be present, but not available for requests.*

*Note: Some features may be present, but not available for requests.

*Note: While I have these, that doesn't necessarily mean that animated requests are available*

「Thank you!」


By amy_ca

By Aomi

Signature request
♪ Img: ... c__640.jpg
♪ Size: Default (659x154)
♪ Text: yes : Are you going to disappear someday?
♪ Shape: Basic
♪ Border: yes
♪ Border type: Basic
♪ Effect (Pick one): Dust Particle
♪ Effect 2 (Optional): Brightness
♪ Extra: make it dark.

Thanks Aru-senpai! <3

Gl Aru!
Ay wunt e gud Akagami no Shirayukihime sig pls.

♪ Signature request
♪ Img:
♪ Size: Default (659x154)
♪ Text: no, remove all text
♪ Shape: Basic
♪ Border: no
♪ Border type: -
♪ Effect (Pick one): Focus
♪ Effect 2 (Optional): Dust Particle
♪ Extra: If you can, put an image to fill background; preferably a field of flowers with a beautiful sky in the horizon. I want the image to be mainly focused on Zen and Shirayuki though so leave the background somewhat blurry. As stated, I want all text to be removed.
Good luck there :>
Size: Default (128x128)
Text: Yes (Shade)
Shape: Rounded
Border: yes
Border type: Sunken Border
Effect (Pick one): Contrast
Effect 2 (Optional): Dust Particle
Userpage banner
♪ Img:
♪ Size: Default (623x192)
♪ Text: yes, "Welcome"
♪ Border: yes
♪ Border type: Glass
♪ Effect (Pick one): Focus
♪ Effect 2 (Optional): no
♪ Extra: Thanks! :D
Good luck :P
Really like the examples!
wow u have nice examples for your shop... gudluck :3
goodluck !
These look great! Can't wait for one :D

♪ Signature request
♪ Img: ... d_wolf.jpg
♪ Size: I want to put an image next to it that is 112x130, so could you make the height 130 and leave enough space for the other picture to fit (not over 600 width)
♪ Text: yes: “When a person lies, what is important is not the lie itself. No, it is their reason. Their why.”
♪ Shape: Basic
♪ Border: yes
♪ Border type: Sunken Border
♪ Effect (Pick one): Focus
♪ Effect 2 (Optional): no
♪ Extra: Hmmm just make sure Holo stands out. Could you also make the writing legible cursive?

Thanks so much and i can't wait for the results :)
♪ Userpage banner request
♪ Img:
♪ Size: Default (623x192) / other (specify size)
♪ Text: Yes : ViniPvP User Page! ♥
♪ Border: yes
♪ Border type: Sunken Border
♪ Effect (Pick one): Dust Particle
♪ Effect 2 (Optional): focus
♪ Extra: A text that says " Nico Nico Nii ♥ "

wow Good luck for a1l2d3r4e5d6 great and complete examples.... 8-)8-)
Well Aru you really open a GFX shop:3c
Anyway,GL for that
Request from the FG queen, better make her happy :P
♪ Userpage banner request
♪ Img: ~
♪ Size: 609x155
♪ Text: Ruyuu's Basement ♥
♪ Border: yes
♪ Border type: Basic
♪ Effect (Pick one): Dust Particle
♪ Effect 2 (Optional): Focus
♪ Extra: Simple, you know it :3
Topic Starter

Thank you for all the good luck guys! :D

Two options for you. It's really hard working with a low res image. uwu

Yo, man. It's hard to centre this thing because his shoulders get cut off. Zooming in any closer makes it look weird.
Sorry, I forgot to remove the dust particle option for avatars because it's not available for it. ;w;
Have it anyway, one of a kind. :3
Also, fonts aren't my strong point, so my apologies..
This one's a 'guest edit' made by a friend. Sorry I didn't tell you beforehand. ;~;
If you want me to do it myself, then do not hesitate to ask.

Any issues, please tell me. :3

I shall do the others after I get home later.


682, 670

♪ Userpage banner request
♪ Img: ... 6odalb.png
♪ Size: Default (623x192)
♪ Text: yes (Welcome to my userpage)
♪ Border: yes
♪ Border type: Glass
♪ Effect (Pick one): Dust Particle
Extra: if you could add my IGN (tarora) too would be great :D
Okami No Mure

♪ Avatar request

♪ Img:
♪ Size: Default (128x128)
♪ Text: yes - Linkss
♪ Shape: idk :?
♪ Border: yes
♪ Border type: hmmm.. idk rly ... i think glass its good
♪ Effect (Pick one): hmm... No
♪ Effect 2 (Optional): No
♪ Extra: Name color yellow or color her hair :<

Sorry ... my english its rly rly bad
Aru hype!

a1l2d3r4e5d6 wrote:

Yo, man. It's hard to centre this thing because his shoulders get cut off. Zooming in any closer makes it look weird.
Thx, not really a fan of yellow flowers but it's fine.
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