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A skin I made with random ideas and touhous smacked into the skin

Shift+F12 shots

Song selection screen
The rank outside the song selection background is because the limited size of the ssbackground

Mod icons
Gameplay screen


Ranking screen
It's just for the sake of the screenshots damn it

Pause/Fail screen

I'm not sure if those are the screenshots needed for a Taiko only skin, but just tell me if I'm missing something
Stuff that was either requested by players for an alternate version or something else

You can criticized my skin as you like, since I don't download Taiko skins that much, so I may don't know what's the do and don't, if there are any
Touhoumon sprites from Touhoumon Puppet Dance Performance by FocasLens by hemogurobin a1c
Some Touhou art by hemogurobin a1c
Some art was made/constructed/edited by me
Some stuff were still used from my previous skins (such as the sfx)
Some of the interface were inspired by T-aiko
Will definitelly test this and show it to DarkDunskin as well. The fact that you used an Utsuho BG for the interface is a plus to me. Haha
l like the judgements part.
looks so unique to me :D
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Eeneehaww30PH wrote:

l like the judgements part.
looks so unique to me :D
Thanks! ^^
i think it's all there.
Hi! I wanted to let you know, there's a tiny error in your skin. With skin Version: 2 to latest taiko-bar-right.png and taiko-bar-right-glow.png need to be 1024 x 200. Otherwise it's too short in 4:3 resolutions.
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