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[resolved] Windows 10 Mouse Lag

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Problem Details: So I decided to upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10 and I've noticed a huge hinderance appearing while playing Osu!, mouse lag, i tried everything including using the MarkC mouse acceleration fixes and turning on and off raw input and playing full screen although i want to play on windowed and it still lags.
I am using a Logitech M100 mouse (I am a mouse + keyboard player and yes i know it's a bad mouse.) and Windows 10 Pro.

Video or screenshot showing the problem: None.

osu! version: 20150812.11 (latest)

Help would be really appreciated!
Hi K1ll3rbyt3!

Did you tried to update your VGA driver? maybe the problem is in your graphic card who didn't support windows 10.

I have the same problem to when I try to upgrade to win 10 but after updating my graphic card it's feel normal again :D
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Hey Chitose!

Thanks for the reply, but I've got a question: How do i do that? Because all of the beta drivers on the AMD website are at maximum for Windows 8.1 as I'm seeing it right now.

edit: I'm using a AMD R9 295x2 as my graphic card, I've disabled CrossfireX for Osu! to make sure it doesen't lag on input, but it still does.
I'm using AMD to and now it's support windows 10

You can go here and get the installer
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Awesome! This works, thanks! But one more thing, how do i reduce the input lag in windowed mode? On fullscreen it's perfect but what if i want to play on windowed mode because my resolution is too big for me?
Thats one monster of a GPU you got there !!! <33 You can do this.

Follow these steps in windows:

  • - System
    - advanced system settings ( left side of the window )
    - Settings (Tab: Performance)
    -''adjust settings to increase performance''

i'd recommend you to turn one thing on there and that is something called : use templates instead of icons. or something XDD this will enable that when you go to : for example, your pictures that it will show a mini version of your picture and not the windows picture icon ^^

This should fix the input lag ALOT!
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I noticed a slight improvement but not a dramatic one, but whatever, I'll get used to it :D

You'll always have more input lag on windowed mode on windows 10, due to dwm. Play on fullscreen or check out the Letterboxing option in the beta & cutting edge release streams.

Marking as resolved.
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