[resolved] Combo and Lifebar Gone

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Problem Details: Hello there, i've got a question about my osu! I cannot see my combo or healthbar anymore while playing the game. This problem occured Yesterday. could it be that i clicked some weird key combination ??? i think it happend when i was doing some stuff in het options menu. But i couldn't find anything related ... :0 Its like im playing with NoFail on all the time and without comboCounter.. XDD just to get an idea ( But i can still fail XDD ) Please help me~~

-There were no updates or anything that could cause this.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: N.A ( ill post if you really need it)

osu! version: 20150812.11 (latest)
Press shift + tab to show/hide the HUD.

If you changed the keybinding that toggles the scoreboard, press and hold shift and press the key that toggles your scoreboard instead.
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Thank you~ I'm gonna test it when i'm home

edit: yes it worked thanks :3
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