Hathz's Standard Modding Queue (NM Closed) (M4M Always Open)

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Firis Mistlud
NM Request
Map to mod: yuikonnu - Hoshitachi no Melody
Difficulties: Planetarium
Additional notes: Music from a rhythm game crossbeats REV , although i have so many mods but i felt that i could improve somemore, i will reply when i get back to HK
Nyark Tolegna
Hi ! I try this ! :D

NM Request
Map to mod: Absolute Zero - ~emerge~
Difficulties: Its a Hard
Additional notes: In the description of my map you should look "my problems"

Thanks you ! And good luck for your map :)
NM Request
Map to mod: supercell - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari -TV Edit-
Difficulties: Everything please xDD
Additional notes: Hope u enjoy the song :3

Thanks in advance xD

NM Request
Map to mod: USAO - Showdown
Difficulties: Normal, Hard, Insane
Additional notes: Good luck with your new queue! :D
M4M Request
Mod link: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/p/4457753/
Map to mod: AKINO from bless4 - MIIRO
Difficulties: everything except Ultimate, I know you're not modding diffs having star rating above 6.0
Additional notes: Thanks in advance!
NM Request
Map to mod: Higashi no Seizon Penguin - Gensou Propaganda
Difficulties:everything you like
Additional notes: Ah, it's a japanese dnb song. But the artist isn't famous
NM Request
Map to mod: xi - Halcyon
Difficulties: Heaven(Expert 5.7 star)
Additional notes: For approval. Also, xi's song!

NM Request
Map to mod: Flux Pavilion - I can't stop
Difficulties: Whatever you feel comfortable with
Additional notes: Thanks a lot in advance!
NM Request
Map to mod: ChouChouP X Hosoya Yoshimasa - Sakura to Tomo ni Kimi dake wo.
Difficulties: Everything
Additional notes: Thank you so much
Topic Starter
NM Closed.

  1. NolanM - Done
  2. Topikuaman - Denied (over 10 mods received)
  3. F D Flourite - Done
  4. Synpoo - Done
  5. OrangeYouGlad - Done
  6. [-Deemo-] - Done
  7. fede-cabu- Done
  8. Yahuri - Done
  9. KuranteMelodii - Done
  10. Nyark Kidoune - Done
  11. walaowey - Done
  12. eeezzzeee - Done
  13. Regou - Done
  14. Frey - Done
  15. Sangzin - Done
  16. xDarxen - Done
  17. nadapan - Denied (over 10 mods received, and the song is not really up to my taste sorry)
Topic Starter
(I forgot I had this queue >w<)
Open for NM requests!
will try
NM Request
Map to mod: kors k feat. Yukacco - On The Beat (Akira Complex Remix)
Difficulties: just one
Additional notes: this map is dumb
NM Request
Map to mod: Groove Coverage - Runaway (Nightcore Mix)
Difficulties: everything o3o
Additional notes:

NM Request
Map to mod: Judas Priest - Painkiller
Difficulties: Marathon

NM Request
Map to mod: nao - Toaru Shoukoku no Ohimesama ga...
Difficulties: 6
Additional notes: owo

thx :)
NM Request
Map to mod: Cady Groves & This Little Girl (Nightcore Mix)
Difficulties: Hard, Isane and Little Girl
Additional notes:
Topic Starter
Thank you, that's enough for now.
NM Closed.
M4M Request
Map to mod: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/334279 -Built By Titan - The Darkness
Difficulties: Hard/ Insane/ Extra
Additional notes:
M4M Request
Mod link: https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/p/4816569#p4816569
Map to mod: {Y0c1e - No Buts}
Difficulties: Adrenaline
Additional notes:
M4M Request
Mod link: p/4816735/
Map to mod: Kajiura Yuki - Decretum
Difficulties: everything (the 3 difs)
Additional notes:
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