osu! UK Tournament 5

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Welcome to the most competitive UK tournament in osu! history. 128 players, 1 goal: Victory.



Spreadsheet with all map pools

Previous Champions

OUKT4: Tasty Beverage
OUKT3: Doomsday
OUKT2: ILikeMudkipz
OUKT1: Doomsday


  • Organizer/The Boss/Streamer/Commentator: PortalLife
    Draw Master: Mollerz
    Referees: Ascension, Lemonosity, Hydria, Histoire, Churcheell, Scootawoo, yamikarasu, Cray, Doomsday, Jerome
    Other Streamers: Helix
    Map Selectors: Alumetorz, Jenny
    Commentators: Doomsday, Soap755, Churcheell
    The Backup Guy: Mahiro Yasaka

Player List (Sorted by rank on signup. very raw data so not fancy):

Tournament Schedule

RO128: 12/13th September
RO64: 19/20th September
RO32 (Group Stage): 26/27th September
RO16 + Losers R1: 10/11th October
Quarterfinals + Losers R2: 17/18th October
SemiFinals + Losers R3: 24/25th October
Winners Bracket Final + Losers R4: 31st October/1st November
Losers R5 + Losers Finals: 7th/8th November
Grand Final: 14th/15th of November

Map Pool

Tournament Structure

The tournament will have 128 players, seeded by a method Draw Master Mollerz uses:

The first two rounds (RO128/RO64) Will be single elimination Best of 5s.

The RO32 will be a Group Stage which is also seeded. For more information on how the group stage works:

The RO16 onwards will be a Double Elimination bracket, seeded by performances in the group stage.

The Rules

  • Tournament Rules

  1. Your rank must be lower than #30000 to play. (29999 = lower) Signups under this rank will not be considered. You must also have a UK flag to be eligible, or be able to prove your nationality is UK. Ireland flag players are permitted to signup.
  2. UK staff are allowed to play.
  3. The map pool will consist of Nomod, HR, DT, HD, Freemod. The mods permitted on Freemod maps are: Hidden, Hardrock or Hidden + HardRock. Nomod is also permitted.
  4. A player may only pick from each mod pool once.
  5. If one of the players fails to show, they get a additional 10 minutes or otherwise forfeit. If neither show, the match shall be re-arranged.
  6. If a player experiences software or hardware issues or network issues and fails a map, rematches will be offered. They may decline this at their wish.
  7. Any unexpected happenings or events not covered by the rules shall be handled by the organizer at their discretion.

    Match Rules
  8. Before the start of the match, both players are given a single ban on a map from the map pool. Maps banned cannot be picked. For mod parts of the pool, both mod picks cannot be banned. (You can only ban 1 HD, 1 HR, etc.)
  9. Before the official start of the match using the map pools, each player may pick 1 warm up map of their choice - This can be any submitted map, as long as its playable (no centipede-tier maps) this does not count towards match score.
  10. The game mode will be set to Team Vs.
  11. The referee is not to participate in the match.
  12. After the end of the match, the referee will post the title of the match and a link to the MP history of that lobby and the final match score.
  13. Matches will be locked and invite only.
  14. If you fail the map, it is considered as a loss.

    Scheduling Rules
  15. The tournament will aim to be on the weekends, as the majority of players will be available. However, matches can be scheduled on any day dependent on availability of staff/players.
  16. If you cannot play at the time posted for you, contact the organizer for a re arrangement.
  17. No-Showing is subject to the rules outlined in Tournament Rules.
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Opened the signups. 128 slots, first come first served.
Under strict request from PortalLife I'll sign up.
Looking forward to this.
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After some thought, i'm going to go ahead and loosen up to 30K for the rank restriction!
Unlocked upon request. Refrain from posting crap here, else we have to issue punishments.
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We've reached 128 players, so the bracket draw will be this Saturday at 4PM BST. Make sure to tune in to find out who you'll be playing. (It'll be posted in the thread after)
God damnit, an hour too late :*( Oh well. Good luck to all those entered, I'd like to see somebody small win it this time.
I'm almost sad all the copypasta got removed, that was a key feature of this thread to me. Ah well, was fun while it lasted.

Interesting to see the data, definitely. I'll probably get absolutely dominated within a round or two, but ah well. It's worth a shot, even just for the fun. And I'm sure it'll be a lot of fun.
sign me the FUCK up 👌👀
Good luck to everyone! I look forward to going out in the first round ;_;
- awaiting the splashing waves of hatred regarding the map pool -
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