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This is a feature request. Feature requests can be voted up by supporters.
Current Priority: +2
I searched around and couldn't find anything asking this, but here it goes.

Make sure to NOT confuse this with showing stars in a match, This is about the lobby lobby #lobby kinda lobby, Right after you click Multiplayer lobby.

Anyways, While searching for Multiplayer lobbys, it is kinda hard to find a match that is your skill level. If the host doesn't put the star amount in the title of his game, It's almost impossible to judge how hard the song is. You have to go by the beatmap makers name, And if you play osu! you know that really means nothing. Most don't even have actual difficulty names.

Example, This is what It looks like now: Excuse my slightly lewd background.

It would make it easier to find games your skill level by adding the star count to end of the name, like this:

This would make finding games you want, A LOT easier. And, You could even go the whole way and put the rest of the stats there, Like this:

Just a small thing that could improve the game. Thanks for listening, And please let me know if this has been requested before. I'm not good with forums.
I couldn't find it as well
I like it
I honestly really like this
I'm honestly quite surprised this isn't a thing already.
This would definitely help with the people who, me included, join a lobby to look at the song just to leave a few seconds later.

Redon wrote:

Good catch
How come when I search this sheet, Nothing shows up? Am I just special or?
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