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nardi11011 wrote:

How did you press 20 keys in less than a second?
I spam Q and R with forefinger and ring finger.
20 keys/second is not really fast imo :/
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Ph0X wrote:

"per-second" not "pre-second"

Also, I'm pretty slow :(, on average, I get somewhere around 11/second

You should make one for the mouse too, although that'd require a gui probably. doubt you can do it in console
thank you for reporting the typo error..
and i'll consider about mouse/tablet clicking version 8-)
Nakata Yuji
149.0 bpm.

Barely enough for an FC of :o

give me jumps bro

So I get killed TWICE for having fast fingers ;_;

The speed is haxed, of course. Guess how XD
Left hand : Average 145-150 bpm

Right hand : Average 190-200 bpm

Why can't I play osu with left mouse and right keyboard... xD
im too slow :cry:

14,86 seconds.

i don't have any screenshot >.<"
I think this is more fitting in Gameplay & Rankings. Moving~
OMG, this is fast! You are too good

Your hits has been complete in 1.59 seconds.
Average hit speed: 12.55 per-second
Osu! 1/4 stream hits speed is at: 188.2 BPM


Lol this program says the true, I can do a max of 190 BPM always! :P

about what i expected, same speed with either hand i use, well it shows osu! can help you out if your left handed xD, my right hand is now as fast as my left xD

EDIT: made pic a bit smaller

uuuh, not that I ever seem to get anything good on stuff above 190BPM anyways
It tells you to enter a number from 20 to 1000, but if you enter three numbers outside the range it sets the value to 3. If you enter non-numeric input, it sets the value to 62 for some reason.

Pretty neat aside from that. I only get around 175 BPM. :(
Left Hand

Right Hand

I was rather surprised that I was fast with my left hand, but this just shows how much osu! improves that : P
Won't let me use mouse1 and mouse2 :(

Shame I don't use my keyboard ever. =/

^ Averaging 163 BPM with only Z. Accurate as I can do roughy 150BPM 1/4ths and 300BPM 1/2s max comfortably using Z.

260~ with Z/M, using two hands. (Seems to be about what my max is Z/Right Clicking.)
330~ using Z/X, hitting them simultaneously.
120~ using Z/X, one hand alternating with middle and pointer finger. (Looool.)

Yup, this reconfirmed everything I already knew from playing osu! :o I can single quickly, can't Z/X for shit, and can't Right Click anywhere near as fast as I can Z, which messes me up on high BPM streams.

Interesting program.

EDIT: Someone make Gladi do this.
But I heard Gladi uses mouse clicks
left hand ~240
right ~200-(higher 209, slowest 174.5)
with 2hands :D 330 and Im cheater! Yeeeeaaah
I use 21click.
Only left hand (:

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