Demi Lovato & Rest - This Is Our Song

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 18 października 2010 at 21:45:32

Artist: Cast of Camp Rock 2
Title: This Is Our Song
Source: Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam
Tags: notshinta demi lovato joe nick jonas alyson stoner
BPM: 60
Filesize: 4474kb
Play Time: 02:47
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hard (4,42 stars, 303 notes)
  2. Shinta's Normal (1,3 stars, 129 notes)

Download: Cast of Camp Rock 2 - This Is Our Song
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Skin elements by ztrot.
Shinta's Normal by NotShinta
Thanks Lybydose for timing <3.
I will mod it when it's done
osu! claims this is a 1.5 star. It isn't, it even has 1/2s near the end. But because it's so low, you can give it a custom difficulty name if you want.

EDIT: Fixed. Be sure to put NotShinta in the tags of the other diff.

Download: Demi Lovato, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Alyson Stoner - This Is Our Song (Bass-chan) [Shinta's Normal].osu
starred dear ;)
  1. Suggestion: Use "Artist: Cast of Camp Rock 2" (Wiki)
  2. Add Spinner-Background.png
  3. Add Approachcircle.png (You can use the default.)
  4. Countdown is enabled on "Hard" but not on "Shinta's Normal" , Fix it.
  5. Source: Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam ("The" is missing.)

Shinta's Normal
  1. 01:33:234 - Start Break Time here. (Suggestion)
  2. 02:31:273 (1) - Fix Spacing. (Suggestion)
  3. 01:10:042 (1) - ^
  4. Cool

  1. <3


BPM // Offset

60.000 // 686
55.000 // 39,582
65.000 // 40,079
130.000 // 40,541
Your song is nice :3
This Is My Star, NA NANANA NA, HEY YAAA!!!
Shinta's Normal
00:59:810 (2) - Move 1/4 earlier
02:06:848 (2) - Don't like how the reverse is on a blue tick
Needs moar hitsounds too

Lower the approach rate
01:50:233 (3) - New combo for a speed change

EDIT: Bubbled

You need a hit 0 in the folder (even if it is the default you still need a complete set)
You need a hircircle approach circle from the template skin in your folder to stop any other skin confusions in the map
Make sure the kiai time is snapped to the white ticks (they are off atm)
Might as well get rid of empty osb file too

1.84SV with 130BPM (on easiest difficulty)...meh, don't like it
For easiest difficulty at least AR/OD -1
00:19:686 (5) - new combo to match other one

Put the final timing section on soft to make it silence it out more (and maybe extend to 02:53:464)
Don't have same hp drain as Normal
Large parts with no hitsounds at the start, fix that

Haven't gone through the maps in detail yet so not sure if it is ready for rebubble after fixes
Just general fixes atm~


Audio sounds very loud on some parts, try and lower them?

The slider whistles really don't fit with this song in general to me, remove most of them if not all? >_>
claps and finishes sound random sometimes..hitsounds could prob use some more modding
Fine if you don't want to change the SV (I have seen worse, but I still don't approve)
00:30:436 (1,2,3,4) - don't really like finish usage
00:35:186 (3) - doesn't look good to me, try and curve both sides?
00:40:079 - why not add some notes here?
00:52:079 (1) - finish doesn't really fit

I like hitsounds more on this one~

Don't really have a problem with Hard, but I think Normal could use some improvements~
To be honest I would like you to get one or two more MAT's/good modders to mod this map before I think about giving a rebubble, I don't think it has had quite enough modding yet and could use some more polishing (don't hate me too much :()
Slider whistles suck. I thought I never use them.

Download: Cast of Camp Rock 2 - This Is Our Song (Bass-chan) [Shinta's Normal].osu
Do this
"To be honest I would like you to get one or two more MAT's/good modders to mod this map before I think about giving a rebubble, I don't think it has had quite enough modding yet and could use some more polishing"

Then will think about a rebubble
Make hitsounds sliiiightly quieter on the intro?
make your symmetrical sliders according to my guide, they'll look much nicer.
00:11:686 (7) - end at 00:13:186
00:27:436 (6) - nudge down to avoid overlap and make a pretty triangle?
00:56:464 (4) - what happened here
00:57:617 (6) - ^
01:01:541 (2) - ^
01:19:771 (5) - nudge up a couple grids to unoverlap?
01:50:233 (1) - remove that slowdown and be less lazy. Slowdowns after jumps are super confusing. Remove the newcombo while you're at it.
01:53:464 (1) - lazy spinner is go, kill it and add a pretty slider. Map out the break after too, it feels weird with a little break like that.
02:03:848 (9,10,11,12,1) - Aaaaaaah claps on 1/4 sound horrible kill them
02:47:925 (1) - put the timing section at the start of the spinner to make the whole thing quiet

Needs more symmetrical sliders plz
00:19:686 (5) - you have endpoint ignoring syndrome. Make it one repeatless slider that lasts up to 00:21:186
00:29:186 (2) - 1/4 shorter
00:33:436 (4) - ^
00:34:686 (1,2,3) - what make this four beats 1/2 apart or something
00:45:617 (2) - Aaaaalll the sliders like this should be 1/2 shorter
00:45:617 (2) - make this like the others
00:45:617 (2) - 1/2 longer
01:21:848 (4) - 1/2 shorter
01:24:848 (2) - follow this rythm

01:29:233 (4) - 1/2 shorter
01:31:310 (1) - 1/2 Repeating sliders are for supporters
01:32:233 (2) - start 1/2 later
01:34:079 - Rhythmic break plz
01:49:310 (1) - troll
01:53:464 (1) - 1/2 earlier
01:55:541 (2) - start 1/2 earlier but repeat in the same place
02:05:464 (1) - 1/2 Repeating sliders are for supporters
02:17:464 (4) - make 1/1 long
02:28:310 (3) - 1/2 shorter
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