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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on jueves, 03 de diciembre de 2015 at 09:43:14 a.m.

Title: Junjou Romantica 3 Innocent Graffiti
Source: junjou romantica 3
Tags: junjou romantica, Yaoi, Shounen Ai.
BPM: 177
Filesize: 25524kb
Play Time: 01:28
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (2 stars, 98 notes)
  2. Hard (3,13 stars, 83 notes)
  3. Normal (2,04 stars, 114 notes)

Download: Junjou Romantica 3 Innocent Graffiti
Download: Junjou Romantica 3 Innocent Graffiti (no video)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Hola, estoy trabajando en la creación de este beatmap, no soy un experto en esto así que si tienen alguna sugerencia o consejo para mejorar el beatmanp, estaré atento a sus comentarios, espero les guste, y trabajaré para poder ir creando más dificultades.

Hello, I am working for create this beatmanp, I am not a expert in moding maps, if You have any suggestions or advice to improve this beatmaop , I will be careful to your comments, I hope you like it, and I will work in other difficulties for this beatmap, (Sorry for my engllish)
Hey Try BPM: 178,000 And Offset: 4235

Ppuskalin wrote:

Hey Try BPM: 178,000 And Offset: 4235
Thanks, Muito obrigado :D
Awwww! ¡Qué lindo anime! Espero no te rindas con este beatmap. :>

HappyRocket88 wrote:

Awwww! ¡Qué lindo anime! Espero no te rindas con este beatmap. :>
Eso jamas, aunque no se si algun día llege a ranked. :cry::cry:
Haré lo que sea necesario para ayudarte con eso, cualquier cosa que necesites no dudes en escribirme.
No te rindas con este beatmap! uwu Podrías agregarle algún skin :D
Hi friend! Welcome to wonderful world of beat mapping. Coming from my modding queue, sorry this is a bit late! I'd to love to help you with your beatmap sometime if you're on. Please send me a message so that we can set up a time, or reply to this post with the time that you're on. Then I can chat you, and we go through your beatmap together. :D
Working on timings and trying to get the general layout of this bad boy figured out. Since I'm not an expert with multiple timings on live music -- further directed towards a BN or Endaris -- who's a lot better with that kind of thing than I am, since they have more experience.

Look through this, it'll help with laying out your song/tempos https://osu.ppy.sh/forum/t/331992
Charles Timing Guides -- t/121202
General beatmap info -- https://osu.ppy.sh/wiki/Submission

