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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +0
In a couple rooms I've been in with friends, sometimes we get a bit silly and BanchoBot silences them for 5 minutes for spam in #multiplayer.

My question is: Could there be a option to disable it? Kinda like how Valve servers can have VAC disabled (but of course there isn't gonna be cheat protection disabling in osu! lol). Option would only be available in passworded rooms ofc.

Even then, you could still kick trouble makers that are spamming.

I should also probably mention that for this to be a bit better, there should also be a option to ban a player from your room (unable to rejoin until room closes, or alternately, cannot join any rooms where the host is whoever banned you, aka you ban a person, and you make a room later, still unable to join. you can unban them, allowing them to rejoin again at any time.). So that way, if someone knows the password, they'd still be unable to join. That, or you could lock the spaces. I dunno.

Anyways, that's all I gotta say. There's probably a incredibly high chance this will get denied/duplicated, but I don't know.
I like +1
Yes please
Shutup and take my stars!!!
not that I can give any
We enforce spam protection server side for many reasons other than just the annoyance to other players.

Spamming has the potential to:

- Impact server performance for ALL players
- Impact client performance or deliver unwanted behavior to game clients
- Impose extra processing requirements/overhead in reference to the above
- Waste bandwidth.

Just because you rented a disused piece of land, doesn't mean you can bust out your weapons and pump the local wildlife full of lead.
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