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Current Priority: +0
I'd greatly appreciate an integrated part of osu (like osu!direct) where you can access your osu folder and send them instantly to others in osu.

This would simplify a lot in mapping, collabing etc... Just sending difficulties and adding them to the folder without leaving the game would be so helpful.

What do you guys think?
I approve bigtime! 8-)
Have osu folder open in the background, have puush downloaded search for the song find your .osu, Ctr+C and Ctrl+Shift+5 then copy and send the link.

It is litteraly a 15 second process..
instead it could take 5 seconds 8-)

I get that it's not the biggest thing, but it would make things neater when handling mapping. Not having to resort to opening your own folders to do stuff in the game kinda makes sense doesn't it?
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