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Negoto - Charon (DJ SEVEN PnB Refix)

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u r suk, rank ten sho pls o/o
Yo. o/

Just played the crap out of this mapset and managed to pass the Mega Collab diff. I absolutely loved it.
If I had a twitter I would have voted "ya". Good luck on ranking this.
rank it prick
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this map is stucked in graveyard listing page xd
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plz no grave
i lov this mappu
you might wanna put "life goes on" in the tags bc thats the alternate name for this song

give me kd or i'm kkkkilling mysel f :~//
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Togetic wrote:

you might wanna put "life goes on" in the tags bc thats the alternate name for this song

give me kd or i'm kkkkilling mysel f :~//
That's wrong though, there is no alternate name wtf ... -pnb-refix

metadata is correct as it is unless you want to add all his pseudonyms and other info unrelated to the song.
why isnt this ranked yet??1
  1. the storyboard is absolutely amazing, though another background image should be searched for and used in the second kiai instead of repeating the same image used in first kiai, and that the outro could be modified so that it will continue until the end of the song. anyway overall, thumbs up to @Sytarno for the SB creation.
  2. in the tags, if you wish to include (W87ES) then you should include all the artistic names used and collaboration projects by DJ SEVEN. and maybe provide a metadata source since I could only able to find metadata from SoundCloud.
  3. consider to add AudioLeadIn. and please enable Epilepsy Warning.

  1. just a note that NC'ing for every bar is really unnecessary. and 01:45:661 (3) - would be the inconsistency from the current combo pattern.
  2. 00:54:575 (2) - lift up to avoid overlapping with 00:52:861 (2) - // 02:23:375 (2) - way too low and it touches the scorebar
  3. 00:57:661 (1,2) - leaving out the bar behind destroys the average density throughout the part. consider patterns 1 / 2
  4. 01:03:832 (2) - and this is the odd one out since this slider is the only note introducing 1/4's and ending at offbeats. making the slider as 1/1 should be fine, even though the current slider is also okay. sth like could be fun too btw
  5. 03:17:203 (2) - end note should be emphasized with a click so splitting the slider into 2 circles would be better in rhythm.

  1. take note that the map doesn't reach 80% mapped condition
  2. 01:27:146 (1) - remove NC// 01:08:632 (5) - 01:10:003 (1) - swap NC's
  3. 00:31:603 (3,1) - the flow is rather disrupted at this point. making (1) flat would work, or other alternatives could be applied.

I'm really glad it looks good; this is my first sb ever released. I had a really bad feeling it would turn out horrible because I only had a week to finish, which is why I had to push the work of doing the collab names onto Storyboarder.

With the huge amount of pressure and limited timeframe I was really skimmy on the work and often used repetitive functions, but I do agree that it needs a little more variability. I just really wanted to get this sb posted before it was too late; I'll keep looking for other background options as long as there is time (feel free to suggest me any if you happen to know ;))

yeah man i gave you one week LMAO
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UR BOT H degenz its k

you never told me there was any sort of deadline until 11/25

and then on 12/4 we established friday as a final deadline

but yes i agree i did slack off a ton!!
yeah i didnt give you a deadline bc i didnt want to give you any pressure, however i did say get it done asap
its entirely ur fault that you procrastinated till the last week considering that i assigned you this task at the start of october..
also you didnt even finish on friday lo

VINXIS wrote:

UR BOT H degenz its k

Okorin wrote:

you should use combocolors, the default ones are known for not really looking that nice.
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