13:38 ivander20: Ready
13:38 Originality: k , listen to that beat in your break time
13:38 Originality: sound right?
13:39 Originality: unfortantely
13:39 Originality: somewhere in the vocals after that break
13:39 Originality: the vocalist takes there time on a note
13:39 Originality: so it throws off the beat, and there's a change
13:39 Originality: hear how its off
13:39 Originality: around00:24:853 -
13:39 Originality: by just a hair?
13:39 Originality: and then after that point the timing is wrong
13:39 ivander20: Yes
13:40 Originality: so there are two different timings there
13:40 Originality: now, I haven't being doing this timing thing for very long
13:40 Originality: so I
13:40 Originality: I'm not that great with multiple multiple timings like that
13:40 Originality: that's not the only point that it changes
13:40 Originality: HOWEVER
13:40 Originality: my friend endaris
13:40 Originality: I'm sure would love to help you with it
13:40 Originality: when tuesaday comes
13:40 Originality: post this in his queue
13:40 Originality: ill link you
13:41 Originality: p/4691274
13:41 Originality: and I'll message him next time he's on and let him know you need help
13:41 Originality: but I wouldn't recommend mapping a ton
13:41 Originality: until you get that timing all figured out
13:41 Originality: there's a special way to make it a smooth transition for timings like that, and I'm not an expert on that kind of stuff
13:42 Originality: because I haven't been beatmapping for as long as he has
13:42 ivander20: wow I never mind that creat a beatmapIt was so Hard
13:42 Originality: well, the issue is that your mp3 is not one temp
13:42 Originality: tempo
13:43 Originality: if you could find a recorded mp3
13:43 Originality: instead of live
13:43 Originality: that would help a lot
13:43 Originality: i can search for you
13:43 Originality: :D
13:43 ivander20: I only Use a mpe from youtube D:
13:44 Originality: yeah, so specifically the break section is different from the vocals by quite a bit
13:44 Originality: then when the guitar comes in after the first vocal section, you've got another tempo change
13:44 Originality: the first step is to map out all of your changes
13:44 Originality: I would get out a sheet of paper
13:44 Originality: and write down timing for each section
13:44 Originality: i.e.
13:45 Originality: 12-18 (faster timing): guitar and drum
13:45 Originality: then name that B
13:45 Originality: beginning - 12: (regular timing) vocal entry
13:45 Originality: name that A
13:45 Originality: then you need to find out if that section at 21
13:46 Originality: is the sane as the section from the beginning to 12
13:46 Originality: and if it is, they're the same timing, they're both "a"
13:46 Originality: does that make sense? :P
13:46 Originality: 53- something probably has it's own timing as wel
13:49 ivander20: oooo And We cannot Use the timming points to change the speed ?
13:49 Originality: well, you can
13:49 Originality: but you need to layer them so that it's not an abrupt change
13:49 Originality: if someone was playing the song
13:49 Originality: and the timing just suddenly shifted in the middle of a bar
13:49 Originality: that'd be pretty weird, right?
13:50 Originality: so there's a way to layer the timing marks to make your beat where you want it without the awkward jump
13:50 Originality: and endaris will be able to help you with that
13:50 Originality: I think that
13:50 Originality: beginning of the song through about 25s
13:50 Originality: is pretty accurate
13:50 Originality: with offset 1245 and bpm 178
13:50 Originality: so that's not a bad place to start with him
13:51 Originality: sorry to crash your map!!! :( timing kinda sucks
13:52 ivander20: No problem, I wanna learnd
13:53 Originality: with your new timing with offset 1245 and bpm 178
13:53 Originality: http://puu.sh/lLFWL/23ddd724c8.png
13:53 Originality: make that pattern
13:53 Originality: with your notes and listen
13:56 Originality: here
13:56 Originality: http://puu.sh/lLG8b/4ac590a7cb.png
13:56 Originality: 00:20:627 (1) -
13:56 Originality: if you click on that time
13:56 Originality: it'll move you to that part of the map
13:56 Originality: then make those notes match that picture
13:56 Originality: above that time
13:56 ivander20: ok let me put the changes
13:56 Originality: ignore the first picture
13:56 Originality: just the second one
13:56 Originality: above the time
13:57 Originality: make sure your time sig is 4/4 with offset 1245, and bpm 178
13:57 ivander20: ok
13:57 Originality: lemme know when you've got the changes put in
13:57 Originality: and then listen to it
13:57 Originality: and let me know what you think
13:57 Originality: i mapped vocals there
14:01 Originality: messaging happyrocket would be a great thing to do as well
14:01 ivander20: wow It so hard I will change who the picture shows
14:01 Originality: I'm sure he'd be happy to help you
14:02 Originality: plus he speaks your native language, which would be nice :D
14:03 ivander20: I know, but He sometime doesn´t have time D:
14:03 Originality: if you PM him
14:03 Originality: you should be able to schedule a day
14:03 Originality: just like you did with me :D
14:03 Originality: but you're right
14:03 Originality: they're busy
14:03 Originality: they're busy because theyre really really good at this
14:03 Originality: did you put in that png into your map?
14:04 ivander20: ooo it nice, I will send a MP
14:04 Originality: PM --> private message :D
14:04 Originality: also 1245 isn't exactly right offset for even that starting section
14:04 ivander20: hahaha
14:04 Originality: it's still hair off xd
14:04 ivander20: sorry in spanis is mp xD
14:05 Originality: adjectives second
14:05 Originality: xd
14:05 Originality: okey, I gotta go to a genetics/biology study session
14:05 Originality: but make sure you message him!
14:05 Originality: and if you can't get ahold of him
14:05 ivander20: Thansk for all
14:05 Originality: post in endaris forum
14:05 Originality: yeah, i'll post this chatlog on your forum
14:06 Originality: you should give kudosu to people that help you with your beatmap
14:06 Originality: by the post it should have the option to
14:06 Originality: that gives your map a star up for priority
14:06 Originality: so that it gets ranked easier
14:06 ivander20: Can I give you kudosu?
14:06 Originality: mhm, once I post it
14:06 Originality: xd
14:06 Originality: not the word post
14:06 Originality: just the post with the chatlog
14:06 Originality: you'll see it in your forum in a sec
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